Luna Lovegood

chapter ten of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

After a hectic morning, the Order finally accompanies Harry and his friends to King’s Cross, and they take the Hogwarts Express to school. On the train, Harry runs into Cho and Malfoy, but more importantly meets Luna Lovegood – a fourth-year who seems quite crazy. At school, then, Harry notices winged horses pulling the carriages, which Luna apparently can see as well.

Exuberance, by Jenny Dolfen

The great black dog gave a joyful bark and gamboled around them, snapping at pigeons, and chasing its own tail.


Luna Lovegood, by deeterhi

The girl beside the window looked up.


by reallycorking

Harry knew at once why Neville had chosen to pass this compartment by. The girl gave off an aura of distinct dottiness.


Harry and Luna, by Chantelle

The girl called Luna watched them over her upside-down magazine, which was called The Quibbler. She did not seem to need to blink as much as normal humans.


by reallycorking

“Mimbulus mimbletonia,” [Neville] said proudly…. “It’s really, really rare.”


Um... Bad Time? by gerre

At that precise moment the door of their compartment slid open.
“Oh… hello, Harry,” said a nervous voice. “Um… bad time?”
Harry wiped the lenses of his glasses with his Trevor-free hand. A very pretty girl with long, shiny black hair was standing in the doorway smiling at him: Cho Chang, the Seeker on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

(by gerre)


by Amanda Grazini

Harry… would have liked Cho to discover him sitting with a group of very cool people laughing their heads off at a joke he had just told; he would not have chosen to be sitting with Neville and Loony Lovegood, clutching a toad and dripping in Stinksap.


Bemused, by prettyannamoon

Ron stared at the cover [of the Quibbler] with his mouth hanging open for a few seconds, then looked around at Ginny for some kind of explanation, but Ginny had stuffed her knuckles in her mouth to stop herself giggling.


Thestral, by Heather Campbell

Harry… did a double take. The coaches were no longer horseless.


Ron Looks Alarmed as Harry Insists Something's Pulling the "Horseless" Carriage, by Drew Graham

“The horse things pulling the carriages!” said Harry impatiently; they were, after all, about three feet from the nearest one; it was watching them with empty white eyes. Ron, however, gave Harry a perplexed look.


I Can See Them Too, by reallycorking

“Oh yes,” said Luna, “I’ve been able to see them ever since my first day here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am.”


about the chapter


Something You May Not Have Noticed

One thing that’s sort of funny about all the wizarding children having to catch the train at King’s Cross every year is that, unlike most wizarding destinations, King’s Cross doesn’t seem to have any fireplaces connected to the Floo Network. It’s easy enough for kids like Hermione to get there, since they have Muggle parents and are used to traveling via subway and so forth; but children in wizarding families, like the Weasleys, wouldn’t be used to managing it. In fact we see the Weasleys take taxis one year, borrow Ministry cars one year, drive themselves one year, and in this case, walk there from Grimmauld Place. But most of these options wouldn’t be available to your typical family. It’s a funny sort of thing, that’s just never fully explained.

The Wizarding World

I absolutely love the articles Harry reads in The Quibbler. Just the phrase in the Sirius Black article, “Notorious Mass Murderer OR Innocent Singing Sensation?” has got to be worth the cover price alone. Given the size of the wizarding world, I can’t help but wonder how many people actually buy the tabloid magazine? It doesn’t seem to have an international distribution, given its articles about Cornelius Fudge, the Tutshill Tornados, and Sirius Black that wouldn’t have much appeal abroad. Although to be fair, we’ve met our fair share of “loony” wizards by now… perhaps The Quibbler should take some responsibility for just how crazy magical folk can tend to be.

I also find it incredibly interesting that Neville describes his Mimbulus mimbletonia plant as having come from “Assyria” – a Middle Eastern region that, at least in the Muggle world, isn’t often referred to by this name (though it was once the name of an empire, centuries ago). It’s one of those offhanded comments Rowling likes to throw in that almost make my brain explode with questions – for instance, is Assyria still a country in the wizarding world? And for that matter, what happens to wizarding governments in general when Muggle borders do change – do they change as well, or would they typically remain the same? It’s not hard to conceive of a magical world map where respective Ministries of Magic control very different pieces of land than do their modern, Muggle counterparts. After all, a change in Muggle government isn’t necessarily a reason to change wizarding governance, as well.
Do you think Rowling would draw me a world map if I asked her to? ;)

Life at Hogwarts

Pansy Parkinson goes out of her way to make the lives of the Gryffindors miserable, and it’s rare that Hermione mentions her without describing her as a “cow.” And yet, Dumbledore apparently made her a prefect this year. It took me by surprise when I first read it, but then I started thinking about his other options in Slytherin. Millicent Bulstrode? Ugh. Daphne Greengrass? We don’t know anything about her (or any other girls in the class), but let’s just say that having Pansy chosen as prefect over you isn’t exactly a stellar recommendation.

The Boy Who Lived

I love that Harry meets Luna on the train – clearly a girl who will believe any story, no matter how outlandish – and then runs smack into the physical manifestation of her stories; he can see the thestrals now, just like her, and his friends can’t. The juxtaposition, along with Luna’s line that he’s “just as sane as I am,” is forcing Harry to broaden his outlook a little bit. And it’s fair to say that he takes Luna just a bit more seriously than his friends do after this experience.

Something to Remember

We don’t know much about Sturgis Podmore, but it seems strange that he would simply not show up to escort the children of the Order to King’s Cross, since he was supposed to be in their guard. Mad-Eye assumes he’s just become unreliable, but there’s another explanation that we’ll learn later, and that should be much more of a cause for concern.

The Final Word

“I don’t know where she came from but I really like Luna – really fun to write. She’s slightly out of step in many ways but she’s the anti-Hermione. Hermione’s so logical and inflexible in so many ways and Luna is likely to believe 10 impossible things before breakfast.”–J.K. Rowling, June 2003

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  1. Love the thestral by Heather Campbell, it’s just how I pictured them. Regarding students traveling to the train, couldn’t they side-along apparate with their parents?

  2. There’s a song by The Murmurs called Genius. The Chorus reminds me of Luna:
    “She’s kinda freaky, She’s kinda weird
    She’s kinda freaky, But I don’t know
    I think she’s a genius”

    Josie has already hinted at how Harry’s demeanor at being caught in a compartment with Luna and Neville might be different in the future.

    Might there be a connection between the look of Thestrals and Jo’s stand on eating disorders?

    Okay, the Thestrals can only be seen by some people. What about noise? Don’t they make any or can those not be heard, either?

  3. Unless the floo network were to deliver people directly to platform 9 3/4, I think maintaining secrecy would become very difficult, with such a large number of Wizarding families suddenly exiting one room without having entered. Although I’m sure someone could direct them, as the ticket inspector tells students when to go back through the barrier. Still, I’m betting King’s Cross is suspicious enough on September first, without the magical transportation of students’ families.

    I’ve also wondered to what degree (if any) wizard governments are involved in Muggle territory wars, though I never caught the significance of “Assyria.”

    Wonderful painting by Jenny Dolfen, by the way.

  4. LOVE reallycorking’s Neville – he looks so sweet! Luna is my absolute favorite character of the series!! She’s just so awesome. And I agree with Caroline, the smaller families probably just Side-Along Apparate – after all, most families don’t have seven kids.

  5. Hi, I’m new to the site but I think its absolutely brilliant, I’ve already read through the previous books and I partucularly like the ‘Something you may not have noticed’ sections because its always draws my attention to something I completly missed. Luna Lovegood is one of my fav characters simply becuase she’s so wonderfuly odd and unique which is a fantastic quality in any person in my opinion. I also love the whole mystery about the thestrals in this chapter and how Harry wonders if he’s seeing things. Keep up the great work, can’t wait til the next chapter is uploaded

  6. Luna is such a great character and Evanna Lynch does a great job playing her in the movies. I also like reallycorking’s Neville, it has such a natural quality to it. I’d like to see how reallycorking would draw Luna, since they are two of my favorite characters in the books.

  7. To those who have commented on the 9 3/4 transportation issue, it’s a question I’ve wondered about a lot. I’m sure if there were going to be fireplaces, they’d be on the platform. But we’ve talked before about how Side-Along Apparition seems in some places to be an “emergencies-only” kind of thing (except for Dumbledore, ’cause he’s extra cool), so I’m not sure that would be used… maybe. But no matter how most families get there, security seems like it would be a big challenge.

    wizardinventor, there is a drawing of Luna by reallycorking on this very page! Third from the top. ;)

  8. wizardinventor: I agree, Evanna Lynch does an awesome job! She’s one of only three actors I picture when I read the series, the other two being Lucius Malfoy and Dobby.

    Also, concerning the means most wizard families get there, I always assumed they took a Portkey to a deserted alleyway or such in London, then walk the remaining way to King’s Cross.

    Kim: I like your point on if you could hear a thestral even if you couldn’t see them. I may be wrong, but I don’t think they make any vocal noises in the books (they do in the movies).

  9. Roonil Wazlib, I believe JKR also says she pictures Evanna Lynch as Luna. I agree with you on Lucius Malfoy as well. He fits the bill perfectly. I really love Luna’s character. She’s got a lot of hidden depths, and while she seems ditsy on the outside, she’s a real firecracker. Like Neville, she really comes into her own in the final books.

  10. it’s too bad they cut the entire chapter and luna’s intro to the trio out of the film I wonder how evanna lynch would have done that scene

  11. I must say I love all the art in this chapter!
    I think that fact that there are 7 kids makes a difference to how they get to King’s Cross.
    Evanna Lynch is a brilliant Luna! No one else could play her. (And I’ve got to stop using words like brilliant in front of my friends.)
    Hmmm… no huge debates this chapter.

  12. I find the historical/political implications of the Wizarding World odd too. National anthems are sung at Quidditch events, for example — Muggle national anthems. Think of Ireland’s — A Soldier’s Song, which was written during the Irish Civil War and has absolutely NO relevance to wizards. Same with Britain’s own God Save the Queen — I doubt most of the wizarding world cares much about Muggle royalty. What does national patriotism MEAN to wizards?

    And what happens during Muggle wars? The world wars produced an enormous amount of privation for many different nations. Did British, German and Japanese wizards dodge bombing raids? Were they subject to rationing of any sort? If British Muggles couldn’t get hold of bananas or rubber, could wizards? And more interesting, what DON’T wizards know about Muggle politics and history? From the books it appears they know absolutely nothing — despite the fact that the Muggles have done one heckuva job trying to louse up all civilization. If there were a nuclear war, would wizards even NOTICE? And if they would, what are they doing about the possibility?

    One of the reasons I’m sorry we never got to see what a Muggle Studies class looks like is that it seems to me that Muggles can do a LOT to affect wizard society without even knowing it exists — especially since so many wizards are half- or muggle-born. Yet we see no indication of this. In Harry’s first year (’91), was there any muggleborn student worried about his Dad or brother stationed in Iraq?

  13. Jennifer: I remember JKR saying in an interview that Dumbledore defeating Grindelwald in 1945 helped end WWII. So at the least, wizards may have been involved in that war. :-)

  14. Jennifer, thanks for taking my thoughts to the next level – very interesting. One thing I would say about your Iraq question is that, until the last book, Rowling wasn’t setting out to depict the stories in any particular year. The only reference to time placement was the cake at Nick’s Deathday party, and that was a reference to the year she wrote the chapter. As it turns out, the timeline places book one in 1991-1992, but she actually wrote most of it before those years even took place.

    Plus, Desert Storm was pretty much over before fall of 1991, wasn’t it? And that’s when Harry starts at Hogwarts. ;)

    Roonil Wazlib, there are two quotes referencing what you mention. The first was the TLC/Mugglenet interview:

    “JKR: I’m going to tell you as much as I told someone earlier who asked me. You know Owen who won the competition to interview me? He asked about Grindelwald [pronounced “Grindelvald”]. He said, “Is it coincidence that he died in 1945,” and I said no. It amuses me to make allusions to things that were happening in the Muggle world, so my feeling would be that while there’s a global Muggle war going on, there’s also a global wizarding war going on.

    ES: Does he have any connection to —

    JKR: I have no comment to make on that subject.

    MA: Do they feed each other, the Muggle and wizarding wars?

    JKR: Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Mm.”

    And the second was her “cub reporter” interview, given the same day (the day after the release of HBP):

    OJ: Thank you. Are you implying that Dumbledore had a hand in ending the Second World War [JKR laughs] by his defeat of the Dark wizard Grindelwald –

    JKR: In 1945.

    OJ: – in 1945?

    JKR: I may well be implying that.

    One note I’d add is that in the first of these interviews, she also categorically states that Grindelwald is dead, so obviously at least some of her intentions behind his character changed after these interviews as he was alive in the next book, 2 years later. But it’s interesting to see her thought process all the same.

  15. You’re right about the dates, but you know what I mean, I’m sure! :) It made me think about British colonialism as well — there are several wizards in Harry’s year of non-British extraction, like Dean Thomas and the Patils. Before 1947, there was a tradition of British families in India and Africa sending their kids to be educated in Britain (mostly so they wouldn’t catch tropical diseases, which doesn’t seem a problem for wizards but might have had an effect on at least a few Muggleborns). Or were there once competing schools in India for British wizards and Indian wizards, with their undoubtedly different cultures and ways of doing magic?

    Given all the stories of Lawrence of Arabia types (he was only the last of a long line of eccentrics), were there any wizards who (like Lockhart claimed to do) travelled the world, lived and worked with wizards of other cultures? There are bits and pieces in the charity books. But I think a story from the point of view of a wizard who traveled with, say, Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus would be interesting.

  16. Many wizards live among Muggles as well, I think, so Muggle wars would effect them, right?
    Interesting to wonder if a war would have started with Muggles had Voldemort not been stopped. All the Muggle deaths must have been alarming, and when people start to wonder what happened one thing could lead to another…

  17. I find it remarkable how quickly Luna became a part of Harry’s circle of friends. In the previous books there was only one mention of the surname and Harry didnt know anything about her. She becomes the perfect counter for Hermiones logical and sceptical view of life.

  18. About the governments thing, it definitely appears that wizarding countries are not always the same as muggle countries. For example, the lack of an Irish ministry of magic at the Quidditch world cup, with the British ministry of magic there instead, along with the Bulgarian ministry, and the presence of Irish characters like Seamus at Hogwarts, hints that unlike the muggle Republic of Ireland, the wizarding Republic of Ireland did not separate from Britain in 1922. In addition, England is mentioned as losing to Transylvania in the Quidditch world cup, despite the muggle Transylvania being not a country but a historical region of Romania. (Although Charlie is refered to as being in Romania. Hmmm. Maybe the other part of Romania that isn’t in Transylvania is considered ‘Romania’ in the wizarding world; Transylvania and Romania are two separate countries).

  19. Inky Squirrel, I’ve always assumed that there was a public Floo grate in Diagon Alley, perhaps in the Leaky Cauldron. Many families would Floo to Diagon Alley and then walk to King’s Cross. However, it would be pretty crowded on 1 September, so anyone who had an alternative means of transport would probably take it.

  20. On Floo Network: I beleve there are various ports around the world that wizards can travel to. It seems like Floo is there most common way of traveling. They say passing the apparition is very hard and you have to get a permit to use a portkey (as Fudge says at the Ministry later). So I expect there are Floo Ports like we have Gas Stations.

    On The Goverments Regonial Control: Why would it change. There has obviously been this Pure Blood ideology for centuries. So there are many MANY wizards who would throw a fit about adapting to muggles. In there mind that would be like us changing to fit animals regions.

    On Harry: I really hate Harry’s attitude at times in this book. Neville has always been a friend to Harry and just b/c of some pretty girl he is ashamed of him. His attitude is quite (understandably so) rotten.

  21. I think the two worlds have to feed into each other, considering that there’s only one all-magic village in Britain, and all the stuff about how without Muggleborns and half-bloods humans with magic would die out.

    It’s a fun coincidence that JKR says Luna can believe ten impossible things before breakfast, while Alice in this years Wonderland film practices believing in six.

  22. Presumably there’s a proviso in the International Statute of Secrecy that if a wizard or witch falls in love with a Muggle (or simply comes to trust them) and wants to tell them they’re a wizard/witch, they’re allowed to without being arrested for “performing magic in the presence of a Muggle”. Wouldn’t this conflict a bit with civil liberties, as to avoid Ministry guys sweeping down on you, you’d have to go to them beforehand and say “I want to reveal the magical world to this person” and maybe have to wait while the MoM vetted them? Perhaps there’s a rule that it’s okay as long as you tell them before you show them, and it’s done in private.

  23. About national anthems: in book four, when Moody puts the students under the imperius curse, then Dean Thomas, under the curse, sings the national anthem while running around in the classroom. So the wizards have some kind of knowledge of the national anthem.

  24. Don’t they take the carriages back after the end of the year as well? In which case, Harry should have seen the thestrals at the end of his fourth year? I think I remember it saying at the end of book four that they were waiting for the carriages… Mistake?

  25. Anna, I believe JKR said something to the effect that she didn’t want to introduce a new mystery at the end of book 4, so she decided that the death would have to sink in before you could see the thestrals. She did have them planned before book 5, though, they appear in the companion books that came out between GOF and OOTP.

  26. TH: Ah, but Dean is Muggle-Born! So he probably sings the national anthem he knows best! It’s possible that Ron was thinking “what the heck is he singing?”
    I also wonder…why don’t wizrds do things like cure cancer? Because I think wizards could definetly cure things like cancer or leukemia. So why dn’t they do that secretly? Y’know, just to be kind hearted?

  27. I have also always wondered about why harry didnt see the thestrals at the end of book 4, I like the explaination from JK though. I love moments like that in the book when you realise that she could write 200 books and still keep coming up with things we didnt know about the wizarding world. Harrys visit to the ministry was the same, when you think “wow I didnt even think about them needing a department for THAT”

  28. Also, I had a thought when reading the
    comments about how the students get to kings cross. We know that hogwarts is somewhere up north so it must be quite annoying for students living in Scotland to need to travel down to London only to come back again. Some students probably live within 50 miles, I wonder if they would be allowed to make their own way there?

  29. Blaire, I don’t think wizards think of distance the same way Muggles do. Remember they can instantly Apparate or Floo anywhere in the country. So I think the Hogwarts Express isn’t so much a mode of transportation as a rite of passage – to get to Hogwarts, you take the Hogwarts Express. The distance is irrelevant; it’s just what you do. Even if you live in Hogsmeade.

  30. I find it interesting about when the mugle bordders change. Whenever Britain is mentioned, Ireland follows. So is Ireland still a part of wizard Britain, unlike the muggle world?

  31. I know this discussion has been closed for almost a month, but I was wondering about the thestrals and why Harry didn’t see them before. Didn’t Voldemort murder Lily in front of Harry when he was little? Maybe you have to remember the death to see a thestral? And also, can you still see thestrals if, say, your dog died? Or does it have to be a person?

    P.S. I’m new to this site, and I’d like to thank it for making me fall in love with the Harry Potter books all over again.

  32. Hi lemondrop, welcome and thanks for the kind words! There’s a great quote from Jo about the thestrals, and you’ll find it in the ‘Final Word’ section at the bottom of this page (just before the comments begin):

  33. I only have to mention one thing, because it is the one main inconsistency I noticed in the series. At the end of Goblet of Fire, Harry mentions riding back in the horseless carriages “Hermione turned away, smiling at the horseless carriages which were now trundling up the drive…”. But since he has already seen Cedric die, shouldn’t he already be able to see the thestrals?? My guess is that JKR just missed that point, there was a pretty significant time gap between book 4 & 5. But that always drove me crazy!

  34. Jessica Taylor, you’re not the first to wonder that. Check out the comment directly above yours for more on that topic.

  35. Bluedove, not a coincidence. The line “believe six impossible things before breakfast” appears in Through the Looking-Glass, which was published in 1871. JKR was certainly familiar with Alice, and her quote, though exaggerated, was certainly deliberate.

  36. I have thrre comments for this chpater.

    1. At the star of the chapter, Harry dreams that Ron and Hermione are wearing crowns. So, Weasly is Harry’s king?

    2. Neville mentions that he could do with a new Remembrall since he lost the old one ages ago. In Book 1 during their first flying lesson, Neville did lose his Remembrall when his broom accidentily took off. Malfoy took it, and Harry got it back for Neville but I don’t remember Harry giving it back to Neville.

    3. Does Stubby Boardman really look enough like Sirius that Doris Purkiss thought Sirius was Stubby when Sirius’s picture was printed in the paper?

  37. Jeremy, I’m pretty sure the crowns on Ron and Hermione’s heads in his dream was because they had just been made prefects.

    Josie, to expand on your explanation of why they use the Hogwarts Express, Jo has also said that she loves trains. When she was thinking up how the students would get to Hogwarts, she says she immediately thought of a train ride because of her love for them, even though she could have thought up some magical way of getting them there. I think I actually learned that on this site x]

    And Wevi, how would wizards cure cancer without going noticed? Even if they somehow came up with a potion to cure cancer completely, I think they would find it difficult to convince Muggles it’s a normal medical cure. Muggles are very skeptical, especially when it comes to practices of medicine, and I can see them shoving aside any supposed “cure” when it could in fact be harmful to their bodies (even though *we* would know it isn’t harmful at all). And if they were to treat cancer individually, how would they keep how they were doing it a secret? They could Stupefy the patient, cure them, then Enervate them, but they would want to know exactly what you did. Wouldn’t you want to know how you were easily being cured of cancer somehow in the matter of seconds? There’s just too much hassle. Plus, as Hagrid states in PS, wizards and witches stay well away from Muggle affairs, because otherwise everyone would be clamoring for magical solutions to all their problems. I think the chance of getting found out somehow scares most wizard-kind away, so they just stay away. It’s a little cruel, yes, but they feel they have to do it.

  38. RE: The Final Word

    Its even more interesting when you consider that Luna landed in Ravenclaw when Hermione did not.

  39. Jen, I have always through Hermione should have been in ravenclaw. While she is brave, her first quality, and most expressive quality throughout all the books is cleverness. Cho and Cederic were also brave, so how does the sorting hat distinguish which traits “stand out” the most in an 11 year old?

    As for the MOM, I wonder how far back this type of organized government goes. For one, it doesnt seem that the Minister is elected (I could be wrong, but this was my impression) so is this a form of government that has a peaceful change of power without the people’s vote (that would nearly be a first!) also, are all MOMs governed the same? Could one be a monarchy based on a pure-blood family, or one based around communism so that families like the Weasleys would have the same standard of living as the Malfoys? Being a politically-minded person, this is a very interesting topic for me!

  40. reagan, though I don’t have any opinion on the political aspects of your comment, I have something to add about the Sorting Hat sorting Hermione into Gryffindor. I’m of the belief (and I take this from an interview that was done with J.K. Rowling, though she didn’t say this herself, just merely thought it was an interesting theory) that the Sorting Hat’s “voice” is actually the subconscious thoughts of the wearer. This could explain why Peter Pettigrew was sorted into Gryffindor, though he didn’t much resemble any of Gryffindor’s qualities, and why Severus Snape was sorted into Slytherin (though he turns out to be one of the bravest characters in the series). Peter probably met James, Sirius, and possibly Remus, on the train ride in, and wanted to “ride on their coat tails” and be protected by these coolest of people. Snape, of course, went in thinking he should be a Slytherin because that’s what his mother was in. When it comes to Hermione, I’m really not sure. On the train ride in she was talking about liking the idea of being in Ravenclaw, and didn’t think Gryffindor sounded too bad. I can’t remember if the boys were talking about what House they would like to be in, but I think it’s possible she thought they were more likely to be friends with her (because I think that’s what she really wanted most). She did say the Hat seriously considered putting her in Ravenclaw, but put her in Gryffindor in the end. This makes me think those were her actual thoughts, that she was seriously considering Ravenclaw to be a nice House, but decided to go with Gryffindor instead (subconsciously, of course). She couldn’t have seen what House the other boys would go into, cause she went before any of them. I think this would also coincide with Dumbledore saying, “sometimes I think we Sort too early…” (paraphrase). Children seem to often have ideas of themselves and what they are that aren’t always quite right, and you never truly see what they’re made of until further down the road, when they begin to make choices for themselves. Just look at Neville! The Sorting Hat ended up being right about him, but he didn’t really start to flourish until the D.A. in fifth year.

  41. To Blaire:

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I suspect that Rowling never thought of that question because she always had Harry travel to King’s Cross from somewhere in southern England (the Dursleys’ home, the Burrow, No. 12 Grimmauld Place, etc.).

    Ah, Luna Lovegood. A welcome relief from the gloom that fills much of this book – and how like her to not realize that Harry won’t find her statement that he’s as sane as she is all that reassuring!

  42. Didn’t Hermione at one point say the hat did consider putting her in Ravenclaw? Besides that, one can be brave in many ways, and to me Hermione showed that.

    About the national anthem, I just had some fun making up an anthem for the magic world. It would be nice if they had their own anthem.

  43. @ reagen

    Regarding Cedric, I think Cedric, whilst brave, more strongly represented the qualities for Hufflepuff (Prior to this book where the hat says its for all the rest) from PS the says Hufflepuffs are “just and loyal”, which is shown when he tells Harry what to do with the egg, takes Harry’s advice on what to do with Krum during the maze and then wanting to give Harry the cup as Harry saved his life twice during the third task, from GoF the hat says Hufflepuff chose “hard workers”; to be able to come up with a plan to defeat a dragon in a day he must have been a hard worker and in the end he chose “what is right” instead of “what is easy”.

    Regarding Cho, I think there is little to show her courage, returning to Hogwarts after Cedric’s death displayed a strength of character but not the courage the hat looks for. In terms of loyalty it is questionable considering harry says something about Hermione one day to make her decide he is not for her. So intelligence (and so Ravenclaw) was her strongest characteristic.

    In terms of the Sorting Hat’s choice for Hermione, I think the courage needed for the events in book 7, instead of sticking to the academic life of returning to Hogwarts (I know as a muggle-born she couldn’t have returned anyway, but she had already chosen to drop out of Hogwarts to help Harry at the end of Book 6) prove she was more brave than intelligent. Which says something considering how intelligent she is!

  44. I agree with you David, but i think of the housing debate a little bit differently. Hermione DEFINITELY has the requirements for Ravenclaw, but I think her bravery, or rather her determination/stubbornness (another side trait of Gryffindor) shows as well. There’s a glaring example in “The Midnight Duel” imo. To me a Ravenclaw would just be like “You shouldn’t do that, you’ll get us in trouble, etc, etc.” and be done with it. She does all that, but after she gets locked out of the tower what does she do? She FOLLOWS them, constantly reprimanding them and saying how she won’t be apart of it. We also see her quick temper from time to time especially when Ron is involved later in the books. Yes, she has Ravenclaw in her, but at times she follows EMOTION before logic. Setting Snape on fire, her crush on Lockhart in the beginning, arguing (and hexing) Ron constantly, punching Malfoy, setting up the DA. That’s how i think of it anyways. But that makes me think of something else to. How was PERCY a gryffindor?

  45. HentaiTenshi Percy was sorted into gryffindor because the rest of his family was sorted into the house as well, and I think the reason hermione didn’t get sorted in to ravenclaw is because she didn’t think in a logic way(if that makes sense) she only believed something if it has been proven right.remember in deathly hallows she refused to believe that the deathly hallows existed even though they did, just because a few people had seen them. Just my thoughts to the subject.:)

  46. Yeah that makes sense. I forget that the Sorting Hat places family as part of the decision. And I agree with your opinion on Hermione because she does come off like that most of the time, but wasn’t she the first one to get them started on the myth of The Chamber of Secrets? No one believed that existed (Binns got outright angry about it and told her off for it, right?) but she was positive there was something more to that. Which brings us the Polyjuice Potion adventure. lol.

  47. HentaiTashi I thought about that and the only thing I could come up with is that the chamber of secrets myth was based on real facts(taken from Hermione) and “The tale of the three brothers” was in a Childrens book and thats why she didn’t believe the hallows existed. Also when Harry and Luna where outside Ravenclaw common room(sorry if it’s spelled wrong) Luna gave an answer that wasn’t related to the question given to them and still ended up with being allowed to enter the common room, for some reason I think Hermione would try to answer the question that was given and not think about something clever as Luna did. I don’t know if that made sense at al:)

  48. sorry for the double post but I meant all in the end:)

  49. Nice stuff. Definitely worth thinking about. I wouldn’t mind a world map either…. What did the world look like in the 1600s when wizards went into hiding?
    I think I’ll check that.

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