Harry Potter Off Camera: Years 5-6

The tone for Harry’s fifth and sixth years is set in the very first chapter of book five when Harry, in his formerly safe haven of Privet Drive, is attacked by dementors. His world is getting so dark, and he’s having to fight so many battles. But then, the battles teach Harry so much about the world, and when he knows Dumbledore is gone, he no longer underestimates the danger he’s in – and he’s prepared to take on the challenge of bringing Voldemort down.

Order Meeting, by Sayurikemiko

Of course as soon as Voldemort returns, the Order of the Phoenix reconvenes and begins to meet. I have to imagine that the contents of those meetings alone could make for a pretty interesting novel.
“Thanks to you, Dumbledore was able to recall the Order of the Phoenix about an hour after Voldemort returned,” said Sirius. (OP5)


Flying Over Hogwarts Lake, by Beeeb

With so much on his mind, it’s not hard to imagine Harry hopping on his broom and just flying around during down time to get away from it all and think things over, the way you or I might go for a walk or a drive. I know when I was fifteen the world always seemed out to get me; of course, in Harry’s case, it actually is.
Flying came more naturally to Harry than anything else in the magical world…. (GF5)

(by Beeeb)


Weasley is Our King, by Jenny Dolfen

Of course, Harry wasn’t the only one having a rough time this year; Ron finally achieved what must have been a lifelong dream by making the Quidditch team, and it’s hard to imagine how hard he must have taken it when things… er… didn’t work out so well.
“I’m sorry,” Ron mumbled, looking at his feet.
“What for?” said Harry.
“For thinking I can play Quidditch,” said Ron. “I’m going to resign first thing tomorrow.” (OP19)


Snow at Hogwarts, by gerre

Of course, Harry and his friends still had some fun together….
They crunched excitedly through the thickening snow…. (OP20)

(by gerre)


Watching You, by Hannah-Dora

And while Harry was rightfully pretty absorbed in the craziness of his life, a certain someone was watching him, worrying about him, and thinking about him, without his even realizing it….
“I never really gave up on you,” [Ginny] said. “Not really. I always hoped….” (HBP30)


Harry, by deeterhi

It’s quite a testament to Harry’s friends that they stuck with him so steadfastly through their fifth year. He certainly had the world on his shoulders at times, but he must have been hard to be with for much of that year. And I’m sure there were times when neither he nor they could do it without an occasional break from each other.
Harry… was finding it hard to decide whether he wanted to be with people or not; whenever he was in company he wanted to get away and whenever he was alone he wanted company. (OP38)


Blue, by Heather Campbell

Finally, by at the end of his fifth year, Harry managed a victory – for though it came with the loss of Sirius, he had beaten the Ministry, he had revealed Voldemort’s return, and he had beaten Voldemort to the prophecy. A victory for one side, though, means a defeat for the other – and while few would argue the Death Eaters’ anguish is undeserved, it still must have been hard for Narcissa to be home alone while her husband was in prison and her son pursuing a mission he seemed doomed to fail….
“I have nowhere else to turn. Lucius is in jail and… the Dark Lord… has chosen Draco in revenge!” choked Narcissa. “He does not mean him to succeed, he wants him to be killed trying!” (HBP2)


Quidditch Feet, by Chantelle

As Harry’s sixth year approached, despite the darkness that was settling over the wizarding world, things had to be looking up for his return to Hogwarts – and even though he doesn’t mention it, surely it must have been gratifying for him to know that he would not only be playing Quidditch again, but would be in charge of the team….
The day after this rather gloomy birthday tea, their letters and booklists arrived from Hogwarts. Harry’s included a surprise: he had been made Quidditch Captain. (HBP6)


Smart Girl That Hermione, by Loleia

And of course, Hermione and Ginny would have spent a good chunk of the summer together, sharing a bedroom at the Burrow, and it’s not hard to guess what they might have spent their time talking about….
“Hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people, relax a bit around you, because I never used to be able to talk if you were in the room, remember? And she thought you might take a bit more notice if I was a bit more – myself.” (HBP30)

(by Loleia)


Twins and Hermione, by glockgal

Of course on their way back to school, the trio stops by Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes… and while they’re there, it’s not hard to imagine Fred and George trying to get at Hermione a bit, for all of her staunchly enforcing rules on them over their final year at Hogwarts….
“You know,” said Hermione, looking up at Harry, “that really is extraordinary magic!”
“For that, Hermione,” said a voice behind them, “you can have one for free.” (HBP6)


Dean Draws Ginny, by glockgal

Meanwhile Ginny is keeping herself busy with Dean Thomas. Despite their rockiness at the end, they were together for nearly a year, so there must have been some good times, right? And while we don’t know much about Dean, we do know he’s a good artist, so it’s fun to imagine him drawing his girlfriend during their time together….
“Well, I’ve chosen Dean Thomas, would you say he’s better?” asked Ginny vaguely. (OP38)


Snowman, by Marta T

Meanwhile, between lessons with Dumbledore and time spent searching for Draco Malfoy, Harry also spends more time this year apart from his friends than he has before, so it’s fun to imagine how Ron and Hermione might have spent their time as well….
Harry watched his two friends more closely… Ron and Hermione did not seem any different except that they were a little politer to each other than usual. Harry supposed he would just have to wait to see what happened…. (HBP14)

(by Marta T)


Alone, by Cambryn

Finally, Harry did get together with Ginny – for a little while, at least. And while we can only guess, it isn’t too hard to imagine Ginny’s reaction after Harry left her by the lake. Her boyfriend, who she’d been waiting on for six years, is leaving her to embark on the most dangerous journey imaginable. In some ways, she’s in for quite as rough a time as he is. But we’ll have to wait one more year before finding out just how….
Harry got up, turned his back on Ginny… and walked away around the lake. Moving felt much more bearable than sitting still: just as setting out as soon as possible to track down the Horcruxes and kill Voldemort would feel better than waiting to do it … (HBP30)

(by Cambryn)


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  1. beautiful. thank you.

  2. I love them all! Especially Ron and Hermione in the snow with Harry the Snowman.

  3. Very beautiful pictures, Marta T is a favorite of mine and I absolutely love the snowman picture.

  4. I liked the one with Harry flying over the lake the best.

  5. Wonderful idea and you’ve done it so well!
    We love your commitment to this site, it’s a pleasure to look through it. Looking forward to what’s coming next :)

  6. These are so delightful.

  7. Great stuff! I love Jenny Dolfen’s Ron. Everything of hers that you’ve posted has been wonderful.

    Also glockgal’s picture of Dean drawing Ginny. The contrast between the real Ginny and the idealized Ginny in Dean’s picture is very funny!

  8. Hermione smashing Rons head in the snow made me laff out loud! they all rock!! Thanks!!

  9. love them all!! so gorgeous!!!

  10. The only bad part about this (and the whole of your website) is that I always wish that there was more! Everything is so great!

  11. My enthusiastic agreement on “Harry the Snowman” by Marta T. She has a wonderful imagination–lots of candidates for Harry off camera, if you ask me.

  12. Please update these with more and more beautiful artwork and thoughtful quotes from the books. Best fansite I’ve stumbled across in ages, thank you so much.
    I love all of Chantelle’s work; so thought provoking.

    (please post more!!)

  13. I absolutely love Marta T’s picture of Ron and Hermione, it made me laugh out loud! I love your website too, the drawings are so beautiful. It’s made me realise what a huge part the Harry Potter books have played in my childhood.
    Many thanks

  14. I love these! I would have liked to see more of Harry and Ginny actually together though. :/

  15. I figure you might want to fix your first paragraph which says, “in his formerly save haven of Privet Drive” and I think you mean to have “safe” rather than “save.” You’re welcome to erase this portion of my comment. :)

    Love gerre’s picture of the four playing in the snow, although Harry looks so much like how I imagine James, it’s ridiculous. Jenny Dolfen’s portrait of Ron is moving, and Beeb’s piece is my favorite on this page. Wow.

  16. Thanks Natalia, fixed!

  17. These are all so gorgeous… It just makes me sad that the world of Harry Potter is drawing closer to an end with the final film. But websites like these are brilliant for reminding people why they fell in love with the world of Harry Potter in the first place!

    I love the picture of Narcissa; though her family are a loathsome, bigoted bunch, the look on her face really shows how alone she must be feeling. Her son is in danger and she has little control over his fate. Her husband is in prison, and the reputation that they once possessed now means pretty much nothing, since both sides see them as undesirable. So, I can see how in the last couple of books, life turned upside down for the Malfoy family.

    I never thought I’d find myself sympathizing with a vain, snobby, bigoted woman, and a fictional one to boot, but there you have it!

  18. I LOVE Harry the Snowman and can totally see how much fun Ron and Hermione had making it. :)

  19. awwww… Heather C. your picture of Narcissa is perfect. It pulls a ton of emotions from me and makes me so sad. Man.

  20. Harry the snowman! Oh my gosh! Imagine how much fun that must have been for Hermione and Ron to make. The broomstick is a nice touch.
    Love the Off-Camera stuff! I hope there’ll be more pictures for Post-Hogwarts, because that definitely has the most moments.

  21. Love your artwork and annotations.
    Though, do you have any ideas of what the crew (Sirius, Dora, Remus etc) at Grim Old Place were doing while the youngsters were at school?

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