About the Artist

Real Name: Marnie Lacsena
Other Details: I normally do digital painting, but I started out with pencil and inks. Genre I love to do is fantasy(obviously). Been doing art since I was 8 and never stopped since.
Tools of the trade: Digital: Photoshop, tablet, coke, coffee; Traditional: Canson sketchpad, Faber-castell pencils, Rotring techpens 0.3 and 0.5., rulers and triangles, some more coke, snacks, and cats (for relaxation purposes).
Website: lunaticeia.webs.com
dA: legendaryeiyuu.deviantart.com

yuu’s artwork

Gaunts' House, by yuu

‘Gaunts’ House’ from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter 10

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