The Writing on the Wall & The Rogue Bludger

chapters nine & ten of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

With Mrs. Norris Petrified, Harry, Ron, and Hermione go investigating in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Finally, Hermione gets Professor Binns to share the legend of the Chamber of Secrets – and after securing permission from Lockhart, Hermione checks out the recipe for Polyjuice Potion so the trio can spy on Malfoy and learn more. Harry does defeat Malfoy in Quidditch (despite Dobby’s tampered bludger attacking him), but the mood of the castle grows darker when Colin Creevey is Petrified as well.

by Laura Freeman

Dumbledore laid Mrs. Norris on the polished surface and began to examine her.


Miserable Moaning Moping Myrtle, by mneomosyne

“No one wants to upset me! That’s a good one!” howled Myrtle. “My life was nothing but misery at this place and now people come along ruining my death!”


History of Magic, by glockgal

Professor Binns opened his notes and began to read in a flat drone like an old vacuum cleaner until nearly everyone in the class was in a deep stupor, occasionally coming to long enough to copy down a name or date, then falling asleep again.


Professor Binns, by Laurence Peguy

My subject is History of Magic,” he said in his dry, wheezy voice. “I deal with facts, Miss Granger, not myths and legends.”


OMG Fangirl! <3, by Tealin Raintree

“We’ll get you another autograph. Lockhart’ll sign anything if it stands still long enough.”


by Laura Freeman

Madam Pince held the note up to the light, as though determined to detect a forgery, but it passed the test.


The Rogue Bludger, by Keith James

Harry took his remaining hand off his broom and made a wild snatch; he felt his fingers close on the cold Snitch but was now only gripping the broom with his legs, and there was a yell from the crowd below as he headed straight for the ground, trying hard not to pass out….


The Rogue Bludger, by James J. Dunn aka JamusDu

“Dobby warned and warned Harry Potter. Ah sir, why didn’t you heed Dobby? Why didn’t Harry Potter go back home when he missed the train?”


about the chapter


Something You May Not Have Noticed

After Harry, Ron, and Hermione leave the scene of Mrs. Norris’s Petrification, they duck into an empty classroom to talk – but Ron and Harry are the only ones who actually do any talking. Hermione will soon admit she can’t remember what the Chamber of Secrets is, so what’s keeping her quiet? It seems to me she’s hovering between desperately trying to remember the significance of the Chamber, panicking at their very narrow escape from serious trouble (and in Harry and Ron’s case, expulsion!), and of course wondering what voice Harry could possibly be hearing. In just a few minutes, a whole lot has happened, and the trajectory of the trio’s year has changed dramatically.

Something Else You May Not Have Noticed

How on earth is Dobby managing to do all this stuff to Harry? Stopping his mail, keeping him out of Platform 9 3/4, tampering the bludger – there’s just no way, under the laws of house-elves that we’ll eventually become familiar with, that he could manage all this without being told to do something involving Harry by his masters. But surely, if his masters have something to do with the “terrible” plot, they wouldn’t want to prevent Harry from being at school when it happened. So what is it they are telling Dobby? I wasn’t planning on writing an essay from each book, but this is turning out to be too big of a mystery to solve in a couple of paragraphs. Let’s once again keep building clues and see where we are at the end of the book.

The Power of Magic

When Ron attempted to enter Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, he “suddenly withdrew his hand as though he’d been burned.” It’s certainly possible that he simply saw the sign and reacted quickly, but this being Hogwarts – where the stairs to the girls’ dormitory turn into a slide whenever boys set foot on them – it’s also quite possible the door handle is bewitched to burn any boy who tries to turn the knob. It is Hermione, after all, who eventually lets them in. On the other hand, Harry was able to get into the girls’ bathroom a year earlier when the troll went in after Hermione, so… who knows.

The Boy Who Lived

I can’t help but wonder what Dumbledore – and McGonagall and Snape, for that matter – thought of Harry, Ron, and Hermione being discovered at the scene where Mrs. Norris had been Petrified. The Deathday party would at least explain why they weren’t at the feast, but why on earth would they be up here? I doubt they discussed it much together, but certainly the professors each went to bed that night wondering, in their own way, why this Potter kid keeps turning up in unlikely places.


So, when Ron was three, Fred turned his teddy bear into a spider. When Fred was… five? Not that this isn’t the type of prank Fred might play, but it really doesn’t mesh very well with the wizarding world we know, where eleven-year-olds struggle to turn matches into needles. It’s possible this was “accidental magic,” like the type Harry inadvertently performed as a child, and after all Ron admits he *had* just broken Fred’s toy broomstick. Still, that’s a pretty serious bit of Transfiguration… how much would you bet Fred spent the weeks following that incident desperately trying to repeat it?

Something to Remember

It’s fascinating that Dumbledore seems to know who is opening the Chamber of Secrets, but not how the person is doing it. Despite Binns’s protests, it seems the Chamber does exist, and that Dumbledore indeed knows a thing or two about the last time it was opened. The look on McGonagall’s face seems it might betray a sense of what this all could mean for Hogwarts, too. So then – what is it that they know, and how….?

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  1. You’re on to something in the “something to remember.” Based on what Jo has taught us, McG was at Hogwartrs, in the year above Voldy’s, so the Chamber would’ve been opened in her sixth year. So she definitely knows more than Harry thinks she does.

  2. Ron says that Fred turned his teddy in a spider after Ron had broken his toy-broomstick. I always saw it as accidental magic: Couldn’t Fred be so angry at Ron for that, that he Transfigured his teddy?
    I loved the artwork for chapter 9, but isn’t there more of chapter 10? I mean, the artwork on this page is only describing the first 3 pages of the chapter:(
    It’s still great to read you site, though! :)

  3. I always wondered if Dumbledore ever asked Moaning Myrtle how she died.
    I mean, if she told him the same she told Harry by the end of the book, Dumbledore would have a good idea where the Chamber opens to. We don’t know whether he can speak parseltongue (though I tend to think he could say something like “open”, even if he’s not fluent) but if he did, he would be able to enter.
    But since it doesn’t look like he even knows where the entrance is, I’m forced to conclude he never talked to Moaning Myrtle’s ghost, which is a huge oversight from his part!

  4. It always annoys me that the teachers, especially Professor Binns, treat the Chamber of Secrets as some sort of myth, since they know what happened 50 years ago. And Dumbledore isn’t stupid, he had to have known that a giant spider couldn’t petrify people….was dippet stupid enough to believe that?

  5. Kim – good point about the toy broomstick making Fred angry. That must have been what Jo had in mind; I’ll adjust the way i wrote that comment to account better for that. Also, I’ve added another piece from chapter 10, so hopefully that fills in the gap a little better – sadly I don’t have much control over what artists have drawn! ;)

    Lola – It does seem like a big oversight on Dumbledore’s part, or else a big plot hole. Rowling has told us that Dumbledore understands Parseltongue, so he certainly could have gotten in if Ron could do so later. I suppose it’s also possible that Dumbledore knows how to get in but doesn’t see the point in doing so if he’s not confident he can control the basilisk… maybe that would make more sense? Seems odd either way.

    Chloe – I don’t think it was common knowledge that the Chamber opened. Lucius told Draco that it had, but he would have gotten his knowledge from Voldemort. But it definitely seems weird that Dippet would have accepted a story about an acromantula stunning people; maybe he just expelled Hagrid because politically he felt like he had to do *something*, and he figured Hagrid was in for it anyway?

  6. thanks for the new drawing:)
    about Lola’s comment: the only reason I can think of, is that Dumbledore never asked, because Myrtle first started to haunt someone out of Hogwarts. After she got a restraining order, the chamber had stopped opening, so Dumbledore thought that maybe it wasn’t relevant enough (?) Also, Myrtle seems to have a weak spot for Harry: maybe Dumbledore did ask, but she just didn’t answer?

  7. I really love that teddy bear story, regardless of whether it was actually possible. It’s underlined in my copy of the book, I think: there are certain lines that are just excellent in Harry Potter…I rarely see it in other books.

  8. *whether or not

  9. I think – regarding Dobby and how he managed to talk to Harry in Hogwarts and tamper with the bludger – that the Malfoys probably didn’t bother telling Dobby not to interfer and tell Harry something, because they thought Doddy was below them.
    Dobby could have accidently eavesdropped on Lucius plotting to open the Chamber of Secrets, and then hurried to tell Harry. He couldn’t tell Harry what exactly was going to happen as that would be going against his master’s wishes, but he could give Harry a clue.
    Even if the Malfoys knew Dobby knew about the Chamber of Secrets, they probably would have been too arrogant, and thought Dobby couldn’t do anything about it because he was only a house elf. Little did they know while house elves can not disobey a direct order, they can find a loop hole in their master’s orders, and therefore do something their Master didn’t order. The Malfoys, being so predujuice, wouldn’t have known this, as they consider anybody not a wizard and a pureblood underneath them. This would also fit in with when we learn later in the series that Voldemort left Kreacher to die in the cave, not realising the elves can be powerful magical creatures if they want to – so the Malfoys fell into the same pureblood arrogance as Voldemort did with Kreacher.
    That’s just my idea though. And sorry if it doesn’t make much sense above :)

  10. “Lockhart’ll sign anything if it stands still long enough.”
    For some reason I always get an image of Lockhart signing a tortoise with his big peacock-feather quill when I read this line.

  11. I always see Mrs. Norris as a kind of familiar for Filch. In the sense that he has some sort of empathic link with her, or can see through her eyes. Small wonder he went crazy after she was petrified. Well that and who else does he have, Ms. Pince?

  12. Phoebe~ Lockhart signing a tortoise … he would wouldn’t he?

  13. Regarding Fred turning Ron’s bear into a spider- I could have sworn I read somewhere that Wizarding parents are sort of expected to keep an eye on their children, and punish them if they do magic. After all, the Trace can’t pinpoint who performed the magic (we know this because Harry got the blame for Dobby’s hovering charm). So, if Harry had turned Dudley’s teddy bear into something horrible, the Ministry of Magic would have known- via the Trace- that magic took place in the Dursley home, the only person who can to magic there is Harry, and he is underage. Yet at the Weasley house, there is magic being performed all the time, and therefore there would be know way of knowing that that particular spell was performed by an underage wizard. It seems like an “oops” to us now, but through events in the later books (and I think an interview with Rowling) we see that it really isn’t.

  14. I tend to agree with Kim that Fred did a bit of accidental magic with the teddy bear. He was only five, after all, and little kids can get very angry about things that seem minor to adults. This only occurred to me last time I read the book, though – in the past I’ve always imagined Fred doing it deliberately, and it was like a huge revelation when I read that sentence a few months ago and realised he would only have been five!

  15. I’ve read the series twice. The second time I picked up on so much more than the first. I expect I’ll learn something new with each reading of it, no matter how many times I re-read it.

  16. Wouldn’t you think that mandrake potion (or at least mature mandrakes) would be something you could buy at an apothecary in Diagon Alley or even Hogsmeade? Prof. Sprout says that mandrake is an ingredient in most antidotes, so it’s not exactly rare. You’d think that Snape would have some in that locked storeroom of his.

  17. The first time I read Chamber of Secrets, it seemed to me that Ginny was a such a sensitive litte girl. She was so upset about Mrs. Norris being attacked, and seemed to cry a lot. Ron stocked up her behaviour to her love for cats, while Percy said she was crying due to worry over Ron being expelled. But rereading the book now, I see that Ginny was already aware that something more was going on, and it was terrifying her.

    Also, I never noticed before how Dumbledore immediately knows who must be behind opening the Chamber. I wonder if he had any early theories as to how is was being done… Dumbledore always seems so on top of things.

  18. Regarding the girl’s bathrooms, the way it is written would suggest it is Ron’s reaction to having noticed it was a girl’s bathroom, rather than an enchantment, which prevented him continuing. Ron’s shown to be quite a prude in many a situation, and by the way Percy reacts to catching them later it’s obviously somewhat of an in-built trait to the Weasley boys. They are a family of seven children, and only one of them is female, they were probably always over-conscious of giving Ginny her own space, I’d imagine. That said, I’m just speculating, too…

  19. One of my biggest questions with this chapter is if Riddle was the first heir to attend Hogwarts. I may be stretching, but Binns says, “… none would be able to open [the Chamber] until [Slytherin’s] own true heir arrived at the school.” What exactly does “own true heir” mean? We know that the Gaunts (Riddle’s maternal family who are also heirs) were, uh, not too high class (I’m thinking of Dumbledore’s visit in HBP), so have they all evaded the chains of formal education for a thousand years?

  20. The thing with Fred turning Ron’s teddy bear into a spider when he was 3 confused me too. I know that the twins are two years ahead of him in school so how did Fred manage this bit of magic at tha age of 5? Maybe this was a mistake on J.K’s part or Fred was extremely angry at Ron for breaking his toy broomstick.

  21. Billie – good point! But I guess if they could just instantly go to a shoppe and buy the antidote it would make for a rather short book! ;)

  22. Answering Laura’s question about Tom Riddle, I highly doubt that he’d be the first heir in over a thousand years to attend Hogwarts.

    However, I do think that Tom was the first one who would succeed at opening the Chamber of Secrets. It seems to me that Salazar Slytherin would not want to tell any of his descendants of his Chamber; he wouldn’t want that knowledge publicized after his fallout. So it seems doubtful that any of his descendants would even know to look for the Chamber.

    Except one, the student whom Dumbledore himself said was the brightest he’d ever seen attend Hogwarts.

    And even if Tom Riddle wasn’t the only one who opened the Chamber, perhaps he was the only one who was able to face the Basilisk head-on and live to control it. Others before him, not knowing what to expect, might have died within the Chamber, but perhaps Tom was clever enough to survive.

  23. I always assumed that Fred turning Ron’s teddy into a spider was accidental childish magic, like Harry blowing up Aunt Marge, turning his teacher’s wig blue or growing his hair back. Poor Ron. You have one slightly embarrassing phobia and burp up slugs on one occasion and the film makers think you’re an imcompetant wimp. But that’s getting onto a whole other subject. :)

    All of Slytherin’s attendants probably attended the school, but how many of them knew about the Chamber or beieved it was real if it was only supposed to be a myth? And even if they looked they might not have found it. According to Binns lots of headmasters looked for it and never found it.

    If you can just buy potions then why do wizards keep cauldrons or learn how to brew them themselves? Why not keep the art a secret of the apothecary trade? Maybe you can’t buy potions, only ingredients.

  24. Attendants?? Decendents. *blush*

  25. In relation to how Dobby is managing to do all of that stuff to Harry, I think the theory of a loophole is right.
    It is very likely that Draco complained about Harry a LOT at home, and would probably have said something along the lines of, “I want him to NEVER come back to Hogwarts!”
    Had Dobby heard something like that, it could very well count as permission to sabotage Harry in any way possible.

  26. I recently re-read this chapter and noticed something odd. When the trio leave moaning Myrtle’s bathroom they run into Percy the Prefect, who is gets very upset with Ron for being in a girl’s bathroom. He then proceeds to take five points from Gryffindor. In OOtP, however, we are told that prefect’s can’t dock points. When Umbridge gave her inquisitorial squad house point docking privileges, she was considered to be undermining the prefect system. So how could Percy have taken away five points here, when he was only a prefect? Either he was bluffing to further discourage Ron from going into a girl’s bathroom in the future, or this is a major discrepancy on J.K.’s part.

  27. Yeah, Julia, it’s a discrepancy. It’s one of the little things that Rowling was just never consistent on. She was asked about it once, but her answer only made the situation more confused:

    (Question: “Can prefects take points or not? A prefect took points from Gryffindor in the Chamber of Secrets, and then there was a reference to prefects not being allowed to dock points. What are the rules?”)
    “Ron got it wrong in ‘Phoenix’, from which we deduce that he hasn’t been a very authoritarian prefect thus far; he clearly hasn’t been taking points from anybody.”

    This answer makes pretty much zero sense for lots of reasons. For starters it was Ernie, not Ron, who made this statement in book five; also Ron and Hermione were standing there and didn’t contradict him. The idea that prefects could dock points and neither Ron nor Hermione would know about it is ludicrous, of course. So it’s just an inconsistency in the writing that the editors didn’t catch, and that Rowling doesn’t really even seem to be aware of.

  28. I could be wrong, but I think this was fixed in later editions of OotP. It was changed to be something like: “Prefects can’t take points from other prefects,” instead of stating that prefects can’t dock points at all.

  29. Going back to Dobby for a minute, maybe its just me, but I really don’t see where it is that big of a problem.
    Can you just imagine the discussion at the Malfoy house after the chamber was opened? I imagine Lucius was happy at this point in time that his plan was coming off and was surely talking about it in front of Dobby (because hey, he’s just an insignificant little ole House Elf, right?)

    Then Dobby using his own unique brand of Dobby-logic decides the best course of action is to get Harry out of Hogwarts ASAP. Okay so maybe he lost all of the bones in his arm, but he was alive. :D

    I very seriously doubt it was any kind of plan by Lucius and Co. Nothing I’ve seen from Lucius in subsequent books gives me any great confidence in his evil genius mastermind abilities. He just isn’t that bright, IMO.

  30. I know this is two years late :P but Dumbledore needn’t have asked Myrtle how she died… he was a teacher when it happened. So you’d have thought he might have connected it to the bathroom… unDumbledorish.

    Also, unrelated, at the deathday party, Hermione says Myrtle haunts the toilets on the first floor but later, after following the voice, the trio definitely find the writing on the wall on the second floor, which has flooded by Myrtle. That must have been quite a flood! :P It is clear later that the writing is on the same floor as the toilet but, out of interest, which one is it?

  31. there is something else interesting i noticed about this chapter while reading it… Right before Dobby apparates to leave Harry alone once again in the hospital wing harry is clutching on to Dobbys clothes… and after he apparates his hand is clenched around empty air. My question is why would Harry have not side along apparated with him? In the 7th book someone follows harry, hermione, and ron to grimmauld place by grabbing on to Hermiones robes as they are apparating… and if you say its because only house elves can apparate in and out of Hogwarts, I thought of that too… but also in the last book when they are locked in the basement of the Malfoy manor and yet again it seems only hosue elves can apparate in out of there they all manage side along apparation with dobby escape. Is anyone else following me on this one?

  32. maybe dumbledore never asked myrtle because maybe he never came across her. myrtle like to haunt the same toilets and rarely leaves the bathroom so it is possible that maybe he never encountered her, which is hard to believe since he knows everything that goes on in the castle. it probably didn’t matter anyway once DD figured it out after riddle left hogwarts. he could see right through tom riddle when he was at achool but when he became lord volemort, DD probably realized that it was he who was the heir of slytherin and had opened the chamber. so when DD asks, not who but how, he doesn’t understand how riddle is operating this time.
    speaking of the heir of slytherin, i would assume that riddle was the first to go to hogwarts in a long line. i doubt marvolo guant would have sent his children merope and morfin there. they certainly didn’t look like they had any kind of education. so it could have been generations before an heir appeared. and riddle had spent 5 years discovering his past. when those who were direct descendents probably just flaunted it. it’s amazing how dedicated riddle was to learning about his past and that he, a half blood, muggle raised orphan, could discover and open a chamber thats been sealed for 1000 years.

    by the way, i love binns’ line :’just because a wizard doesn’t use Dark Magic doesn’t mean he can’t.’

  33. Why does Dumbledore, at the end of the chapter say “Minerva found him on the stairs.” When he’s talking about Colin Creevey. But then McGonagall says “I shudder to think…If Albus hadn’t been on his way downstairs for hot chocolate — who knows what might have —”

  34. Christina, I think a possible reason for why Dobby can sometimes bring others with him and sometimes can’t has to do with the fact that he uses Elf magic. As we know, Elves use a separate kind of magic from witches and wizards. I think it’s highly plausible that Dobby can choose when he does or doesn’t want to bring others along with him when he apparates. It’s possible that Elves have a more certain control over their magic than witches and wizards have over their own. As we know from the books, their magic tends to throw out the rules that witches and wizards seem to live by when they do their magic (i.e. apparate in and out of Hogwarts and Malfoy Manor). So I think it’s possible that Dobby can simply choose who he wants to take with him, if anybody at all. Of course, this doesn’t explain why the knife in DH was able to apparate along with him, but then again maybe it only applies to other living beings and not inanimate objects? It is a good question that you’ve brought up, though. Another inconsistency that I daresay JKR would scramble to cover up again ;)

  35. I wonder…..

    It has been said (elsewhere) that Percy was likely to have had a time-turner in his possesion. In re-reading Chamber of Secrets, I would think that Percy would want to go back in time, to try and catch the beast and the Heir of Slytherin. It would be in his character

    For example, he would know Riddle’s story from the trophy room. A Special Award for Services to the School would defintely fit in nicely with his 12 OWLS. He would love to be the one who became famous for stopping the attacks.

    Then, of course, his girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater, gets Petrified. He was anything of a proper boyfriend, he should be trying to avenge her attack through any means possible (I know I would).

    With the time-turner, it would be no problem to go back in time and hide near the place of the attacks. Of course, he probably didn’t, because he doesn’t solve the mystery or end up being attacked himself.

    I think this provides good insight into how much Percy sets store to the rules, as it overides his want for glory and vengence.

  36. I was going to mention the prefects and points. I’m sure Malfoy comments in OotP that he knows prefects can’t deduct points. I had always assumed that Percy was bluffing. He knew he couldn’t deduct points but wanted to seem more important so pretended to do so since Ron didn’t know any better at that point. They would never know that he didn’t really do so. However, I then read JKR’s explanation (quoted above) and got very confused as it really doesn’t make sense given what Malfoy says. I like to ignore that and go with what I originally thought; Percy is bluffing to seem more important.

    Also, they must like to eat late at Hogwarts. The Halloween feast ends, they find Mrs Norris, get taken to Lockhart’s office and get questioned. That can’t take that much time, maybe an hour tops. However, after stopping for a little chat in an empty classroom, they head back to the common room when the clock strikes midnight! So the feast must have finished at 11pm or 10:30pm at the earliest. It just seems very late for students to be out when they usually aren’t allowed outside their common rooms after 9pm.

  37. Amy, the time thing bothers me, too. To me the most egregious happens regarding the Pensieve – Harry and Dumbledore meet at 7pm, watch a memory that lasts fifteen minutes max, and suddenly the night has gotten away from them and it’s too late for questions. Then Harry takes Snape’s memories, which must elapse over an hour if not hours, and when he’s done only twenty minutes have passed.

    Someone once described Rowling’s attitude towards numbers as impressionistic, rather than realistic. I like that description. She’s close enough that it distinctly resembles reality, in a specific artful way. But if you look closely, it’s quite obvious that it doesn’t work in real life.

  38. When reading the chapter “The Rogue Bludger” in English for the first time, I noticed something I haven’t before – what does the bludger do during the time-out? It’s been busy trying to knock Harry off his broom, and it still does when the time out is over, and after the game Fred and George are described as being wrestling it into a box. But where is it during the time-out itself…? An “oops”, maybe? :)

    It also always bothered me how Madam Hooch or another teacher won’t try and fix the problem, but instead just go on watching even though the bludger is obviously following only Harry. But I guess all of this could be chalked up to something necessary for the plot.

  39. timbus christ, that caught my attention too! Makes us wonder who really found Colin petrified, doesn’t it? It could be a writing discrepancy, I suppose. Unless… well, if Dumbledore did say “Minerva found him on the stairs”, then it was McGonagall who did indeed find him. What McGonagall said about the things that might happen if Albus hadn’t gone down… well, she was probably anxious that the culprit might harm her too, if Dumbledore hadn’t gone down at that precise moment. Who knows, right? :)

    Another minor issue I noticed was the fact that Binns was holding his notes and that Nick was yet holding a letter sent to him by Patrick Podmore in the last chapter. I thought ghosts couldn’t hold tangible objects? Or are those said objects sort of ghostly, themselves? Hope this will be cleared up. :)

  40. For Chapter 9: When Dumbledore and McGonagall are looking over Mrs. Norrism it is noted that “Snape loomed behind them half in shadow, wearing a most peculier expresion: It was as though he was trying not to smile.” Why was Snape trying not to smile.

    For Chapter 10: Why was Colin going to visit Harry in the middle of the night and why did he have his camera and a bunch of grapes with him?

  41. @Jeremy – I assume Snape was smiling because he thought Harry and Ron were going to be expelled. And Colin was headed up to see Harry because… well, he’s Harry freakin’ Potter.

  42. Has anybody else noticed that when Ron tells a story or recounts an incident revolving around either of the twins, that he always refers to Fred but never George? It’s true, have a look through the series. He very seldom (if ever) refers to George when telling a story involving either of the twins.

  43. Everytime Dobby interefers at Hogwarts, Lucius is there, too. He (or Narcissa) surely brought Draco to the train, and Lucius attents the Quidditch match during which Dobby tampers with a bludger. Since Dobby doesn’t constantly sabotage Harry otherwise, it stands to suspect that he didn’t have the opportunity.

  44. For Chpater 9: Does anyone else think that the look that Dumbledore gives Harry, the one where Harry feels like he is being x-rayed, is that Dumbledore is using Legillimency on Harry?

  45. I know this is several years late,but picking up the topic of Dippett and the acromantula. While true that Dippett should have investigated further, remember after Hagrid was expelled the attacks stopped. Therefore making it plausible that the spider was responsible.

    That being said however it also seems that Dumbledore either invesigated further (which raises questions about how much he knows durunthe events of CoS) or that he simply speculated there was another cause for the attacks, but lacked the evidence to prove it. Afterall, Dumbledore gave Hagrid the job as gamekeeper, and declares his confidence in Hagrid before Fudge and Malfoy. Surely Dumbledore would nor have done so had he been convinced of his gulit.

  46. Dobby actually has more free reign than you seem to think. As Kreacher demonstrated in book 5, a house elf can interpret their instructions in various ways. And even so, Dobby can still go against it, but must punish himself if he does so. As well as this, it must also be agreed that dobby is a bit of an oddity as house elves go.

  47. I have read & listened to three books so many times , but I never caught the sentiment behind the description of MM bathroom. I can’t help but think “haha ” when I read about how dirty & decrepit the entrance to the COS is. What a comedown for the self- branded high & mighty’

  48. The burned knob theory is interesting. Maybe in PS, the castle could understand that the boys had to get in?

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