Up for some trivia?

I’ve added a new page of sorts to the site, just to share something I’ve been enjoying myself. I came upon Sporcle for the first time a few years ago and enjoyed some of the Harry Potter quizzes that had been posted there – they were of a much higher quality than I’d ever seen. Lately, I’m not sure why, I’ve been diving into them again. It’s a little tricky to weed out the good ones on the site, so I thought I’d post links to my favorites here. Hope you enjoy!

Harry Potter Quizzes

~ by Josie on September 26, 2015.

2 Responses to “Up for some trivia?”

  1. And with that, all my plans to sleep went out the window.

  2. Oh, how I enjoy Sporcle HP quizzes! Thanks for rounding up the good ones for us! It’s always great to see an update from this site pop up in my inbox.

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