The Dream

chapter twenty-nine of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The trio runs into Fred and George blackmailing someone, and then despite trying to get news from Moody, still can’t figure out what happened to Crouch. They help Harry prepare for the Third Task, though, and then he falls asleep in Divination, dreams of Voldemort, wakes up screaming – and heads straight to Dumbledore.

Moody, by LMRourke

“Well, help him practice for this one, and I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t win,” said Moody. “In the meantime… constant vigilance, Potter. Constant vigilance.”


Can't We Kidnap Mrs Norris? by gerre

“Can’t we kidnap Mrs. Norris?” Ron suggested on Monday lunchtime as he lay flat on his back in the middle of their Charms classroom, having just been Stunned and reawoken by Harry for the fifth time in a row.

(by gerre)


Gifted, by Becky Roberts

“I like the look of this one,” she said., “this Impediment Curse. Should slow down anything that’s trying to attack you, Harry. We’ll start with that one.”


Wormtail!Peter, by lberghol

“My Lord!” gasped the man on the floor. “My Lord, I am… I am so pleased… and so sorry….”


Pain, by Becky Roberts

The screaming filled Harry’s ears as the scar on his forehead seared with pain; he was yelling too…. Voldemort would hear him, would know he was there….


Ron was kneeling next to him, looking terrified. “You all right?” he said.
“Of course he isn’t!” said Professor Trelawney, looking thoroughly excited.

Trelawney and Ron, by Heather Campbell

“See you later,” Harry muttered to Ron, and he picked up his bag and headed for the trapdoor, ignoring Professor Trelawney, who was wearing an expression of great frustration, as though she had just been denied a real treat.


about the chapter


Something You May Not Have Noticed

Eagle owls can’t be very common; after all, the Malfoys’ eagle owl stands out pretty obviously when it brings Malfoy packages from home. So it’s interesting that Harry’s dream (vision?) starts out with an eagle owl bringing news to Voldemort. It certainly wouldn’t be unexpected for the Malfoys to be sending a message to Voldemort (or loaning him their owl, for that matter), but there is also one other time that Harry has seen an eagle owl – and it was flying around Hogwarts just a few weeks ago, before Barty Crouch showed up. Whether this was the Malfoys’ owl or not doesn’t really matter so much as the coincidence of noticing an eagle owl around Voldemort, and another one around Hogwarts. Maybe Harry should have watched a little closer to see where that eagle owl at Hogwarts went.

Life at Hogwarts

Professor Trelawney is a funny sort of self-contradiction, in that she puts on a great show of being all-knowing, yet her awareness of the real world is so much less than that of other professors. Other than Binns (who certainly lacks this awareness too, in a different way), it’s hard to imagine any of Harry’s other teachers reacting to an exploding pain in Harry’s scar with anything other than heightened concern and a quick trip to Dumbledore. Binns likely wouldn’t have noticed, or if he did, would have excused Harry to the hospital wing. But Trelawney? She gets excited. Although come to think of it, I wonder how Snape would have reacted if that had happened to Harry in Potions?

Something to Remember

One thing that’s a little strange – Mad-Eye Moody tells Harry that because the third task is “right up [Harry’s] street,” he’ll “be very surprised if he doesn’t win.” Really? Against three students who each have double the magical experience he does? Maybe Moody’s just being nice, or maybe because of all of Harry’s experience in action he genuinely believes this, but it still seems like a funny thing to say.

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  1. Re: Something to Remember
    It does seem a bit odd, but it’s also a good bolster of confidence, which is usually the biggest help during tests (whether written or practical).

    I love Makani’s representation of the Trelawney scene. :D

  2. I really have no idea how you manage to spot things like the type of owl seen where and when.
    I love the picture of Trelawney too, she’s such a freak that woman.

  3. I ditto what Eliza said about the owl.

    Becky Roberts picture is very powerful.

    Thanks again for installing the links to the previous pages. One little thing though: This one takes me… right back to the top of this page. :-)

  4. Thanks guys! Kim – what, that wasn’t where you wanted to go? ;) It’s fixed now, thanks for the heads-up.

  5. I don’t think “She” is supposed to be here:

    “But Trelawney? She Although come to think of it, I wonder how Snape would have reacted if that had happened to Harry in Potions?”

  6. “Not unless he can turn himself into a bat or something.” Hi hi, Snape being compared to a bat keeps coming up, doesn’t it?

  7. I was going to mention a small mistake, but Berlin, above, already caught it. :) Just want to say that I love your commentary on these, it really gets me thinking about things I’ve never really noticed before- and I’ve read GOF about 8 times!

  8. Poor Ron. How many times now has he watched his best friend scream in pain like this and powerless to do anything? Can’t be easy being friends with The Boy Who Lived.

  9. Great catch about the eagle owl! It occured to me while I was reading this time whether that’s what that owl was doing, but I didn’t notice that that owl and the one that Harry was riding during his dream were both eagle owls.

  10. Moody’s comment doesn’t seem so odd when you think about who he really is. “Moody” wants Harry to win, he is relying on it. So, a comment like that does not seem odd when you think about who is really saying it.

  11. I don’t think Mad Eye is trying to boost Harry’s confidence. Remember, he’s not Mad Eye. I think he’s more trying to convince himself that Harry can win. Obviously Ron and Hermione have a huge roll when it comes to helping Harry figure his stuff out. His comment may actually be aimed more at those 2 than at Harry. By boosting their confidence about how much good they do Harry, they may actually step up their game, help Harry learn more, and make Barty’s job easier while he tries to get Harry through the maze quickly and efficiently.

  12. And when I said roll, I meant role. I knew that looked wrong when I typed it, but it wasn’t until now that I realized it. Sad day.
    And I absolutely love the picture by Heather at the end. It’s great.

  13. If Harry started screaming out and collapsed holding his head while in the middle of a Potions class, Snape would scold him for disrupting class and seeking attention because just being the Great Harry Potter isn’t enough. So with a few points from Gryffindor, Harry would still deem it a good idea to get his stuff together and leave the middle of class (which would then bring much angrier words from Snape, would cost Gryffindor even more points, and would probably also end with Harry having a detention or two.) Perhaps it’s a good thing he did collapse during Divination.

  14. I agree completely with what Nibbles said.

    And I did notice the eagle owl flying off from Hogwarts earlier, but I did not notice that was the type of owl Harry was riding on in the dream. Good catch!

  15. Quite honestly, this task *is* right up Harry’s alley. In his first year, he managed to make it past a complex series of challenges designed to confound and stop a fully qualified wizard, after all. Quirrel only managed it because a) he’d helped design it, and 2) he got the other professors to give up their secrets (aside from Dumbledore).

  16. I always thought “Moody’s” comment that he was confident Harry would win was a subtle hint to the reader that he had been helping him all along (though for the wrong reasons.). Sounds to me like he’s pretty pleased with the way the plan is working.

  17. George to Ron “Carry on like this and you’ll be made a prefect.”

  18. I think every time Harry notices a bird, it’s worth remembering. Not that I ever figured that out when I was reading the books for the first time . . .

  19. Christa, you’re probably right that “Moody” was trying to encourage Hermione and Ron’s efforts to help Harry with his “I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t win” comment. However, he’s probably trying to boost Harry’s confidence as well. Not to be nice to Harry, but to make him that much more likely to win (and therefore get carried off to be killed by Voldemort).

  20. First of all, your assumption that eagle owls are rare is rather inaccurate. Eagle owl is a term which refers to a group of owls. There are 15 species of eagle owl, 10 of which are in the least concern category of conservation status. I think malfoy’s eagle owl is a status symbol – it would most likely be a eurasian eagle owl as they are one of the largest of owls, and probably one of the most expensive to purchase and maintain. They are also not native to britain, therefore making them more unusual (like a pineapple in the 17th century)

    As for Moody being nice to harry…you do recall that he’s actually a raving lunatic who intends to deliver harry to his evil master by fixing the final task?

  21. Snape may scold, but I’d think – I’d hope – that he’d have the instinct to do it in such a way as to deliberately excuse him from class… “As big a head as ever, Potter! Is the potion too difficult for you without needing a trip to the Hospital Wing for support?”
    Not quite like that, but you know what I mean.

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