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I live in the USA and am 17 years old. Aside from working on my art, I’m also an author and am looking to self-publish my first novel (Space Dog and the Solar Stone Code) before the end of this year and the sequel sometime next year. I also manage and maintain an Inheritance Cycle fansite, The Brisingr Network and am a staffer at the Twilight Saga Fansite, Twilight Source. I’m most comfortable doing my art on a sheet of regular paper. I’ll just whip out any old plain mechanical pencil to sketch out my drawing and if I like it a lot, I may take color it in with colored pencil, crayon or scan it onto my computer and add detail and color with GIMP.

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Saul Marquez’s artwork

Hagrid\'s Rescue, by Saul Marquez

‘Hagrid’s Rescue’ from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, chapter 1

5 Responses to “Saul Marquez”

  1. Wow. This reminds so much of a Vincent Van Gogh (one of my favourite artists) type of painting, especially Hagrid’s beard and the moon. Very impressive.

  2. Thank you. :)

  3. As i was browsing the website of your trilogy I stumbled upon the link leading to this work of art. Words cannot express how well done this is. Well done; I look forward to reading you book after it is ordered.

  4. I agree with you completely Jalana. I immediatly thought of van Gogh’s starry night when I saw the picture. The similiar style – especially in the moon – is so striking. I like this a lot since I believe this painting style is able to transfer a lot of emotions to the viewer.

  5. Hahaha :) this is my brother and i love and miss him <3 he's amazing! Thank you for such kind comments, i know he appreciated them sooo much! He truly is talented.

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