Harry Potter Off Camera: The Aftermath

Voldemort’s second rise to power threw the wizarding world into such upheaval, it would have taken some time for it to regain any sense of normalcy – and for nobody was that more true than the members of the D.A. and Order of the Phoenix, who had given up everything they had to fight, and who had lost dear, dear friends and family members. Here’s a look at the year or two immediately following book seven, and what our artists imagine it might have been like.

Aftermath, by Loleia

The hours immediately after Voldemort’s downfall would, of course, have been filled with the utmost of extremes. The sorrow of those lost in the battle, mixed with elation and relief over the Dark Lord’s finally having been conquered. And of course, it was a time of reunions, too. It can’t have taken long for Harry and Ginny to find each other and wordlessly embrace, wanting never to have to let go again.

(by Loleia)


The Second Kiss, by gerre

Hermione and Ron, naturally, would have had time to expound on their earlier kiss, too.

(by gerre)


Gone but Not Forgotten, by Catching-Smoke

But the survivors’ hearts must have been heavy indeed. And as days began to pass, there would have been many, many devastating reminders of those who were gone.


Back to Work, by Emily Benson

The idea of George heading back to his shop is almost unthinkable.


Teddy Lupin, by reallycorking

Meanwhile, Harry also would have suddenly been the godfather of an orphan he’d never met. Surely one of his first orders of business upon leaving Hogwarts would have been to seek out little Teddy.


by Lisa Villella

And of course Harry must have had to tell the story of his journey hundreds of times. It’s not hard to imagine the first, most dramatic retelling being for Ginny.


Sextet Ice Cream, by Marta T

But time passed, as it always does, and while never forgotten, the wounds would have begun to heal. And with the weight of the world finally lifted from the shoulders of these kids – still teenagers, but who never really got to be – it must have been nice to finally, finally pass some unburdened time with dear friends.

(by Marta T)


Contentment, by Mudblood428

Harry would of course have proposed to Ginny before long.


The Headmaster's Office, by NicoPony

And of course, by fall another year would have been starting up at Hogwarts. With a new portrait added to the headmaster’s study – a decision we know Harry had a hand in.


The Banes of Her Existence, by Vizen

And once McGonagall became headmistress, it’s not hard to imagine those couple of portraits in her office driving her just a biiit crazy.

(by Vizen)


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, by Marta T

One thing we do know is that Hermione returned for her seventh year at Hogwarts, and would of course have been in Ginny’s class for NEWTs. What a fun, stress-free year that must have been.

(by Marta T)


Moving Forward, by Emily Benson

And while we know George never got over the loss of his twin, it’s not hard to imagine that Lee Jordan might have eventually joined his friend at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. The two must have had some lighthearted fun together, at times.


Before the Wedding, by Sahin Düzgün

And of course, does anybody really think for an instant that Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione wouldn’t have had a double wedding? It’s fun to imagine Ron and Ginny enjoying a moment together before the ceremony.


To Marry a Weasley, by Mudblood428

It’s fun to imagine the ceremony itself too, of course.


Young Love, by reallycorking

And as the young lovebirds took their first steps into their new lives together, I’m sure they were most looking forward to a nice, calm, normal life together. And ready to begin handing things off, to a new generation.


25 Responses to “Harry Potter Off Camera: The Aftermath”

  1. Oh sweet Merlin… Josie, I think this may be my favorite page on the entire Companion. I was tearing up through most of it, and reallycorking’s drawing of Teddy was too heartbreakingly perfect! Thank you for this page, it really is a fantastic epilogue to the series.

  2. This is amazing!!! Beautiful art and great insights, as usual. It’s good to hear from you again, Josie.

  3. This page is a great example of why I love the Companion.
    I love the humor in McGonagall sitting between Snape and Dumbledore in the Headmaster’s office. Especially before a Quidditch match. :)
    And while I’m sure Hermione and Ginny loved being in the same year at Hogwarts, I doubt it was very stress-free for Hermione, who would still want top marks and (I’m sure) believed that she was behind on everything. I hope she got an O in Defense Against the Dark Arts!

  4. Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures. I love the idea that Florian might have re-opened! I was always under the impression in the books he disappeared for good, but we don’t really know.

    Funny to think of Hermione driving Ginny crazy with a study schedule for her too?

  5. Nice to see you updating again. I always loved your interpretation of the books, on- and off-page. :)

  6. I’ve seen this picture of Minerva and the portraits before, thanks for including it here! And I absolutely loved George and Lee!!

  7. I may have teared up a bit at the picture of George returning to WWW without Fred. I personally detest the idea of a double wedding with Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, but that might have to do with many horrible fanfictions having the double-wedding as a plot-line.

  8. Great pictures; love Vizen’s especially. If you count “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” as canon, then we do know that McGonagall become headmistress. There’s a note in the intro saying something about the manuscript being used by permission of Headmistress McG.

  9. That picture of George re-entering the shop is tough. I find myself wondering what it would have been like just getting back to Diagon Alley? I can easily imagine Lee Jordan at the shop with George, but I understand Ron was there for a while before joining Harry as an Auror. Lee would probably have done play-by-play of quidditch matches on Wizarding Wireless. Maybe become the voice of the Cannons? Maybe see the Cannons become a new quidditch power after years of relegation in the lowest tier?

    My favorite pictures are those at the top, of Ginny and Harry just holding each other, of Hermione and Ron recognizing their shared love at last as real. While I am sure Harry would have given Ginny a full account of the year after leaving Bill and Fleur’s wedding, I have a hard time imagining Ron and Hermione either sitting there looking so beatific as that. I suppose Ron himself would have told her, with Harry and Hermione present, about his departure and return. Harry would then have resumed the narrative describing Ron’s rescue and destruction of the Horcrux locket. Ron would have held Ginny, along with Bill and Fleur, to strict secrecy about his leaving before Christmas.

    Those are all really great pictures. I hope more artists do more aftermath pictures. This is a wonderful time to imagine. I wonder if MartaT’s picture at Florian’s is a reunion with Luna and Neville? Also, after that picture of Andromeda Tonks on another page, she should get some pictures of happy times with Teddy and the Potters together. And Mrs Longbottom. She should show up, proud of her grandson.

  10. Excellent epilougue Josie.
    I would like to see some drawings of what may have happened to Hagrid. I can see him carrying on as COMC Professor, and many more mishaps due to his “horrifying creature” love.

  11. I found some of the pix quite emotional, too…and loved the one of baby Teddy with his godfather. It is nearly overwhelming to think of what life would have been like after it all…
    Great selection of pix!

  12. Thanks all! Your various suggestions for drawings are excellent – the challenge is that as far as I’m aware, none of them exist. That’s always the challenge in building these pages. Now, if you can convince one of our artists to draw one of these scenes, then we’ll have something. ;)

  13. Updates are back after one year hiatus, welcome back, Josie :)

  14. Billie, I don’t really have any pictures of Harry and the Dursleys when he was little. There are lots of the type that are here – him solo in his cupboard and that type of thing. But for whatever reason most artists seem to prefer showing his isolation, I think.

    Jose Lopes, thanks! I hope I don’t get your hopes up too much – I expect updates to be sparse more or less permanently. But I’ve enjoyed posting these past few days, and I’ll keep coming back from time to time.

  15. I just reread my comments about Harry and Ginny in the Flaw in the Plan chapter. I stand by them. But I DO see their reunion occurring shortly after arising from well deserved rest. The picture by Loleia that opens this group is just as I imagine the scene would be. Ginny holding him, because they really are together now; nothing can tear them apart. No more obstacles or regrets. Harry holding her, stroking that beautiful hair, smelling the flowery scent of it that he’s loved for so long. Holding her close, she’s the most precious person in is life now. They don’t have to let each other go, again. These kids, 17 going on 18, and 16 going on 17, so much like Harry’s parents at the same point, but without the shadow of death. They’ve already walked through that valley, and came out together, alive.

    Of all the things in the Epilogue chapter, my favorite is how Ginny and Harry interact with their children, all three of them. I also like their own interactions watching the train leave with James (that pistol!) and trusting Albus, so like Harry on his first Express ride. Ginny tells Harry he (Albus) will be all right. Nineteen years later, they are still working for each other as well as their children. It’s superb.

    Here is the beginning of that new chapter. Thanks for that picture, Josie, and Loleia.

  16. That sentence in the first paragraph should read, “Holding her close, she’s the most precious person in *his* life now.” (Asterislks just to show the correction.)

  17. I am not sure there would be a double wedding. Ron needs a day where he and his bride are the absolute center of the scene. Stars of the day. And they can’t do that if Harry is getting married too. Ron and Hermione marry first. I suspect Harry and Ginny want a bit more courting time. Besides, can you really not imagine Molly pulling out all the stops for THE wedding of the century with her beloved only girl child and the baby of the bunch to the Chosen One, savior of the wizarding world? Oh yeah, mega fancy BIG wedding. I would also hope Harry and Ginny got counseling for PTSD, grief and pre-marital. I would like to think both couples were life bonded, magically too….
    Josie, kudos to you. Hope you put up a page with post companion updates to let us know when you first read Harry Potter to your child…haha. Well done. You have a heart for this. Thank you

  18. I hope Harry made Ginny sign a prenup. What with his parent’s AND Sirius’ gold.

  19. Kc, I agree with you.
    Prongs97, I rather suspect that the only prenuptial arrangement needs to be that Ginny manage the household finances. She is probably more knowledgeable about them anyway.

    We don’t know, nor can we infer, just what the timing was for their engagement and marriage following the war and immediate aftermath. Certainly in the case of Hermione and Ron, Hermione went back to school to complete her NEWTS. Ginny had another year. I assume there was some sort of credit for students who had been at Hogwarts during the DH year, so she surely wouldn’t have had to re-take a year.

    But again, weddings might not have occurred too very fast. There is some other healing, like the counseling you suggest, Kc. And simply time, time heals much. Both Harry and Ginny know they can count on each other, so the trust is there.

  20. Oh, on those last comments, Hermione also has to get her parents back from Australia, and make sure their memories are whole, again. Even with magic, it takes time to do that, to be together (at least for her sake, because she can remember what happened).

  21. I love this so much!!! I thought the site was pretty much finished with any updates when I discovered it (around July/August 2012). I was surprised and happy that you did an After The Books off-camera!

    I agree with some of the previous commenters that H/G and R/Hr probably wouldn’t have a double wedding.

    I love the picture of by Marta T of Hermione and Ginny’s NEWT year. She just captured the essence of their characters in that picture. Also, the one by Lisa Villella of Harry retelling his adventure to Ginny—I can so picture that happening!

  22. @ Ken Grabach—-I just read your comment and when I came to your mention of the kids being 17 going on 18 and 16 going on 17, I immediately pictured that scene from the Sound of Music with Leisl and Rolf singing “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”. ;)

  23. @Anna, that occurred to me too, but only after I wrote it. The situation is so much different, in many ways. “Older and wiser… telling you what to do?” That doesn’t sound like Harry and Ginny, does it?

  24. And I had thought the childhood page was as emotional as a webpage could be… I cried my whole way through this. So many feelings… It’s amazing to see how their lives went on as well as ours after the books, but they’re still there for us whenever we need them. Harry Potter will never die, for it’s a story that has a life of its own, and which the fandom will always remain loyal to. Josie, I’m so grateful you updated the site, this is my HP oracle and you are my HP master, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for all the insight and the intense emotions your work (and the work of all these awesome artists) got me through.

  25. I don’t know why, but I thought I’d read somewhere that none of the Trio went back to Hogwarts after the war, which always really bothered me. I *hated* the idea that Hermione never properly graduated, so I’m happy to learn that I was wrong (especially since it meant she got to spend the year with Ginny – I love that idea!)
    On another note, I’m glad I finally found a place here where the comments are still open so I can thank you properly for this wonderful website, Josie. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. It’s rekindled my love for the series – I’ve even started doing fanart of my own again, something I haven’t done in years (If I get the chance I might take a crack at some of the missing scenes you guys suggested here :)

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