Harry Potter – Chapter by Chapter


The following books are still to come; check our updates page for the scoop on what’s happening now!


The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


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  1. Hi, Josie – I got the email for Chapter 20 DH but when I used the link to the site I received the following message – is this at your end or is this at my end do you think? It’s headed
    ‘Problem’ at the top –
    “Looks like you have a problem here sir/madam. You sure you have the right place? Maybe you got a little lost? Maybe you’re looking for something you’re not supposed to find? Either way, just go search for it, it can’t hurt.”

  2. @Electa
    I got the same message.
    I couldn’t open the page.

  3. Just learned about this site.Josie u and the artwork are brilliant keep up the great work and please keep me posted on new updates

  4. the story, the beauty, and the magic of harry potter….I couldn’t agree more, thanks for the site, I will read often!

  5. omgosh, I wish you had a downloadable pdf version or a bound version for sale or something!!

  6. Josie, wow, you literally took my breath away, what a wonderful tribute. Thanks for taking the time in making this and sharing it with us. Best wishes ma’am.

  7. Does no one else realize that it’s the Sorcerer’s stone, not the Philosopher’s stone?

  8. Cache, the books are originally British, and ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ is the original title. It was changed to ‘Sorcerer’s’ for the US printing by the US publishers, but I use ‘Philosopher’s’ because it’s the title the author intended. Believe it or not, the person who’s spent the last three years putting this website together is not, in fact, so ignorant as to not know the title of the first book.

  9. Can I like this site enough? It is obviously put together by people who love the series and care about it. Thanks so much!

  10. -Does no one else realize that it’s the Sorcerer’s stone, not the Philosopher’s stone?-

    In england it IS the philosophers stone.

  11. The insights on here just make me love the series even MORE! I didn’t know that was possible, but you did it! I’ve never loved a web sight the way I love this one. Thanks for putting all the time, effort and most of all Love into it! ^-^ <3<3<3

  12. I’m glad to learn that it actually is “Philosopher’s Stone” because I say that all the time anyway. I’m a huge Full Metal Alchemist fan and it was always just a slip of the tongue. Now I can tell people who correct me that they are the stupid ones ;D

  13. Hey Josie, I just stumbled upon this site a few days ago and have been reading through it ever since. Your attention to detail and impeccable ability to pick up on the subtle clues that Rowling has weaved throughout her work has added so much more to the series for me. Thank you so much! This site is brilliant and I look forward to your updates.
    Also, as a fan of art and HP, I figure you may be interested in this site: http://www.gallerynucleus.com/gallery/pieces/244
    There is a Harry Potter Tribute Art Exhibition going on with over a 100 artists, and the work is simply beautiful. I’m not sure if any of it is in your preferred style, but there is a lot of variation between the artists so hopefully you will enjoy checking out the online gallery as much as I did. :)

  14. Angelique, thanks! I had another reader e-mail me that link a couple of days ago, and it’s delightful to look through. I appreciate your sending it along. :)

  15. Wow! This is an HP fan’s dream come true. Not only are we playing around with Pottermore, but I think we’re gonna be a bit busy here for the foreseeable future.

    I hope this kind of stuff never ends. Thanks for one of the best gifts to the HP community!

  16. When are you going to update on more books/articles? By the way great site:)

  17. Thanks Dalida! Since I finished book seven I’ve been kind of working on my own pace, which has largely meant I’ve been on hiatus. It’s been a busy year for me, and by the time I finished the books this site was nearing 400 pages (all written entirely by me) and 8,000 comments and I was feeling pretty burnt out. But keep an eye on the blog, I’ll be back with updates from time to time, and likely in spurts.

  18. I feel really terrible for that comment but you can take the time you need:)

  19. Oh, no reason to feel terrible! Sorry, I didn’t mean to guilt trip you at all. I wish I were still updating constantly for the sake of everyone reading, and when I go a while without updating I feel really bad. I just have other priorities that have to come first at times. :)

  20. I honestly love Harry Potter. It is one of the most beautifully written book series of all times. I can relate to Hermione and Ron’s parts in the stories. Three Cheers!

  21. I love this website so much! It really is amazing and I spend countless hours just sitting in my room in front of my laptop looking at the fantastic drawings and reading… Keep up the great work! :)

  22. This has become my new favorite website. Thank you so much for capturing the magical world of Harry Potter through imagery. Beautiful!

  23. I hope you get Beedle The Bard up soon, it would be cool to see how people interpreted the stories. Also, the little Snidgets in FB are SO CUTE!!!

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