The Woes of Mrs. Weasley

chapter nine of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

After a brief run-in with Lucius Malfoy, Harry returns to Grimmauld Place, where he soon learns that Ron and Hermione have been made prefects. An emotional evening, though, is capped when Harry runs into Mrs. Weasley, trying to face a boggart but crying as she sees her family members dead, one by one, and Harry goes off to bed thinking hard about all that’s going on.

Smooth Criminal, by MartinTenbones

Mr. Weasley broke off in mid-sentence. They had just reached the ninth-level corridor, and Cornelius Fudge was standing a few feet away from them, talking quietly to a tall man with sleek blond hair and a pointed, pale face.


In the Ministry, Lucius, by Heather Campbell

“I don’t think private matters between myself and the Minister are any concern of yours, Potter,” said Malfoy, smoothing the front of his robes.


He Got Off, He Got Off, by Marta T

Fred, George, and Ginny were doing a kind of war dance to a chant that went “He got off, he got off, he got off -“

(by Marta T)


Fred and George are Incredulous at Ron's New Prefect Position, by Drew Graham

“There’s been a mistake,” said Fred…. “No one in their right mind would make Ron a prefect.”


Herm, by pojypojy

Hermione… spotted the badge in Harry’s hand and let out a shriek. “I knew it!” she said excitedly, brandishing her letter. “Me too, Harry, me too!”


Ron, by Jenny Dolfen

Harry… was relieved to hear that his voice had stopped sounding hearty. “Listen – Ron – well done, mate.” …
“I never thought it would be me!” [Ron] said, shaking his head. “I thought it would be you!”


The Woes of Mrs. Weasley, by MartinTenbones

Someone was cowering against the dark wall, her wand in her hand, her whole body shaking with sobs. Sprawled on the dusty old carpet in a patch of moonlight, clearly dead, was Ron…..
“R-r-riddikulus!” Mrs. Weasley sobbed, pointing her shaking wand at Ron’s body.
Crack. Ron’s body turned into Bill’s, spread-eagled on his back….
“R-riddikulus!” she sobbed again.
Mr. Weasley’s body replaced Bill’s, his glasses askew, a trickle of blood running down his face.
“No!” Mrs. Weasley moaned. “No…
riddikulus! Riddikulus! RIDDIKULUS!”
Crack. Dead twins. Crack. Dead Percy. Crack. Dead Harry…


about the chapter


I love the simple, stark contrast between Lucius Malfoy – who Harry runs into working out a deal to give gold to the Ministry for favors – and Harry himself, who moments later dumps the entire contents of his money bag into the Fountain of Magical Brethren, anonymously donating all of it to St. Mungo’s Hospital. The public versus private nature of their respective donations makes a neat contrast, especially when you remember that it was Malfoy’s donation to St. Mungo’s the previous year that earned him tickets to the Top Box at the Quidditch World Cup. Can you imagine what Arthur Weasley would have thought, watching these two events back-to-back? Or, for that matter, what the Ministry employee responsible for cleaning out the fountain must have thought when he came across the stack of gold?

Something You May Not Have Noticed

When Lupin and Sirius walk into the drawing room to find Molly, Harry, and a dead Harry lying on the floor, Lupin instantly realizes it’s a boggart and reacts accordingly. But Sirius takes a little bit longer – “staring at the patch of carpet where the boggart, pretending to be Harry’s body, had lain,” and then not talking at all for a minute or two. At first I thought Sirius was simply realizing how much Molly actually cares for Harry, as he’d essentially dismissed her role in Harry’s life just a few weeks previously. But then it occurred to me that Sirius was the first person to arrive at Godric’s Hollow after Voldemort was defeated. Sirius was the one who found James dead. And out of nowhere, he’s forced to relive that very real memory – probably the worst of his life – right now. I bet Harry wasn’t the only one who laid awake that night, thinking about all he had seen.

The Wizarding World

When Harry’s class was learning about boggarts with then-Professor Lupin, Lupin told them that nobody knew what a boggart looked like in its true form. In this chapter, though, we discover that this isn’t quite true – as Mad-Eye Moody uses his magical eye to peer up a floor and into a closed cabinet to determine that the mysterious creature Molly discovered was, in fact, a boggart. It’s too bad Harry didn’t think to ask him what it looked like.

Life at Hogwarts

It’s interesting that Dumbledore himself chooses prefects, and the heads of houses don’t seem to be involved. I’m not familiar with the customs of English boarding schools, so perhaps this is standard practice. But doesn’t it seem that the heads of houses would know their students better than Dumbledore does? How many prefects must Dumbledore choose that he’s never even had a conversation with? On the other hand, it’s also fair to say that this could make him less biased in choosing. Either way it would be fun to get inside his head while he’s making the decisions, and see his reasons for choosing each of the eight people each year.

The Boy Who Lived

Finding out that Ron has been made a prefect is such an extraordinary moment for Harry. He’s so used to being the one in the limelight that it literally never crosses his mind that Ron might be made a prefect instead of him. I don’t think it’s that he particularly cares about the role – contrasted with Ron, who has clearly been thinking about it. But despite Harry’s initial negative reaction, I absolutely love the way he pulls himself together to congratulate Ron just a few minutes later, and the fact that he clearly means it. It’s certainly fair to say that Harry deserves the badge, but so does Ron, and Harry knows it. And it doesn’t take Harry too long to realize just how much more it means to his best friend.

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  1. I like reading Harry’s thought process about Ron getting the prefect badge. It’s this that makes the characters so realistic. Also, remember how Lupin said that no one knows what a boggart looks like when it’s alone? Well, looks like Moody might since he can see it without it seeing him!

  2. I’ve thought about that before. I always assumed that Moody saw the boggart being the thing he was afraid of even when it was inside the desk. (A wand in a back pocket, perhaps?) But you make a good point that the boggart wouldn’t be able to see Moody as he is a floor below. Maybe it just knows when it’s being looked at.

  3. I had never thought about that explanation for Sirius’ reaction to dead boggart Harry. How tremendously sad. I always just assumed that he reacted as he did because he had such a love for Harry.

  4. You say Dumbledore doesn’t know the students too well, but I have a feeling he does. I don’t think anyone passes through Hogwarts without him knowing about them to some extent. He’s a mysterious one, is Dumbledore. I can’t remember which character said it, but I’m sure someone said that nothing happens without him knowing. And they’d be right.

  5. I never really thought of Boggarts have too much of a brain or anything. I just thought if it’s being looked at it’ll automatically turn into that person’s fear. But maybe Moody can see the boggart. If only I could ask JKR.

    I feel really bad for Sirius now, because I never thought about how he was the one to find James dead. Can you imagine being in that situation? Then knowing your other friend had taken a place in killing him?

    As for Dumbledore picking prefects, it just still leaves me wondering about how he seems to know EVERYTHING that goes on in the school. He knows about who’s friends with who, the interactions between the students, and enough about Ron and Hermione to give them proper ‘gifts’ in his will, without almost ever talking to the students. And I still wonder what a Headmaster does. It seems like he spends half of his time away from the school anyway.
    Ron is one of favorite characters and I wanted to give him a big hug here. I was getting mad at Fred and George because they keep making fun of him for it, when it does mean something to him. I can’t help but think Hermmione was right… they could be a little jealous- especially with Molly’s comment about everyone in the family being prefect. She hasn’t exactly made them feel like the favorites of all the children. I think they were honestly glad to have a brother who wasn’t perfect. Of course, there’s also the fact that they don’t want another Percy. And they are Fred and George. Making fun of Ron is just what they do.

  6. Note about the prefects: I always assumed the Heads of Houses suggested candidates (you know, submitted a few names) from each of their Houses, but that the Headmaster had final say.

    Josie: I love that every time I read one of your chapter notes, I can see everything a little differently. I’d’ve never put together that Sirius seeing boggart!Harry on the floor might bring back memories of Godric’s Hollow.

    I also love how “rash” Harry can be. I mean, dumping a whole sack of gold? Anyone a little more world-weary would have held back and maybe thrown in a few Galleons. I’ve also wondered how the Ministry enforces that all donations get to Mungo’s–is there magic there that stops someone with bad intentions? Or does all money thrown in the fountain apparate/portkey over to St. Mungo’s while a representation of what was donated is left in the pool?

  7. Great insight about Sirius’ response to Molly’s boggart. I glossed right by that, thinking only that he was disquieted by the sight of a dead Harry. Poor Sirius…

    Natalia, I like the idea of the fountain being enchanted.
    Perhaps the money itself is jinxed as soon as it’s dropped in? Or is that getting too complex, given that most people probably only drop a few knuts in? (Such a rich, detailed world Rowling’s made, when I can actually sit here and ponder magical anti-theft measures).

  8. Very interesting and moving suggestion about Sirius seeing James in the Harry boggart. But one question: did Sirius actually see James the night he went to Godric’s Hollow with his motorbike? The fidelius charm was still in effect, wasn’t it? So Sirius wouldn’t have actually been able to see anything. It’s still possible that the boggart made him think about what James would have looked like dead, but not that he was recalling an actual memory.

  9. Ben: Remember in book seven, it says the Fidelius Charm died with the house so I’m sure
    Sirius saw their bodies. In fact, he even mentions it in the third book (see page 365 of US edition).

  10. Poor serious, I didn’t even think of that…
    With the boggart, what if someone was more afraid of an actual boggart? Than it would have to take its true form.

  11. Eliza: I love it. Especially if someone didn’t know what they were afraid of the first time they came upon a boggart–I can just hear them trying to explain what they’d just seen/experienced to others. Didn’t JKR herself say something about how telling one’s boggart and Patronus were? Now we need to write JKR and ask her to include a character with a boggart-fear in a revised edition. Or in that encyclopedia she keeps promising. ;)

  12. I LOVE Marta T’s drawing of the Weasley family, with Fred, George, and Ginny doing their little war dance!! I never thought about Sirius seeing dead James…that is so incredibly sad to contemplate. I’m betting Remus did some serious comforting that night, since he’s the only one there who would pick up on such a thing. And to all the dirty-minded fanfic writers: not THAT kind of comforting!

  13. Wow, I can’t believe there have already been so many comments.
    Ooh, I like Jenny Dolfens picture of Ron.
    Again, very good Something You Might Not Have Noticed.

    Mr. Weasley says to Harry that Lucius Malfoy was probably trying to sneak down to the courtroom trying to find out about Harry. Though he might have actually wanted to go in that direction I doubt it was about Harry…

    Since we know where DADA classes are headed the title “Defensive Magical Theory” is pretty telltale, isn’t it?

    I, too, was wondering how and why Dumbledore chooses Prefects. Lupin thinks he was chosen to keep his friends in line. Maybe Ron was chosen to grow as a person? Or to for once be a step ahead of Harry? Anyway, the broom he gets is the foundation for his Quidditch career.

    I always thought Moody could see the Boggart the way it looks when noone sees it and I’ve wondered what form it takes. Hopefully JKR will shed some light in the Scottish book.

    Hm, I was pretty sure this is where we learn that the Prewetts were Molly’s brothers. I guess not. Actually, do we ever in the books? I remember that the watch Mrs. Weasley gives Harry for his 17th birthday once belonged to her brother Fabian, but there’s no last name mentioned. Anyway, check out the initials of their first names and compare them to the twins’.

    “It’ll be a miracle if we all come through this.” – Foreshadowing?

  14. Kim – Jo says on her site that Molly’s brothers are the Prewetts. It’s nowhere in the books, unless you count Fabian’s watch. The foreshadowing was meant to be even more intense than just Fred’s death. Harry “dies” at the end of DH. Percy “dies” in that he’s estranged from the family. Bill is attacked by Fenrir. Ron is almost killed in HBP. George loses an ear and could very well have died from blood loss. Fred actually does die. And Arthur almost dies from Nagini’s bite in OotP, and should have died in DH, though Jo couldn’t bring herself to do it – and no wonder, when you think of what she’s alreayd put this family through!

  15. On prefects: Don’t you think it could be a nomination process? The heads of houses propose the best choices and Dumbledore goes from there, maybe.

  16. I wonder if Ginny was ever made prefect? It doesn’t say in Book 6.

  17. I always assumed she didn’t, since Mrs. Weasley would’ve made a huge deal out of it/she’d’ve had to patrol the corridors instead of meeting up with Dean on the train. But that’s just my private thought. :D

  18. I never thought that Sirius could be thinking of James when he’s staring at the Boggart Harry… I always assumed it was because he loves Harry and he’s imagining him dead…. hmmm very good suggestion!

  19. The boggart scene always had me feeling so bad for Mrs. Weasley-she must worry about her family dying every single day. And then the fact that she loves Harry enough that her boggart turns into him dead…. that says a lot about her, in my opinion. Well, very good artwork and wonderful commentary. I love reading these and hearing so maany people’s opinions. :)

  20. I do love that Ron gets the prefect badge instead of Harry, for all the reasons mentioned above. But Draco Malfoy? Was there really no one in all of Slytherin 5th year who was more suited to the job?

  21. Anna, Draco does seem an awful choice, but when you think of the other Slytherin boys we know it starts to make more sense – Malfoy is certainly more deserving than Crabbe or Goyle, and Zabini doesn’t seem any better (and he certainly isn’t as much of a leader, for whatever that’s worth). We don’t know anything about Theodore Nott, but he must be pretty quiet given the number of classes Harry’s had with him without ever really noticing him. Malfoy really might have been the best choice. Which is a scary thought for Slytherin house….

  22. Roonil Wazlib: I was curious about that as well! If Ginny wasn’t made the Gryffindor prefect, then who was?

  23. I never ever ever would have thought of Sirius being the one to find James’ body. And then to see Harry there? And that is why I like Molly. She continues to try to dispel the boggart, even when she’s totally overwhelmed.

  24. I always imagined that Ron was chosen as prefect instead of Harry because Harry, as the “Chosen One”, would be too much of a target, or because Harry would have too much on his mind. Remember, Harry was the only one besides Voldemort and the Death Eaters to see Cedric Diggory killed. Dumbledore may have realized that the Ministry would start a smear campaign against Harry, and that Voldemort would come after him again; therefore, Harry would have been to distracted to concentrate on being a good prefect. (And this is not even considering Dolores Umbridge!)


    Molly’s scene is one of the best written in the while Series. It is terribly sad (especially given the fact that some of those people DO actually die). It also shows how she truly loves Harry as a child. Intresting that Charlie and Ginny aren’t mentioned. I assume they either have already happened or would have in a moment.

    This scene always epitomizes why I love Lupin. He walks in and sees what is going on and takes care of it. He always seemed like the most rational marauder.

    I really would like to know more about the original order I dont think many of them are mentioned again.
    Also, why isn’t Surius in the picture? And why was Dorcas Meadowes SO important Voldemort killed her himself??

    As for the perfect situation I believe that Dumboldore know all of what happens at Hogwarts. Remember in HP1 he mentions he can make himself invisable w/o a cloak. He possibly secretly sits in the House Common Rooms and looks around. I also think he is somewhat close to all his students. There are 40 each year and considering they are there 24/7 he has a chance to speak to all of them.

  26. About Draco being made a prefect – what if this is Dumbkedore’s way of showing confidence in Draco, trying to assuage his interest in the Dark Arts (because I’m sure Dumbledore knows of more than one reason why Draco would lean this direction) by a friendly and supportive gesture?

  27. Did no one else notice that Charlie and Ginny are missing from Mrs. Weasley’s boggart? Though, of course, it is possible that they came before Harry entered the room, as she was already crying. I just find it curious that they are in no particular order. Also, I think it really speaks for Molly’s, er, dismissal of the twins that they share a boggart flash, but Harry gets one and he’s not even a child of hers, technically. Really, I pity the twins for all the times Mrs. Weasley lumps them together and disregards them, but at least they have each other. (Growing up at least. :( R.I.P. Fred)

  28. The prefect thing has always confused me. If you pick a total of 8 prefects in Year 5, and they stay prefects for year 6 and 7, then how many prefects are there in each house? Six? For a total of 24? (22 prefects, 1 head girl, and 1 head boy) Doesn’t that seem like a lot?

  29. @ Pam, those are the same figures I come up with, as well. With only an estimate of 10 kids per class per house, that’s 70 kids per house total, and 280 students total. So I suppose 24 prefects plus the head boy and head girl would be a ratio of 1 out of every 8.5 students. Considering the class size ranges from 10 to 20, I suppose that’s not an abnormally low ratio. The books also never mention who the other Gryffindor prefects are after Ron and Hermione are elected as prefects. If I remember correctly, they only had 2 Hogwarts Express cabins to themselves, that’s 12 people each; that must have been uncomfortable! One book (I forget which one) mentions that James Potter wasn’t a prefect either, but in the first book Hagrid mentions that Lily and James were head boy and girl, so maybe there are some changes to who become prefects yearly. Or it’s just a mistake of Rowling and chalk it up to her admittedly poor math skills.

  30. Order Picture: The orginal Order picture is very intresting to me. Partly because McGonogall and Snape are both absent (I think others are too. I just can’t figure out who). And because of all the other people. 1: Why did it take 5 Death Eaters to kill Gideon and Fabian Prewett? 2: Why wasn’t Caradoc Dearborn’s body ever found? 3: Why was Dorcas Meadows so important that Voldermort killed her himself? 4: Why doesn’t Harry make a bigger deal about seeing Aberforth? Seems like big news. 5: Why wasn’t Amelia Bones a member of The Order?

  31. BestSeriesEver: I know it said that Lily was a prefect, with Remus, in fifth year, and then in seventh she got the Head girl badge and the Head Boy badge went to James. I think that it’s possible for Heads to be picked from students who are not already prefects, though it’s probably a rare occurrence. My guess is that Dumbledore realized that James had grown up and wanted to give him a chance to prove himself; also, maybe he gave him the badge in order to observe him as a prospective Order member?

  32. Austen – why is Aberforth big news to Harry? Dumbledore already mentioned him in front of Harry in Goblet of Fire Ch.24 – “my own brother, Aberforth, was prosecuted for inappropriate charms on a goat”. And Sirius is in the original OotP picture – “Sirius, when he still had short hair” – just before Moody mentions J&L. Lydia -as far as I’m aware we never learn who else is in Gryffindor in Ginny’s year, so your question, short of asking JKR, is unanswerable. I agree with Laura’s idea of DD making Malfoy a prefect in an attempt to dissuade him from the Dark Arts. As for Charlie and Ginny – Mrs. Weasley is already crying before Harry comes across her, and she left a few minutes before he did as he was distracted by Moody, and Ginny is her youngest child and one of the only two not yet of age, as Molly then says to Lupin, so I think it’s probable that the Boggart started with Ginny and then changed to Ron, the second youngest child, before Harry arrived. Also, Charlie has lived in Romania, a foreign country, for years, and it may have been a long time since Molly’s seen him (I think Christmas 1993 she visited him, almost 2 years earlier), so it’s a fair possibility that he would have been last on the list (not least because he’s living in , and a separate country to the one where Voldemort’s making evil plans, and the one that’s V’s primary target for power over). If you lived in 1933 Germany and one of your children was living in Ireland, you’d be less worried about him. It does speak a lot for Mrs. Weasley’s feelings for Harry that he gets in ahead of Charlie. And the Sirius/Lupin comments – if you will use the phrase “some serious comforting”…

  33. *he’s living in a separate country*

  34. So much to say about this chapter!

    @hpboy13, Arthur I think was actually meant to die in this book, not DH (when the snake attacked him). Jo said that this was going to have a huge effect on Ron, forcing him to grow up.

    The scene with Mrs Weasley and the boggart explains her slightly desperate overprotectiveness in earlier chapters – her insistance that the twins not be allowed to join the order, and Harry not be told too much. Two of her children have already joined, she doesn’t want more of them in danger, no matter how grown up or capable they may be.

    Even so it infuriates me when she says “that’s everyone in the family”. If I were the twins I would have said, “EXCUSE ME??” or run from the room in tears. I agree with Hermione, their reaction to Ron being made a prefect is jealousy. They’ve never lived up to their mother’s expectations, but they always thought that Ron wouldn’t too, and now he’s left them the only ones. And later that same day they’re buying illegal goods off of Mundungus, like silent rebellion against their mother. As for Ron, Hermione’s stunned and confused reaction to him getting the badge must have made him feel bad. Even one of his best friends can’t understand it.

  35. Just a quick note, Molly didn’t see dead ginny or charley

  36. This is why Lupin said you should not take on a boggart alone since there is nothing riddikulus about seeing your family dead.

  37. I just wanted to comment on Molly and the boggart, I agree with everyone who said she saw Ginny before Harry enters the room. Couldn’t she also have seen Charlie? I’m sure there was enough time. Also if I am not mistaken didn’t Charlie go with them to the World Cup? Did she not see him before he and Bill left? I’m not sure there was a particular order to how she saw them. Though I don’t particularly see what the problem with the boggart turning into Fred and George at the same time.

  38. Even though, as people have argued, Harry’s reaction to Ron becoming prefect was realistic, I still wanted to punch him.

  39. I wonder why Molly can’t remember that Ron hates maroon?

  40. About Moody and the boggart, I’m reminded of electrons…Let me explain. Electrons, if unobserved, act like particles but the second they are observed, they behave like waves. An electron doesn’t have an awareness to know it’s being observed, it just acts differently when it is. Based on that logic, Moody would see his fear, and not the boggart itself if he looked at it.

  41. I’ve always been bothered by the fact that Ron is chosen over Harry for prefect. Not because I think he’s necessarily better than Ron, but because it’s further alienating Harry from his two best friends. All of a sudden, Ron and Hermione are given a huge amount of time to spend together, and as we see throughout this year, it leaves Harry alone a lot of the time, which I think is something he definitely does not need, given what he’s going through. This is my main reason, but I am a little bit biased when it comes to Ron because I don’t like his character in the books.

    Austen, I don’t think the photo would show Snape, because Snape doesn’t come to Dumbledore until after he gives the “information” to Voldemort concerning the Prophecy. I think it’s a good bet to say this photo may have been taken before this happened, since James, Lily, Sirius, and Pettigrew are all in it, and Voldemort acted almost immediately after getting Snape’s information. However, Lupin isn’t in the picture is he? Or Dumbledore himself? That bothers me a little.

    I think the boggart would have shown its true form when Moody looked at it. When the boggart is let out in PoA, it changes form to whoever is directly in front of it and looking at it. If it changed form to whoever was aware of its presence, it would immediately become confused. However, if it did show Moody’s fear, it makes me wonder just what Moody would be afraid of. I mean, it’s MOODY, he’s like the toughest wizard we know.

    I also never thought of Sirius seeing James on the floor all over again. Nice catch again, Josie!

  42. i maybe wrong but i think DD says that he has memories for al of the students of hogwarts. as a principal, he could not meet all. so he’d go invisible, go observe some of them*spoiler*-remember bertha jorkins complaining to DD? that time he was a teacher, yet he kept the memory safe though i dont know why he did unless he knew that she’d disappear one day…
    ( see my comment in op5)

  43. >>As to Harry not being a prefect, Dumbledore does tell us why in the end:

    “You may, perhaps, have wondered why I never chose you as a prefect? I must confess…that I rather thought…you had enough responsibility to be going on with.” (OotP, CH 37, ellipses and all)

    >>While I do believe Moody knows what a boggart looks like when it’s by itself, as to why he could be afraid of, I’d go with “confined spaces”. He was cursed and locked in a trunk for almost a full year, after all. Granted, not sure how a boggart would turn into that. We could also go with Moody turned evil being his own greatest fear. Living too long among the darkness and the darkness starts to eat at you. Becoming the thing you hunt is usually a fear of (especially undercover) police.

  44. >>Oh, about the photo, like someone else said, Snape wouldn’t have been in the photo as he wasn’t part of the Order the first time. And, I have another theory about McGonagall not being in the photo. I, myself, am never in any family photos for a very good reason: I’m the one running the camera.

  45. RE: Prefects
    It’s possible that the process for selection goes that each Head of House provides Dumbledore with a list of candidates they think would be good, and Dumbledore makes a decision from the list. If this is true, then it’s possible that McGonagal nominated Harry, but Dumbledore rejected him for the reasons explained at the end of the book. He may have then decided that in Harry’s stead, Ron could do the job. It gives Ron a chance to prove himself outside of Harry’s shadow. It also stands as further proof that Dumbledore is much more aware of Ron than anyone realizes.

  46. i’ve always wondered how the head boy and girl are selected

  47. Having always been kind of surprised at Fudge’s behavior in this book, I don’t think it’s too much to assume that he’s being manipulated. His reaction at the end of GoF wasn’t too surprising, but it seems to me that Fudge is the type of person that would eventually turn around and agree with Dumbledore. I don’t think anything would have gone this far if some people (Umbridge and Lucius, for example), hadn’t thoroughly supported Fudge in his vein of action/inaction and even nudged him forward a bit.

  48. All the talk about the boggart scene (and I liked Josie’s speculation on Sirius’ response) reminded me that one of my favorite parts of “Order of the Phoenix” (though it’s a bleak book, thanks to things like the Umbridge regime), is so many of the people whom we’ve met in past books (the Weasleys, Sirius, Remus, Moody) all working together to clean up No. 12 Grimmauld Place, removing the mess left by magical creatures (such as the boggart), etc. A bleak setting, yes, but a charming concept.

  49. I had thought that about Sirius and James too; it makes me so sad to think about Sirius’s backstory and what having Harry back must have meant to him. I’ve been trying to work out a plausible way in which the dead-Harry boggart could have been Sirius’s, rather than Molly’s, but since Lupin entered the room before Sirius it probably can’t be done – unless Boggarts can sense people close-by and switch their form to someone who isn’t necessarily standing closest to them.

    I also love Harry’s reaction to Ron being made a prefect. It’s so real, and the fact that he feels sick with himself for feeling the way he does makes him even more likeable to me; that conflict between knowing what is right and not always being able to do it straight away is a very familiar, human thing! The fact that he acknowledges so quickly that he hates how he’s reacting is brilliant, and another example of just how transparent and honest he is. Hugs for Harry!

    Todd, I also love this part of the book – being able to see inside the headquarters of the Order and see them all doing such ordinary things together, it seems very cosy to me.

  50. If it was Harry that helped Mrs. Weasley with the boggart instead of Lupin, what would Harry’s boggart turn into?

  51. We’ve already seen this in the novels The Prisoner of Azkaban (and the movie) and The Goblet of Fire: Harry’s boggart is a Dementor.

  52. Considering what happened in the Little Hangleton graveyard just a few weeks previously, would Harry’s boggart still be a dementor or would it have changed to Lord Voldemort?

  53. About moody being able to se the boggart: I think the reason moody is able to se the boggart is because of his magical eye.

  54. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not so U’ll say it anyway. I always thought that Sirius’ reaction to the boggart may have been because he saw James like that or because seeing Harry’s dead body may have been HIS boggart. He’s bound to have come across one while trapped in his own house; after all, Harry has had many near-death experiences in the past.

  55. Hi! I’m new on your site, and have been reading all of these, and I thought, why did Ginny’s body never appear? Does Mrs. Weasley really care more for her youngest son’s best friend then she does her youngest child and only daughter? Maybe her body appeared before Ron’s… For that matter, Charlie’s is missing too.

  56. Even if Sirius wasn’t the first to arrive, I reckon he would’ve made Hagrid take him into the house.
    What if Harry dead like James’ was Sirius worst fear too?
    Is it possible Harry only really wanted to be Prefect because of James? I think it’s hinted in the text… “His father hasn’t been Prefect either” Harry felt better.

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