Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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  1. Can not wait for this book. When I start reading this I literally can’t put it down.

  2. Can’t wait until you start posting! I read this over the summer for the second time in my life, and I realized how much I had forgotten from the first time I read it, and also that it was so much more amazing than I remembered it.

  3. so excited read the book about 8 times, can’t wait for the pictures they’re always so beautiful…keep posting them!!!!

  4. I love the way you tell this story.. please continue…

  5. just finished the book yesterday. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the last 16 chapters + epilogue, and reading your take on them.

  6. I have read from book 5 to 7 and came to this conclusion.
    Voldemort’s Wand is no longer the true elder wand. It’s Harry Potter’s Wand which was the wand of Draco Malfoy used to kill Dumbledore as told from book 6.
    If Im not mistaken, the Elder Wand’s power transfers to the Wand of the sorcerer who defeated its owner by killing it. If only defeat no by death then the power still resides from the Original Elder Wand.
    So from the middle chapters of Deathly Hollows, the fact of snatching Dracos Wand which is the Elder Wand gives Harry Potter the big upper hand from his final duel to Voldermort. No matter how weak the spell may be. well asides from the power of love thing. just my two cents. =)

  7. You’re wrong, zack31.

    First, Draco Malfoy NEVER killed Dubledore.

    Second, he NEVER used Harry Potter’s wand.

    Third… This statment “If Im not mistaken, the Elder Wand’s power transfers to the Wand of the sorcerer who defeated its owner by killing it.” is, in fact, mistaken. There’s no part in the book where it says that.

  8. When I click on chapter 3 on this side, I get to chapter 30 :-) Maybe that is, because chapter 3 is combined with chapter 2?

    And the picture we see here of chapter 33 (The Prince’s Tale) doesn’t seem to occur in the chapter itself.

  9. Lorena, thanks! I fixed the links at the top. And your comment made me realize that I really wanted that drawing in the Prince’s Tale chapter itself, so rather than changing the icon I’ve now added the drawing in instead – I didn’t like that I didn’t have any drawings of Snape talking with Dumbledore’s portrait. :) Thanks again!

  10. You’re welcome. I’m glad you added the picture in. :)

  11. I loved that Harry named his second son after Snape. It was very fitting for the “one of the bravest men he ever knew.”

    I like to imagine what the Potter/Weasley children were like when they attended Hogwarts. Were they spoiled? Were they treated differently? Did they become friends with Scorpio and the other offspring of the other Slytherins? It must have been rough being the children of Harry Potter and I wonder if they were taken advantage of.

    One of my favorite lines from the chapter is Ginny saying to the kids “Give our love to Neville when you see him” and James’ response: “Mum, you can’t say that to Professor Longbottom!

    Thank you, thank you Josie for your wonderful website! I enjoyed my journey through the “Companion.” I also liked reading your essays. The one about Dumbledore in The Sorcerer’s Stone was intriguing.

    You helped us to see that Harry Potter is a classic for many years to come!

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