Character Portraits

Part of J.K. Rowling’s genius is the beautiful, deep, and amazingly real characters she creates. These pages pay tribute to the characters of Harry Potter’s world, using quotes from the books, things Rowling has said about them, and of course, artwork created by our incredible artists. Enjoy!

Note: This section is still very much in the process of being built, and likely will be for some time. Check out the updates blog for specifics on where we are now!

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  1. This web site is absolutely beautiful. One huge mistake JKR made was not introducing illustrations to her wonderful works. I hope you do continue with the individual portraits of the characters — it is wonderful to see the various interpretations of her many faithful fans.
    thank you and please, continue to add.

  2. I agree with Alex Melendez. I really enjoy this website and I love reading your commentary of each chapter! And I liked a lot this Portrait and I hope you continue doing it so!
    I usually stop whatever I`m doing and I come here to read and appreciate this wonderful job!

    Keep working cause I`m waiting for more!

    Eu concordo com o Alex Melendez. Eu realmente gosto deste site e eu adoro ler o seu comentário de cada capítulo! E eu gostei muito deste retrato e eu espero que você continue assim!
    Eu costumo parar o que eu estou fazendo e vir aqui para ler e apreciar este trabalho maravilhoso!

    Continue trabalhando, porque eu estou esperando por mais!

    Carlos Takashi – from Brazil!

  3. Love all the art. Thanks to JKR and you, Josie for putting this altogether for us fans. I do hope you continue with the Character Portraits page. I’m really looking forward to one for Snape.

  4. Ok Josie, DH is complete and I’m eagerly awaiting the character pages in the near future. Awesome job on the first one and I’m sure the rest will be as well. Also, great job on all of the HP books.

  5. Josie, I saw the movie this weekend and since then my thoughts have been circling Draco Malfoy without ever really coming to grips with him. From the start, when he wanted to be Harry’s friend but put his back up by playing the social-superiority card (the only one he’d been brought up to value) to the refusal to betray Harry under desperate circumstances, and then the horror of the Fiendfyre and the cursory (embarrassed?) nod on the platform in the Epilogue … there’s so much there but most of it is pretty cryptic. I find myself, improbably, looking forward to Potterwatch. And also to an illustrated essay from you, one of these days! Dare we hope?

    All the best

  6. This is a great site. Thank you for creating it. It’s a wonderful accompaniement to the books.

  7. I really love the idea of these character portraits. Like PotionsMaster, I am looking forward to Snape’s portrait most of all, but I agree with Deborah that Malfoy will make a very interesting portrait as well. I hope I don’t have to wait too terribly long to see these two. :)

  8. Like Brianna, I’m really looking forward to Snape and Draco’s portraits. Besides them, I’d also love to see a page for Neville, because he’s really under appreciated in the books.

  9. Ooh, I can’t wait to see Draco’s. I absolutely love him, and his place in the story is one that is both fascinating and wonderful.

  10. This is a great section! When is more to come?

  11. Thanks Carolina! More will come as soon as I have a chance to do them, which isn’t very specific I’m afraid. These are fun to make but they take an incredible amount of time to assemble (as you can imagine, finding all of the quotes, matching them to drawings, ordering them, etc.). The best I can tell you is to keep an eye on the updates page, where I always do my best to be honest about where I’m at. Thanks for reading!

  12. if you ask me, i think who ever did these photos deserve a reward for such BEAUTIFUL work. i really love browsing the lovely work on this website. this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. These portraits are beautiful, and this site *fantastic*, but I’m surprised Lupin and Ginny have portrait pages before Ron and Hermione. I’m dying to see Luna, Draco and Nevile…

  14. Sara, I know my selection of characters is a bit odd – the thing with these pages is that they take an absolutely enormous amount of time to create, so I *really* have to be in the mood to do one. So in a sense you’re seeing which characters are my favorites. :) I’m still hoping to do more down the road, I’m sorry it’s been so long!

  15. Josie, I absolutely adore this website! I have never seen anything like it! It is by far the best fan-site I have ever seen! I love all of the quotes you have taken from the books, let alone the artwork, the drawings are simply magnificent! And I have to say I am craving for more of these Character Portraits to come out, so can you please enlighten me and tell when are you releasing more? I really can’t wait! Of course, I am sure that you are busy these days. I understand that it takes an enormous amount of time to create one of these pages, and I can scarcely imagine how much work you must have to put into them, but hey, you’ve got to start at some point! Please don’t stop making them, I beg you! I really wish you would update this site more often…. I already fell in love with the Chapter by Chapter pages, and I’m now reading the series along with them (right now I’m finishing Chamber of Secrets! :D). And I’ve read the Characters Portraits that you’ve already released and I repeat, I can’t wait for more to come! :D Please reply! :)

  16. Josie, are you planning on doing any more characters?

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