Artists of the Harry Potter Companion

I am so grateful to the artists who have given me permission to use their work. My fascination and love for what they do was my biggest inspiration in creating this site. However, the art may not be re-used without the artists’ permission.

For info on the banner artwork, click here.

8 Responses to “Artists of the Harry Potter Companion”

  1. I’m usually too shy to post comments on websites but this site has AMAZING artists! I love the various styles and how they capture moments in the story. Just amazing. I’ll definitely be following this site!

  2. Hello, I’m from Argentina. I am loving the work you all do, it’s great!
    Hats off to you!

  3. The artwork on the site is so beautiful. I look forward to browsing more later as I’ve only looked through Philosopher’s Stone in the Chapter by Chapter section. Fantastic job to all the artists.

  4. Totally enchanting – the artists here truly flesh out detailed imagery that Jo Rowling describes in her books.

  5. This blog is awesome, i’ve figured it out yesterday, i’m tottaly following it, it’s amazing, the artists are really good, i’m impressed. Can’t wait for the rest of the deathly hallows.

  6. WOW is all i can say! =O i don’t know you guys but I love you guys!!! I love the drawings and the in-depth comments on the bottom!! x) Im just so excited that i’m not the only one who tries to figure more and more things out about the HP series! i have seriously read the whole thing more than twice! and each time i learn something new! My collection is all worn out but i love them so much, It gives them character i think! Thank you so much for creating this! Its the true beauty of HP and the worldwide family its created!

  7. May i reccomend an artist? look at this stunning work!

  8. Babibell, thanks for the rec – the drawings are wonderful, I’m just not sure how or where I would use them on this site.

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