The Boggart in the Wardrobe

chapter seven of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Malfoy shows up in Potions, faking that his arm is still hurt, and Neville gets in trouble with Snape yet again – but in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Lupin has Neville help him defeat a boggart, although he doesn’t give Harry a chance at it.

Does it Hurt Much? by reallycorking

“How is it, Draco?” simpered Pansy Parkinson. “Does it hurt much?”


Potions, by somelatevisitor

Snape approached their table, stared down his hooked nose at the roots, then gave Ron an unpleasant smile from beneath his long, greasy black hair. “Change roots with Malfoy, Weasley.”


That Slimy Git, by Patilda & Vizen

“Orange, Longbottom,” said Snape, ladling some up and allowing it to splash back into the cauldron, so that everyone could see. “Orange. Tell me, boy, does anything penetrate that thick skull of yours?”

(by Patilda & Vizen)


Trevor the Tadpole, by Gnatkip

There was a moment of hushed silence, in which Trevor gulped; then there was a small pop, and Trevor the tadpole was wriggling in Snape’s palm.

(by Gnatkip)


Peeves, by Heather Campbell

He raised his wand to shoulder height, said, “Waddiwasi!” and pointed it at Peeves.


Neville Longbottom, by LMRourke

“Possibly no one’s warned you, Lupin, but this class contains Neville Longbottom. I would advise you not to entrust him with anything difficult. Not unless Miss Granger is hissing instructions in his ear.”


by Tealin Raintree

Neville looked around rather wildly, as though begging someone to help him, then said, in barely more than a whisper, “Professor Snape.”


Riddikulus! by Mudblood428

“R — r — riddikulus! “squeaked Neville. There was a noise like a whip crack….


Remus Lupin, by glockgal

For a second, everyone looked wildly around to see where it was. Then they saw a silvery-white orb hanging in the air in front of Lupin.


about the chapter


I wonder what it is about Lupin that makes Peeves so much more disrespectful toward him than the other teachers? Is it simply his shabby appearance? Or did Lupin and/or his friends do something to Peeves when they were in school? It’s hard to imagine what – Peeves seems to appreciate those like Fred and George who disobey rules and cause mayhem, and he certainly has respect for those like McGonagall who appreciate toeing the line. Lupin is also clearly an accomplished wizard, capable of putting Peeves in his place. It’s curious that Peeves treats him so differently, but I’m really not sure what to make of it.

Something You May Not Have Noticed

Sometimes students have classes combined with other houses (like how Harry’s year of Gryffindors always seems to have Potions with the Slytherins), but Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class seems to only be composed of third-year Gryffindors – fewer than a dozen students. It sounds like a great class, but leaving aside the question of how he manages to teach so many classes (each teacher would have between 11 and 21 different groups of students to plan for!), I wonder what his third-year Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins did. After all, surely he didn’t just happen to find four different boggarts lurking around the castle, right? Although Hogwarts is a pretty big place, so who knows.

Life at Hogwarts

There are plenty of arguments to be made about “good Slytherins,” whether they exist, what they’re like, and so forth. And there are some positive qualities inherent in Slytherins, to be sure. But the examples that Rowling puts forth for us most readily – Malfoy and Snape – sure make me hate the house. Say what you will about their motivations, whose side they’re on, and what have you, but after reading this chapter – watching Malfoy admit he’s faking his injury to get someone fired and watching Snape belittle Neville for no purpose other that to bully him (not to mention try to kill his toad) – it’s hard not to come away thinking they’re awfully loathsome people.

Something to Remember

Ron makes fun of Hermione a bit for thinking that her boggart would be a “piece of homework that only got nine out of ten.” But the conversation does make me wonder what she was thinking of. We’ll find out later what her boggart really is, and Ron’s actually not too far off.

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  1. I always figured the Marauders tried to pull some prank with Peeves but Lupin succeeded in stopping them which made Peeves a little upset. Second theory: It would also be like Peeves to remember him from twenty years prior as an easy target and try to provoke a similar response now that he’s returned to the castle. :)


    Okay, I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around this one for a while, maybe someone here might be able to help.

    After Potions Hermione was behind Ron and Harry, then disappeared and reappeared at the bottom of the stairs, stuffing something down her robe. They went to have lunch.

    Let’s assume Hermione had Runes (in this example) at the same time as Potions.
    Lets further assume she went to Runes first. Then there wouldn’t have been the need for her to disappear after Potions, as she had already disappeared after Runes.

    Let’s then assume she went to Potions first. Then she wouldn’t have had to stuff something down her robe as she reappeared, but would have simply walked to the stairs after Runes.

    Her reappearance and stuffing something down her robe only makes sense if she doesn’t have Runes at the same time as Potions, but at the same time as lunch. Because then she would have attended Runes and come back for lunch.

    But then her disappearance after Potions doesn’t make sense.
    Unless of course she has Arithmancy at the same time as Potions (doing Potions first, then going back to Arithmancy) and Runes at the same time as lunch (going to Runes right after Arithmancy, then coming back from there for lunch). Wow, that would really be a tough schedule.

    And… don’t all students have lunch at the same time? Do some have classes while the others have lunch and then the other way around?

    Or… am I just thinking way too complicated and the answer is much simpler? Another or: Maybe JKR just wrote that in order to raise the readers suspicions that something is up with Hermione? For example the way they did it in the movie doesn’t make sense either.

  3. I always imagined Peeves didn’t have respect for Lupin BECAUSE he was a troublemaker like Fred and George… I mean, would you respect (or could you even imagine) the twins if they went to school with you, dind’t keep themselves to any of the rules, and then came back as a teacher?
    Great drawings in this chapter!
    And other Kim, I’ve wondered that myself too… but the whole time-traveling tends to give me a head-ache, so I’ve stopped thinking about it and just assumed Jo didn’t think it trough, because she wanted to give us a hint about the mystery behind Hermione…good train of thought from your side, though!

  4. oh! Maybe Hermione would’ve had 3 subjects at once! It happened with her finals at the end of the book too!
    just an afterthought…

  5. I was just going to point out the “3 finals at once” moment–way to beat me to it, kim! I think, if we want to make life simple, that’s the easiest way to go. :D

  6. Kim (er… Kims?), I hadn’t even noticed this bit of Hermione’s confusion. It does make sense if she has three classes at once (Ron points out that she does at one point in PA6, though Potions isn’t one of the three he mentions)…. but I think it’s probably more likely that Jo just wrote it this way to raise our suspicions.

    I’ve tried to go through and use clues from the books to draw up schedules before (including Hermione’s from this book), and they just don’t work. When you look at the way the classes are written, it’s pretty clear JKR is just making the schedule up as she goes along, doing what fits her plot best without regard to a consistent reference. Even the periods don’t make sense: at points it’s very clear, for example, that there are two class periods in the morning and two in the afternoon; at others there are three or even four in a row, all before lunch.

    Like the map of Hogwarts or the calendar of events, it’s fun to find ways to make the pieces fit, but they aren’t really designed to fit of their own accord.

  7. I haven’t really given it much thought, but I think Peeves doesn’t respect Lupin because of what he is. Peeves most likely knows that Lupin is a werewolf, so he thinks that he has some sort power over Lupin since Lupin is trying to keep that a secret.

  8. my random thought is this: if Hermione had the time turner… and she had curtains on her bed… why didn’t she decide before she went to bed that she would use the time turner to get a bit more sleep… and just close the curtains so no one would notice. there endeth tired Hermione… stay up all night to study and then turn the time turner a few turns and be settled.

  9. Ah, I havn’t thought of Hermione having three subjects at once. I’ll mull over that one. Thanks for the responses.

    I’m Kim with a capital K, then there is kim with lower case k.

  10. @ Amy Darlene – I’ve always wondered that! But I think after a year of doing that, I would still get all confused and exhausted.

  11. It’s best not to think on Time Paradoxes too much. It’s a guaranteed brain addler!

    As for Peeves’ treatment of Lupin, I’ve always thought that as Lupin was the ‘sensible’ marauder, and the prefect, that Peeves has always bothered him. Percy tells Neville that Peeves doesn’t listen to prefects after all, so perhaps he has a ‘once a prefect, always a prefect’ view of Lupin.

  12. I think Lizzie is right about Peeves. My line of thought was that Peeves was “testing” Lupin and see how he would react to a provocation.
    About the Time turner, I never had the patiente to figure that out, I just accepted things, but there are a lot of things that does not add up with the “time paradox”.

  13. JKR has said that the Time Turner created as many problems as it solved, so I assume that it was just too hard to really have a written schedule to refer to as she wrote. Remember, although these are fantastically written books, they are written for adolescents, so perhaps this was a time JKR thought-gosh, I hope they don’t think too hard about this! I am impressed with kim and Kim who spent much energy figuring out Hermione’s schedule as far as they did-great job!

    I have also thought that if Hermione needed extra time to go to lessons, then why didn’t she giver herself more time to complete the homework? And maybe she does but we don’t see it in any way.

    With the scheduling of classes, I thought that some of them might be a “lab” class-so some days it was a short class full of theory, taking notes, and discussion. Then other days it’s the lab period-practicum, putting the theory to practice. This is how some of my courses were in college so that’s what I thought of when reading this.

  14. One of my thoughts on Hermione using the time turner to get more sleep or do homework is this: the time turner is a pretty big deal. McGonagall had to write all kinds of letters to the Ministry to get one, and at the end of the book, Hermione says that she and Harry are breaking the wizarding law. My guess is that Hermione was told to use the time turner STRICTLY for getting to her classes, and that’s all. Wouldn’t she want to adhere to that rule very closely? Hermione would never break a rule, especially a Ministry law, to get more sleep.

  15. One thing I find especially interesting are the Boggart forms themselves. You have the obvious ones, such as Harry’s and Ron’s, but I’ve always thought looking more deeply into those of the other kids would be interesting and enlightening. For example, who in the room is afraid of a rat? After all, in hindsight, we know that a certain rat is actually a very important character.

    Another thought-provoking Boggart is Dean Thomas’s, a severed hand. Perhaps this has something to do with the original plot idea that Rowling was going to have written for him? It was something to the effect of his father secretly being a wizard, and him gradually finding out throughout the books. Did a severed hand have anything to do with this? Or did he just pick it up from too much Muggle TV? Either way, I found studying the Boggarts to be maybe a bit too fascinating, haha.

  16. The first thought that came to my head about the Time Turners was, “Wow, I would sleep for DAYS with that thing.”

    But I agree with Ragmar Dorkins about this: the Time Turner was specifically for the purpose of getting to her classes, and nothing else. I think Hermione would have a job trying to hide herself all over the castle as she tried to catch up on some sleep. As well, her true-to-the-rule-book nature would, I think, stop her from wanting to use the Time Turner for such mundane things as sleep, so that could all be part of it.

    I like the fact, though, that her extra classes and hyper levels of stress caused her to hit Malfoy, even though we learn to sympathize with him to some degree long after that incidence.

  17. Ah, yes, I’m with you, Ragmar. Hermione typically doesn’t break rules unless it’s a life or death matter. Sure, her grades might chalk up as life and death, but she might not feel as proud of them knowing that she got more sleep and study time than her peers.

    On that bit about having trouble liking the Slytherins, I quite agree. I was glad to get to know Slughorn later on. He certainly has his character flaws, but I really like him.

  18. I thought it was interesting that the shrinking potion was, in all actuality, a youth potion. If it were really a shrinking potion, wouldn’t it have just made trevor a little tiny toad, rather than a tadpole?

  19. and this brings up all sorts of other issues in my brain about wizards using this potion to stay young, etc….

  20. Wonderful chapter and wonderful discussions. I was wondering a few things:
    First, does Snape just see Neville as an easy target to pick on, or is there a reason that he singles out Neville so often? We eventually learn in DH the reason behind Snape’s hatred for Harry, but could there be some backstory between Snape’s relationship with the Longbottoms? Because the amount of times Snape picks on Neville (it seems) comes second only to Harry.
    Second, I can see why Lupin chose to teach the Boggart lesson only to one house and year at a time. Since a Boggart shows something as personal as your greatest fear, it might be very upsetting for a child to be in the same room as one of them *and* someone you don’t feel comfortable with (for example, Gryffindors and Slytherins) And knowing the typical Slytherin like Snape or Malfoy, they would add that fear to the top of their repertoire in teasing the person. It’s safe to say that all of the people in a given house and year have a sort of friendship, or if not that then at least loyalty, to one another, and it would be bearable for just that group to know your greatest fear.

  21. I’d have thought that maybe Peeves treated Lupin different as Lupin started off as “Moony” but then turned into an upstanding, sensible, responsible teacher? Like this was Peeves’ way of saying “you used to be cool man, now look ‘atcha!”

    Either that or he knows the big secret and is being especially mean over it but then wouldn’t Peeves try a themed prank? I can’t remember that part of the chapter very well so I’ll have to go back and see exactly what he did.

  22. @Zachary James, I read a theory once that Dean’s boggart was a hand because Dean loves drawing (which we’ve already seen) and his worst fear would be to lose his own.

    @Rachel, I think Snape just has very little patience for Neville’s clumsiness, and it becomes a bully picking on the weak thing. Neville got Snape’s goat in the first lesson in PS when he got his potion wrong.

  23. Just wanted to point out a little point about classes, sometimes they have a double, like double potions or double divination.

  24. Interesting discussion all around. I love theorizing about why Snape picks on Neville so much. Like with so many things Snape does I feel as if there are many layers but the primary reasons I think he is so awful to him are:

    ***spoiler alert***

    1) He’s resentful that Voldemort went after Harry rather than Neville. If Voldemort goes after Neville, then Lily never dies.

    2) I think he sees a bit of himself in Neville. We see in OotP where the marauders bully Snape quite a bit and Snape sees that same vulnerability in Neville. Even though Neville is one of the Gryffindor boys, he is still a bit of a loner (and considered pretty friendless) and usually seems to be on the outside looking in most of the time.

  25. SueDeNym-
    Wow! I would never have thought of those, but both reasons really make sense. Interesting :)

  26. @SueDeNym. Your first point is a good one, I never thought about that before. Makes total sense. With the second point though, isn’t that a reason NOT to pick on Neville? Maybe even to defend him? Why pick on someone because they remind you of yourself? Unless you just hate yourself that much.

  27. OMG-SueDeNym-you’re right!! I never thought about that but it makes sense. Snape would totally hate Neville, maybe nearly as much as he hates Harry. If Neville had been the ‘chosen one’, Lily wouldn’t have died and Snape wouldn’t be in the position he’s in now and he probably thinks to himself “its all your fault” or maybe “its as much your fault as it is mine”. I’m gonna really think about this whenever I read a scene with Snape and Neville from now on.

  28. I always assumed that Peeves picked on Lupin the most because he was the professor most recently at Hogwarts, and Peeves might still see him as a student. I have to assume Peeves has been around for a while and probably doesn’t sense how much time is passing. Plus, Lupin doesn’t really look like a respectable teacher.

  29. P.S. The time turner always gives me a headache. I commend JK for trying to work time travel into the books, but my goodness. It is such a fickle thing that is so full of uncertainty.

  30. i think peeves picks on lupin because he knows what he is. peeves has so much access to other parts of the castle, i’m sure he picked up on conversations from other teachers about letting a werewolf teach, which we know later on that they were all expressing their concerns and he calls lupin ‘loony, loopy lupin.’ which to me implies that he knows something.
    About the time turner thing. I’m not even going to jump into the discussion of schedules and sleep cycles and what not because its so confusing to me. But what else is confusing is how she can leave from one spot, go back in time and end up in another spot. Wouldn’t she return to exactly the same spot as where she left? I know in the movie it does that but in the book, when they leave the hospital wing and go back three hours, they are in the entrance hall and not a moment too soon, almost run into themselves from three hours ago. If that’s the case, she would have to be dodging herself from seeing herself over and over again, especially if she uses the time turner for three subjects in the same hour. She barely misses herself when she disappears after their first potions class and then reappears coming up the stairs. And I know I would go insane and probably walk into a class I was already attending. I can definitely see why mcgonagall had to fill out a bunch of paperwork in order to obtain a time turner. They are quite hazardous.

  31. kayno, I agree that the Time-Turner putting you out in a different place doesn’t make much sense. It bothers me every time I read it. On the other hand, though, I guess you wouldn’t necessarily know where to go to find a place that was deserted an hour (or three hours) earlier; so maybe part of the magic of it is that it *finds* a place to drop you off that’s deserted, so you’re safe from detection that way?

  32. I think that the high level of magic and the countless empty rooms at Hogwarts would make it one of the best places for Boggarts in Britain(:

  33. In regards to Peeves disrespecting Lupin, I thought maybe he knew that Lupin was a werewolf but was forbidden by Dumbledore to say anything.

  34. Now that I’ve read through the comments, I see someone has already said this.

  35. Does anyone else think 13 may be a little young to be facing your worst fear?

  36. Regarding Snape’s feelings towards Neville, did Snape even know that it could have been Neville? I was always under the impression that only Dumbledore and Harry knew about that. And possibly Ron and Hermione. DD certainly did not tell many people about what he had discovered about Tom R.
    I’m pretty sure his actions and attitude towards Neville were pretty simply because he was an easy target and for all the things we find out are good about him he is still a huge dill hole usually.

  37. Isabelle,
    I do see what you mean, the curriculum at Hogwarts tends to walk the line between educational and risky, but I also think that it was a good experience for the third years, you know, facing their fears and such. With the exception of Harry’s, I don’t think anyone’s boggart was incredibly dangerous, and if you ran into a boggart in the wild, you would definitely need to be prepared. Also, (with the exception of a certain few Slytherins), most wizarding children seem to have a bit more maturity that muggle kids.

  38. Hey, I’m posting for the first time on this site. Just wanted to say it has quickly become my favorite website! I’m reading this along with the books, and it’s given me so much more insight, even though I’ve read the series who knows how many times. So thanks for all the effort and awesome-ness you put into it. (:

    I have to say that while reading the series this time around, I enjoyed imagining Lupin’s reaction to boggart-Snape. I mean it’s not like he’s very fond of Snape himself, so it must have been pretty amusing for him to witness. I can just picture him trying to hold his smile back in front of the students. This book reminds me of just how much I love Lupin. (R.I.P. ): )

  39. Regarding Hermione and the Time-Turner, I had the same idea as Kayno. If Hermione is using the Time-Turner as often as she is, why isn’t she running into herself, or having other people run into her that shouldn’t? What happens to her “copies” after she’s done with classes? And does she retain the knowledge that these “copies” have learned? I mean, exactly how does that work? I have this mental image of her and her other “selves” morphing back into one Hermione. I mean, she says it’s dangerous for wizards and witches to meddle with time in case they run into each other, but does this apply to those who already know you’re using a Time-Turner? Wouldn’t it be okay for her to see a couple other copies because she knows what’s going on? Or are you supposed to lose your mind or something if this happens? Time paradoxes are the worst, even in the Wizarding world. Sometimes I can’t watch the PoA film without having a mental breakdown of some sort.

    As for boggarts, I think that a boggart could merely be the greatest fear that that person has at that time. In OotP, Molly is faced with her family dead, lying on the floor, due to the war. But if she had faced one pre-GoF, I doubt she would be worried by this. So boggarts themselves change for you, as your fears change. I think it’s safe to assume Ron and Harry’s may not change (although I personally think Harry’s should change after he figures out how to cast Expecto Patronum and repel a dementor), but I can’t see a person being afraid of a bloody mummy all their lives. And for that matter, what if someone’s fear is abstract? By this I mean, what if someone’s fear is, oh shall we say, ending up alone in the end? Or failure at life? If Harry hadn’t thought of dementors, but actually thought of fear itself, would the boggart turn into a dementor anyway? Also, how can you even tell between a boggart and your worst fear, should you come across it? I mean, I guess a boggart coming out of a dark enclosed space would be a dead giveaway, but imagine if they didn’t live there and just roamed the country. How could you even begin to try and figure out which it is, in the split-second you have to decide and save yourself? Harry blasts the boggart in the maze in GoF with Expecto Patronum, only to figure out it was a boggart. How did the others figure out it was only a boggart?

    And about Snape and Neville, I also wondered whether Snape actually heard the part of the prophecy that said, “the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord comes as the seventh month dies, born to those who had thrice defied him” or however it’s put. Because, unless Dumbledore told him about it, there’s no way he could have found out about Neville being the only other choice for the Chosen One. I think it’s possible Dumbledore could have told him, just because Snape seemed to be one of the ones who knew literally everything, but I think it’s also possible he chose not to tell him that in case Snape took it out on Neville. Huh. Burning questions are burning.

  40. Casey, in terms of the Time-Turner: the thing to remember is that there’s only *one* Hermione. When she travels back in time, she’s not making copies of herself, she’s merely traveling through time. So from Hermione’s perspective, here’s how it might go:
    She starts the day by going to Charms at 9am. When Charms finishes at 10, she sneaks off, turns the Time-Turner, and returns back to 9am (from Ron and Harry’s perspective, it would seem she’s *disappeared*, to answer your question of where the copies go). Now it’s 9am, and she’s headed to Ancient Runes. But she knows where she was when it was 9am for her the first time on her way to Charms – so she avoids those places this time around, and therefore doesn’t run into herself. And at 10am this time around, she heads from Ancient Runes back to where she disappeared after Charms to meet back up with Harry and Ron. If anybody was following her from Charms, she seemed to disappear from one place and appear in another; if anybody was following her from Ancient Runes, nothing seemed odd. But it’s the same Hermione the whole time, so she retains all of the knowledge.

    Does that help explain?

  41. Sort of, Josie. But then why do they almost run into themselves at the end of the book, if there’s one *one* version of themselves? Is this situation different for some reason, because they’re deliberately watching their steps? Is the reason Hermione doesn’t run into herself when she rejoins Harry and Ron us because that version of herself has already disappeared to go back in time? I think i just answered my own question. She must have some serious timing capabilities to keep up with all that.

  42. This is Hermione Granger we’re talking about. If anyone could have that kind of timing, it’s her.

  43. It’s the same situation, just more complicated in some ways. But the way the book is written actually helps. Think of how you read the book: in chapters 16-20 you read about Harry visiting Hagrid, going into the Shrieking Shack, and then watching Lupin transform into a werewolf. But in chapter 21 you read about Harry traveling back and watching all those things happen again. From Harry’s perspective, chapter 21 happens *after* chapters 16-20. He’s already lived 16-20, and now he’s living 21 – the only slight complication is that from everyone else’s perspective, chapter 21 happens at the same time as chapters 16-20, so the same Harry exists in two places at once.

    Alternately, suppose Hagrid and Harry are both wearing watches. At 6pm, both of their watches would say 6pm. But at midnight, Hagrid’s would say midnight, and Harry’s would say 3am – because he’s lived three extra hours by living from 7-10pm (or whatever it is) twice. If Hermione was wearing a watch all year, she’d have to keep resetting it every time she used the time-turner or it would be many days off from everyone else’s by the end of the year.

    You’re right about the reason Hermione doesn’t run into herself. It would indeed be a challenge.

  44. My other question is, how did the other students in Hermione’s extra classes never say anything to anyone about how Hermione was in their class at the same time as the classes Harry and Ron have with Hermione? It seems like a longshot that none of those students would at least be Gryffindors that could let something slip. This would confirm everything Ron has been on the edge of discovering the entire year. This seems to be one of the only books where Ron is actually completely right about something. I mean, he isn’t thinking to himself, “Hermione must be using a Time-Turner to get to class!” but he is wondering just how she keeps disappearing and reappearing at odd times. I suppose he’s just paying more attention to Hermione, whether he knows about his feelings toward her yet or not. It’s funny that he can pay attention to something like this, and then not see simple things, like realizing she’s a *girl* until GoF, or buying her a really unusual-smelling perfume for Christmas. I think that’s why Ron bothers me so much. He can be so daft at times, and then completely surprise you the next moment with his intelligence and focus.

  45. Fascinating discussions of Boggarts and Time-Turners! I’ve been enjoying going through these pages again and seeing all the recent comments.

    The difficulty of dealing with a Boggart, to my thinking, is in really knowing beforehand what your own greatest fear is. For example, one of the students might have approached the Boggart thinking that what she feared most was a vampire, only to have the Boggart manifest itself to her as her parents dying or her friends rejecting her. Lupin’s students were very fortunate that they all identified their worst fears correctly.

  46. To continue the discussion about Hermione’s classes and the time-turner, the thing that surprises me most is that no students from other houses though it was odd that Hermione was in their classes. Let me explain.

    Going back a chapter to PoA6, after breakfast HRH go off to Divination together. From the other names mentioned in Trelawney’s class (Neville, Dean Seamus, Parvati & Lavender), it seems that only Gryffindors are present (which makes sense, as students seem to always attend classes with others in their house). However, at breakfast, Ron noted that Hermione’s schedule says that she has Divination, Muggle Studies and Arithmancy all at nine o’clock. But this must mean that none of the other Gryffindors that we know well are taking Muggle Studies or Arithmancy in the same class as Hermione as they are all in Divination (it’s possible that the two unnamed Gryffindor girls are in one of Hermione’s Muggle Studies or Arithmancy classes, but we’ll never know). Then, the same group of Gryffindors seem to also be present in McGonagall’s Transfiguration lesson second period (as none of them clap for her display of animagus skills because they are preoccupied with thinking about Harry’s Grim death omen), and also the same group is present at Hagrid’s care of Magical Creatures class in the afternoon (which it says the Gryffindors have with the Slytherins).

    So, I guess my question is: wouldn’t students in other houses in the school find it odd that Hermione was (presumably) the only Gryffindor in their Muggle Studies and Arithmancy classes (amongst other overlapping subjects)? It’s surprising that more clues didn’t surface for Ron to ponder (ex. a Hufflepuff asking Hermione for Muggle Studies notes or a Ravenclaw wanting to be study partners for Arithmancy). Or did Muggle Studies and Arithmancy, etc. have such a blend of students from other houses that this passed unnoticed? It just doesn’t seem to work with how we see the rest of the classes structured, with houses travelling together from class to class.

  47. Andrea, the subjects that you are describing are the ones which were chosen at the end of second year, what I know as electives.

    Assume that Hermione is the only student that is doubling (or tripling) up on classes, then it is also safe to assume no student that is doing Divination is also doing Muggle Studies for example. That means that no student (with the exception of Ron and Harry) knows that Hermione is taking several classes at once.

    I say that because most evidence shows that Hermione had few or no friends besides Ron and Harry (she was very unpopular in her first couple months at Hogwarts), and she only let them look at her timetable by mistake, therefore I find it improbable that anyone besides the teachers, Harry Ron and Hermione knew about the time turner.It was only because of Harry and Rons slowness that they didn’t realise something was up.

    As for the ‘good Slytherin’ debate. I think that the only Slytherins that are mentioned in the series are the bad ones. You also see Slughorn, who was a Slytherin and less obvious, Blaise Zabini. Zabini never shows any good qualities but he does not do anything openly evil towards anyone else. The slight animosity between him and Harry and be put down to 1. the general dislike of Slytherins to Gryffindors and 2. being friends with Draco Malfoy for 5 years

  48. Something I’ve always wondered was what would happen if you succumbed to the fear you felt during a boggart attack? Could the boggart attack you if your fear was some sort of creature? Or is its aim merely to paralyze you with fear? For example, we know that Harry feels the cold clamminess that a dementor causes even in boggart form; could the boggart-dementor have the full effects of a dementor and swoop down and kiss Harry? Or could it really just be trying to scare him into submission so that he doesn’t have enough fortitude to use ‘riddikulus’ against it? But then what happens after that? He just lies on the ground in fetal position until someone comes to rescue him?
    I have a lot of questions, I know, but I find boggarts unendingly fascinating! (And scary!)

  49. Mandy, I always wondered the same thing! But I really think that it just tries to scare you, or else it might be fatal. (imagine you were scared of a bomb going off where you are, the whole room would explode and everyone in there would die!)
    Also, I always thought the fears the third years have are a bit stupid. (a mummy, a banshee, a severed hand, an eyeball??) I mean they are pretty ridiculous! I know the children are quite young and might not have very horrible fears, but I think those are quite… odd?
    As well as that, if your fear is something like, I dunno, being rejected, what would your boggart turn into? If you were afraid of the dark, would the whole room be plunged into darkness? I’m claustrophobic, would the boggart turn into walls and surround me?
    And finally, I always thought professor Moody took a risk making them face their fears at that age and in front of everyone. They might have been humiliated by their fear itself (eg. if someone fears, let’s say, a dog (no offense to people afraid of dogs!!)) and they might be humiliated by not being able to face their fear.

  50. Hey, I came across this blog yesterday, and I have to say it`s absolutely amazing!! The artwork is really beautiful and imaginative and the “About the chapter”-part very interesting, made me realise a few things I had not seen before.
    As for this chapter, I always thought it might be that Snape leaves the classroom for another reason, because he certainly would not want Lupin or the students, especially Harry, to see what his boggart looks like? (we don`t know of course, but I bet it has something to do with his past and Lily)
    About the time turner thing, what bothered me most about it is that Hermione warns Harry all the time that he is not supposed to show himself to his past self. After all, she has experienced the past already and knows that they didn`t see themselves (in contrast to that she didn`t see Buckbeak executed or anything that would contradict what they are about to do and see) It would make sense to warn about not being seen by others, because she doesn`t know what happened in the castle while they were in the Shrieking Shack, but regarding everything that happened next to her, she knows that everything she and Harry will do now, will somehow have to fit in the “first picture”.

  51. Hi! Love this site.

    Okay, there’s atleast two Hermiones, the REAL one, (H) and the Time Turner Hermione.

    They are both at classes at the same time, Hermione is in Artimancy (or something else, while Time-Hermione is in potions class. So Ron and Harry is in fact talking to the Hermione who went back in time, not the “real” one. After the walk out from the classroom, Time-Hermione dissappears as her “time is out” and they later meet the real one ahead, who’s finished her class in Artimancy.

    They see her put it back in her bag since she’s just used it to go back in time for her potions class. It’s very confusing though… :)

  52. John, I think the thing I disagree with in your assessment is the implication that the Time Turner Hermione is not “real.” There aren’t two different Hermiones; there’s just one, and she experiences everything as a single person. She’s just using a tool to circumvent the laws of time so that she’s able to be in two places at once.

  53. Ah ok, I just used those words to make it easier to understand. You agree with the rest then?

  54. While reading this chapter again, I started to wonder wether Snape would have saved Trevor’s life with some kind of antidote (he seems to have all kinds of bottles in his robes after all), if it turned out he was dying from Neville’s potion, or just let him die? It seems like a Snape thing to do, just giving Neville a big scare just to be mean, but not really following it all the way through… or maybe I just want to think no teacher can be that cruel :/
    Also, why do Neville bring his toad to class?!

    About Boggarts, on the other hand; I figure they just turn into stuff that has a physical body, or things it can manage to turn into – like a dead family member, a clown if you have clown phobia and so on, but not being able to turn into fear of being rejected or fear of being unloved, for example. After all, at least I find it hard to rank my fears in some kind of order – if the boggart can’t manage the greatest fear, maybe it’ll take the next?
    But I do quite like the idea Luna came up with, with a boggart being able to turn into walls if it faces somebody suffering from claustrophobia! Perhaps it could turn into something that symbolizes the fear, like with Lupin – he doesn’t transform into a werewolf infront of the class, after all. He just sees something that he mentally connects to the fear.

  55. Regarding the timetable, I think JKR clears this up very well in OotP. Each day has two periods of 45 minutes (or one double of 90), followed by break, followed by two more periods, followed by lunch, followed by three periods. This is realistic; it’s what you might typically find in a British secondary school.

    Regarding the Boggarts: I think one point JKR wants to make is that only Harry, and maybe Neville, have ever had to face anything really terrifying. The other students have had pretty sheltered lives; they are either afraid of small things or of things they are never likely to meet. I agree that the Boggar takes the form of your present preoccupation.

    1. Harry fears Dementors because they re-evoke the murder of his parents.

    2. Neville fears Snape because Snape can destroy what he loves (Trevor here symbolises the loss of his own parents).

    3. Lupin fears the moon because it makes him a werewolf.

    4. Ron fears spiders. This is a realistic terror because he has actually faced down acromantulae; but he had arachnophobia before that happened.

    5. Dean fears a severed hand. I really like Zachary James’ suggestion that this is linked to his artistic talent.

    6. Seamus fears the banshee, which is a specifically Irish horror, so perhaps a family member has met one.

    7. I’m guessing that Lavender fears the eyeball. We know she isn’t afraid of Blast-Ended Skrewts, so nasty animals don’t bother her, but of course Hogwarts’ resident fashion-plate would be disgusted by anatomical horrors.

    8. Although it’s not shown in this chapter, Ron correctly guesses that Hermione fears academic failure – more, apparently, than Basilisks or social rejection!

    9. Parvati fears the mummy, which sounds suspiciously as if she has been listening to horror stories in the dark.

    10. Similarly, there are no rattlesnakes in Britain (except in zoos), so the girl who is terrified of them is not fearing a past or probable event but only her own fantasies.

    11. The girl who fears the rat has probably had a specific bad experience, similar to Ron’s childhood encounter with the spider. But if this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her – not those nightmarish fantastic beasts but the common brown rat! – she’s had a pretty sheltered life. And, yes, I do wonder how she gets along with Scabbers.

  56. First- Omg y’all are making my head hurt with the Time Turner theories.

    Second- I’m not sure if Peeves actually knew about Lupin being a werewolf, and if he did would he really care? Peeves is all about having fun and making chaos and that would end all too soon if Lupin was outed right then and there. I think, like the others mentioned he was testing Lupin to see what he’d do. I mean, look at the Weasley twins and Percy. They give Percy absolute hell for being a prefect. In fact, at one point, didn’t they say that Percy becoming head boy was “Absolutely shameful” or something like that? Peeves probably remembers the Marauders(sp?) and wants to see what Lupin’s gonna do now since he’s a ‘respectable, rule-abiding, teacher’. Has to set a good example in front of all his students, doesn’t he? Course he gets around that by shooting gum up Peeves’ nose. Nothing too bad, but still a spell a prankster would use imo.

    Third- I think, and this is just my theory really, that Snape would know that Neville was ‘ the other Boy-Who-Lived.’ Dumbledore (or somebody else in the book idk) states at one point that both the Potters and the Longbottoms go into hiding. Voldemort is one of those villains that seems to plot and reason things out before he does something (before he lost his sanity anyways.) He chose Harry, but he knew there were others. I’m positive he would have had his minions find all the wizarding children born around that time that matched the conditions for the part of the prophecy he heard. And since the Wizarding community has been shown as a small, connected society, where almost everybody’s related or knows each other in some way it probably wasn’t that hard to figure out.

  57. @GhV: I always love the insight in your comments!

    @HentaiTenshi: Does it ever say in the books or in an interview that the Longbottoms were in hiding? I don’t recall that being a detail.

  58. If you say it’s not then it probably isn’t. I’m not gonna lie, I was seriously stretching my memory there. It’s been a while so there’s no doubt that I could be wrong on that. The rest is mostly theory anyway so you can blow it all off if you want. : )

  59. Well, I’m sort of distracted by my three-month-old, so I’ll just have to wait for Josie or one of our librarian friends to look it up. :D

  60. awwwwww. <3 Sorry I just had to say it, I LOVE kids!!

  61. I don’t recall (and can’t find now) a quote that specifically references the Longbottoms going into hiding. However, I think it’s probably a safe assumption that they did. Dumbledore knew via Snape that Voldemort was targeting the Potters; however it would have been pretty foolhardy to assume that the Longbottoms were therefore completely safe. I’d bet they were under a protection similar to that of the Potters.

  62. All the talk about Time Turners has boggled me. Seriously, it’s enough to give one a massive headache. A big thumbs up to those who still endeavored to make sense of it though. :)

    Boggarts are such fascinating creatures! I guess Lupin thought ‘facing one’s greatest fears’ is a great way to start his DADA lessons, in light of recent occurrences. This proves that not only is he a capable teacher, but also a caring one, because of the concern he showed in this moment towards his students. Lupin also mentioned that no one knows what a boggart looks like in its real form. Makes me wonder what Moody saw in the rattling drawer in OoTP.

  63. A semi-easy way to visualize Hermione time traveling: Look at a Z . Starting at the top left, Hermione goes to her first class. When the top line reaches the right (or the class period ends), she finds a secluded spot and turns the Time Turner, going back (and to a different spot in the books, I like the idea of finding an empty area being part of the Time Turner magic) and then attends her second class (the bottom line of the Z ). So, there’s only one Hermione, but she’s repeating, say, 8AM – 9 AM. Her day lasts 25 hours (or however long depending on how many classes), but everyone else’s still only lasts 24 hours. And if you happened to peek into both of her classes during that hour, YOU would see two Hermiones, but SHE is just experiencing a really long day.

    I always picture a ribbon or piece of paper folded, but I can’t show you that on the computer, so I figured a Z would help you visualize it.

  64. @Sophia I love the idea of Snape leaving because he didn’t want the students to see what his Boggart is. I really want to know what his is now.

    Whenever exams come along or I have a lot of deadlines I always wish for a time turner (or Bernard’s watch which can stop time for the owner). I could go to the main library and do a couple of hours work, use the time turner and go to the smaller library, use it again and go home and have a nap then work in my room, use it again and work in the college library. I’d have done 8 hours work in just 2 hours. After I’ve caught up with myself I would have another nap and then start the whole thing again. I would ace my exams.

  65. About Moody, I’ve always supposed that the Boggart in the drawer just turned into Moody’s greatest fear, which Moody was sure couldn’t be there, like when it turned into the children’s bodies for Molly later while they were downstairs, and he was told that it probably was a boggart.

  66. I’m surprised that out of all the terrors he’s seen, Harry fears the Dementors the most. Although at the time what he thought he saw was the Grim and was told by Trelawney about him inpending doom, it still makes me curious that of all things the Dementor takes first place. Perhaps because it was brushed off by McGonagall and that his interaction with the Dementor on the train carried a much more traumatic experience than seeing a large dog, recognizing the dog as what he’s seen on the cover of Flourish and Blotts and being told he has the Grim by a fortune teller. Maybe since he’s essentially escaped death prior times before it doesn’t hold a candle to the experience he felt with the Dementor, which literally subjected him to the terror his parents have felt for him and for themselves the night of the murder. Just a thought.

  67. Josie, I believe you are absolutely correct when you mentioned that Harry’s watch would be X hours ahead of Hagrid’s watch. X, of course, being the number of hours one spent traveling through time. This, as you stated, means that Hermione must adjust her watch every time she uses the Time Turner if she wishes it to be accurate, which I assume she does. But what hasn’t been mentioned yet is the implications of such information.

    For example, Hogwarts is located somewhere in Scotland and thus part of the United Kingdom. Though not all schools in the UK operate in the same way, and we cannot know for sure, all the evidence seems to indicate that Hogwarts follows a typical Trimester school calendar. The first Trimester takes place from September to Christmas; the second from Christmas to Easter, and the third from Easter to mid-June. This means that there will be approximately 190 to 200 days of instruction. Assuming that Hermione used her Time Turner 4 times each day of instruction, for an hour each time. This reveals that Hermione spent as much as 32 additional days at Hogwarts in relation to her fellow students!!! No wonder she was exhausted.

  68. Following on Matthew’s (and others) notes about the Time-Turner, yes, Hermione spent “extra” time at Hogwarts during her third year compared to the other students. Another point to be made about that is that she is OLDER by the end of the year (by at least several weeks) than she would have been without the Time-Turner, at least from the perspective of how long her own body has been alive. In the “Time Travel Confusions” category, this would also mean in a certain sense that her birthday on the calendar is not REALLY her birthday, at least not in terms of measuring the exact amount of time that has passed since her birth–again, from the perspective of her own body and experiences.

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