Harry Potter Off Camera: The Next Generation

It took time, but after Voldemort’s defeat the wizarding world would have begun to slowly settle into its new, brighter place. This took lots of work, of course, on the part of those who had fought for it. But it also allowed Harry and his friends to settle down in a way they had never truly known – to design lives around their families and their dreams and just anything other than Voldemort. Here is a look at how our artists think those years might have gone.

Godfather, by Catching-Smoke

Harry’s first experience with Teddy would have also been his first time in his life being around a baby, and it’s not hard to imagine him being awkward. But as Teddy grew, Harry would have gotten more comfortable caring for him. Not that a first child doesn’t confuse the best of us at times. :)


Morning, by reallycorking

And before long Harry and Ginny would have a son of their own – little James.


Too Many Ankles, by reallycorking

And though they waited a couple of years longer than Harry and Ginny did, Hermione and Ron soon were pregnant with a baby, too.


Ron and his Baby, by Wacca

We know the trio’s faults well enough to imagine what their shortcomings as parents might be, of course. But it’s not hard to imagine Ron being a pretty great dad on the whole.

(by Wacca)


Hermione and Baby, by Wacca

Hermione, too.

(by Wacca)


Family Matters, by Catching-Smoke

And as the kids grew…


Harry Potter's Puppet Pals, by gerre

…their families would undoubtedly have spent joyous times together… (So it was George and Teddy who invented the Potter Puppet Pals!)

(by gerre)


Ron with His Kids, by Marta T

…the young parents would have passed on their favorite childhood pastimes…

(by Marta T)


…their children would have made playtime fun out of their childhood stories… (artist’s caption: “Oh yeah? ESPELLIMUS!”)

(by gerre)


Home for the Holidays, by Mudblood428

…holidays would have been spent with blood and chosen families alike…


Potter Family, by Marta T

…and before anyone knew it, it would have been time for the next generation to start heading off to Hogwarts, too.

(by Marta T)


Teddy Lupin, by Caladan

The wars would never leave them, of course. There would be reminders everywhere – and for some, like Teddy, the losses of the wars would come to define who they were.

(by Caladan)


In Her Room, by Mudblood428

But ultimately the new generation was able to grow up in as happy and safe a world as their parents could ever have hoped for.


Potter Kids, by Roby-boh

“The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years….”


Best Friends, by LMRourke

“….All was well.”


11 Responses to “Harry Potter Off Camera: The Next Generation”

  1. Lovely art, so nice to imagine all the joy and fun! Thanks to all!

  2. Oh, I love that you ended with the last few lines from the series itself. I may or may not have teared up. DANG IT.

    And the Potter Puppet Pal reference is just the best! Considering that we know that George was considerably more somber after Fred’s passing, I love that gerre still decided to have this moment happen.

  3. Great compilation. Thanks! :)

  4. Oh man! that image of Teddy at his parents’ graves just made me tear up. Fantastic page, thanks so much for this!

  5. Beautiful art! I often think about the next generation when I finish reading Deathly Hallows. It’s nice to imagine how the trio would grow and continue living a live that doesn’t involve Voldemort or death in general as much as it did in their years growing up.

    For some reason Hermione is the one I’m most curious about. I’d like to read books about her life after the Battle of Hogwarts. How she continues her studies, all the things she pursues after that and eventually how she becomes a mother. We’ve always known what Harry was thinking about in his head, how he was feeling… I’d like that from Hermione too. She’s just so interesting (to me anyway).

  6. I hate to see it all end. Josie, I hope you get to relive Harry Potter with your boys. This site will be a true gem to them and to all of the Harry Potter next gen

  7. Such beautiful images!!! I love trying to imagine what life must have been like for these characters after the war. Full of the pain and loss of their loved ones but now free from the terror of Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

  8. Nice to see a new page, with new artwork. The Next Generation certainly deserve their due! I really like the Caladan image of Teddy visiting his parents’ grave. Does he ever have hair color other than blue? Why not multi-colored, or a pattern? Something not achievable by dye? Just wondering. Nice job finding enough imagery to make a page on this topic.

  9. Hi, I’m new to this site and firstly I must say that this artwork is amazing!! I really loved the ESPELLIMUS part… So cute! And Caladan’s picture of Teddy made me cry :'(

    Another thing I wanted to ask you is, how can I send you an idea for an essay? The problem is I can’t figure out how to put comments on other pages and it would be irrelevant here. Please help me out. :)

  10. Hi Upelly, I’m not sure if you’re still checking this – I’m not on here super often any more. But just in case, you can email me at josie@hpcompanion.com. Thanks!

  11. Hi, just stumbled upon this site and have to say.. AMAZING work.
    Thank you Josie and all the artists for such a great collection, and quotes to go with them.
    As another person said, I loved the way you ended it with the last words from the series, seems so complete :)

    Kudos for the great website!!! Can’t thank you enough for the hard work you put in to get this all together

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