Diagon Alley

chapter five of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley, where they buy his school supplies. There, Harry runs into Draco Malfoy in Madam Malkin’s and instantly dislikes him; Hagrid buys Harry a snowy owl for a pet; and Harry buys his first wand, which he learns shares a core with that of Voldemort.

Setting Off, by Tealin Raintree

“Seems a shame ter row, though,” said Hagrid, giving Harry another of his sideways looks. “If I was ter – er – speed things up a bit, would yeh mind not mentionin’ it at Hogwarts?”


Diagon Alley, by Keith James

“Welcome,” said Hagrid, “to Diagon Alley.”


Harry Potter Diagon Alley, by Mel Tregonning

Harry wished he had about eight more eyes. He turned his head in every direction as they walked up the street, trying to look at everything at once….


Gringotts Bank, by NicoPony

“Got it,” said Hagrid at last, holding up a tiny golden key. The goblin looked at it closely. “That seems to be in order.”


by mneomosyne

Harry’s eyes stung as the cold air rushed past them, but he kept them wide open.


First Meeting, by TomScribble

“Father says it’s a crime if I’m not picked to play for my house, and I must say, I agree. Know what house you’ll be in yet?”


Ollivander, by Sanna Lorenzen

Mr. Ollivander touched the lightning scar on Harry’s forehead with a long, white finger. “I’m sorry to say I sold the wand that did it,” he said softly.


Harry's Wand, by Hala Zabaneh

Harry took the wand. He felt a sudden warmth in his fingers….


Mr. Ollivander, by Laurence Peguy

“I think we must expect great things from you, Mr. Potter…. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things – terrible, yes, but great.”


about the chapter


Something You May Not Have Noticed

The price Harry pays for his wand from Ollivander – seven Galleons – translates to thirty-five pounds, or about $60-$70. It seems steep at first, until you think about the challenges inherent in obtaining unicorn tail hairs, dragon heartstrings, or phoenix feathers. Add on the fact that Ollivander is the best craftsman in the country and one of the best in the world, and the price begins to seem downright cheap! I do wonder whether all of his wands cost the same amount, though.

Something Else You May Not Have Noticed

When Hagrid tells Harry he flew to get to the island, we don’t think much of it – after all, we’ve already seen him do so. However, his motorbike isn’t on the island the next morning, and we’ll learn later that Hagrid is too heavy to fly on brooms or on the backs of magical creatures. So how did he get there? One clever idea is that he’s actually saying he took the Floo, another form of wizarding transportation – but this requires a fireplace, and there almost certainly isn’t one outside the hut. In the end, it’s probably just an inconsistency in the writing; or, we can simply say that he used a method of flight that we don’t otherwise know anything about.

Something Else You May Not Have Noticed

When Harry and Hagrid leave the Hut-on-the-Rock for shore, they take the Dursleys’ boat – and thus the only means the Dursleys have of getting off the island. So while Harry and Hagrid spend the day in London, Harry’s aunt, uncle, and cousin are spending the day in a cold, wet shack with moldy blankets and no food. No food, that is, except the remains of Harry’s birthday cake, which he doesn’t seem to take with him. Regardless, when Harry takes the train “back to the Dursleys” at the end of the day, it seems he’s not going to Privet Drive, but rather to rescue them from their predicament.

The Boy Who Lived

In chapter one I noted that in one twenty-four hour span, Harry’s life changed completely and dramatically through the death of his parents, his being marked by Voldemort, and his being dropped off on the Dursleys’ doorstep. Here, on his eleventh birthday, Harry learns he’s a wizard – and his life once again takes a one-day turn into something that would have been unfathomable to him the day before. Harry will only experience an event this dramatic once more in his lifetime – but we’ve got seven books to get through before we can say any more about that. ;)

Something to Remember

It will be years before Harry fully learns the significance of the fact that his wand shares its core with that of Lord Voldemort, but it will prove to be a critical piece of his young life story.

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  1. Actually, we see Hermione pay the owl when it delivers the Prophet on several occasions.

  2. Hi Jen,

    Right you are. That’s what I get for not double-checking my facts. :) I’ll get to work on fixing this – Thanks!

  3. What the… Keith James only used a picture done by Paul Kidby of Terry Pratchett’s Ankh-Morpork and turned it into Diagon Alley. Reeaaal original.

  4. I love the pictures of Olivander and his shop! He looks like he could be the ancient brother of St. Nick who decided he’d rather make wands than toys or delivering toys on Christmas. And I think the color sparks Harry’s wand shoots out look bloody brilliant! But I do say, I think the picture of Gringotts transportation system looks very much like a drawing from a Dr. Suess book.

  5. Hagrid might have been flown by Fawkes. The phoenix was able in “Chamber of Secrets” to lift several people.

  6. Ooh, good idea linden swallow. This hadn’t occurred to me, and as I’m always looking for answers that fit the explanations we have in canon, it’s definitely my favorite possibility thus far.

  7. Since we have been introduced to Thresalls, I have thought that Hagrid got to the rock using one of these.

  8. Apple, Hagrid says in Deathly Hallows that he’s too heavy for brooms or thestrals (it’s why he flies Harry on the motorbike instead). Until then, thestrals were what I’d always assumed he’d flown.

  9. Hagrid could have used the motorbike which Dumbledore had made into a “timed portkey”. He got to the island, the motorbike returned on it’s own during the early morning, then Hagrid & Harry take the boat to the mainland. If Hagrid arrived on the island on the downwind side, the noise of the motorbike would have been carried away from the hut and out to sea.

  10. Could Hagrid have apparated? He still has the pieces of his wand rememeber, inside his umbrella.

  11. Apparating is an idea for sure, and it could certainly be what Rowling had in mind. But it’s hard for me to see when Hagrid would have learned how to do it (remember that Harry, Ron, and Hermione learned in their sixth year at Hogwarts; Hagrid didn’t make it anywhere near that long before he was expelled). Plus you have to have a license, so if he’s doing it, he’s doing so illegally. And there’s the matter of the fact that he tells Harry he flew. So all in all, I still think Fawkes is the cleanest explanation.

  12. Again some of the things I noticed. Josie, please stop me if you think I’m going too far ahead with some of my comments.

    Hagrid asks Harry to keep him doing magic a secret. But won’t it be noticed? Harry is underaged and Hagrid was expelled, don’t they both have the trace on them? Yes, Hagrid was allowed to do some magic, but, as he said, to follow Harry and to get the letters to him. Hagrid has already sent an owl saying that he has achieved that. Or does Harry not have the trace on him yet, because he can’t control his magic yet? I know that Hagrid was talking about Hogwarts and the trace is by the Ministry, but still.

    Which subject do they need “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” for? They don’t start Care of Magical Creatures until third year.

    “Students may also bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad” and Ron brings… a rat!

    Do we know how much money Harry has? He seems to be rich compared to the Weasleys, but then in book 3 he thinks he had better not buy the firebolt because he still has some years of school ahead of him and suddenly it sounds as though he has to take care not to spend too much.

    About the twin cores: “The wand chooses the wizard.” Did maybe this particular wand choose Harry because of what we learn in book 7?

    “… but he blinked and Hagrid had gone.” This sounds as if he had Apparated, but as Josie stated above he probably can’t Apparate.

  13. Kim, you’re more than welcome to keep on posting your thoughts – I’m always open to more!

    I do think you’re right about why the wand chose Harry, at least in part. But I’ve been trying to avoid big spoilers on these pages, for the most part, so hopefully folks will make that connection. :)

    As far as the trace – Harry would certainly have the Trace on him, but my inclination is that Hagrid wouldn’t (Lupin says it’s “impossible” for an over-17 wizard to have it, remember). Perhaps Dumbledore told the Ministry that muggle-born first-years would be getting their visits from Hogwarts representatives, but didn’t say who would be visiting Harry – so the magic around Harry doesn’t arouse any suspicions (as far as they know it’s McGonagall or Flitwick picking him up). I also wonder if Hagrid is allowed to do magic – he’s not allowed to own a wand apparently (why not? There are plenty of incompetent adult wizards who own wands), but perhaps wandless magic would be acceptable? I’m just throwing out ideas, but no matter the solution I definitely agree that it’s a murky subject.

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong (or just mixing up the movies with the books–I’m away from my copies right now) but doesn’t Lee Jordan also bring an unacceptable pet; a tarantula? Although, I suppose if you’re looking for plot points, that one isn’t necessarily crucial . . . :)

  15. Lee does bring a tarantula, but being the twins’ best friend I can’t see him being very worried about school rules on pets :)

    I don’t think Hogwarts would really enforce rules against smaller pets like rats and tarantulas (Harry has some xmas cracker mice for a little while, but isn’t very careful about them!). They probably would only get involved if it was anything bigger or more dangerous than a cat – a Great Dane wouldn’t be very practucal in one of the dormitorys, never mind a magical pet (like an acromantula, hippogriff or dragon!)

  16. If you think about it, there’s no real reason why Hagrid would have the Trace on him once he became ‘of age.’ Think about all the Squibs that are out there, like Filch, who are trying to learn magic via Quikspell – they aren’t being policed. His wand was snapped, and we know he’s not supposed to use the pieces – Olivander lets us in on this in this very chapter, but he does anyway and no one seems to mind. The spells Hagrid is using are hardly worthy of a disiplinary hearing – Propulsion chardm (on the boat), engorgement charms on his pumpkins. And anyway, how would he access Diagon Alley without a want??

  17. I’d thought wands cost more than $60-$70, being so powerful. They’re really a wizard’s most prized possession–in DH, we see how attached Harry was to his wand. It’s sort of like buying a new appliance or something. Wand-makers make so many wands; I think they would find a way to magically “mass-produce” them.

    The Weasley’s were hesitant to replace Ron’s wand in CoS/PoA, though, because they didn’t have much money, so it’s debatable what the price should be.

  18. A comment about wand price, here– what “conversion” are we using for pounds to galleons? I’m pretty sure there have been a couple presented in different places that don’t exactly fit with each other.

    Personally, I don’t worry about trying to convert it and let wizarding money just stay what it is. But that’s really a very unsatisfactory explanation from an economic viewpoint because in my opinion all evidence points to a massive amount of trade between the wizarding and Muggle worlds.

  19. I think Harry does not have the Trace on him yet. After all, he’s not in school, he didn’t learn how to control it, so why would they monitor him?
    May be the Trace is applied to those who attend Hogwarts. After all, not all children go to school, some stay at home and learn magic from their parents.

  20. The Trace always confused me.
    But I do love fans’ interpretations of Diagon Alley. :)

  21. About the Trace: They know whom to invite to come to Hogwarts, so they know when a wizard is born.

  22. I put this on the previous chapter comments, but now realize it should be here:
    As far as Hagrid getting on the rock…since Dumbledore obviously was involved with getting Harry his letter (and wanted Hagrid to take him to get his supplies) I think it is probable that Dumbledore created a portkey to transport Hagrid to the rock. Technically it could be considered “flying” also…

  23. Harry’s wand shoots red and gold sparks in Olivanders. Is this a prediction for Gryffindor house?

  24. I remember the first time I ever read PS, I was shocked that Harry returns to the Dursleys at the end of this chapter. I guess I was expecting that once Hagrid arrived on the scene, Harry was leaving the “regular” world and his dreadful family for good. The last thing we know of the Dursleys from the previous chapter is Uncle Vernon roaring in anger and looking terrified before slamming the door to separate his family from Hagrid and Harry. Hagrid never explains to the Dursleys that he’s only taking Harry for a day of shopping, and I wonder if they ever expected that Harry would be back later that day.

    I think it’s interesting how Harry doesn’t even pay a passing thought as to how the Dursleys will leave the island the morning he and Hagrid head off in the boat on their way to Diagon Alley. I think it shows how Harry is completely preoccupied with all the new info about the wizarding world, and how little connection he has with his mother’s family. I think it’s great that Rowling never exactly explains how Hagrid gets to the island. This just adds to the sense of wonder, mystery and confusion, the same that Harry must be feeling.

    I love how you speculate about the “off-camera” day the Dursleys would have spent in the Hut-on-the-Rock. Can you imagine how angry Uncle Vernon would be when he realized the boat he hired was gone?

    It’s amazing how within families that we endure and dish out abuse that we would never stand for in our other relationships. I was so naïve the first time I read the book, I thought the encounter with Hagrid (and Dudley’s pig-tail especially) might have severed Harry’s relationship with his family permanently. In each successive book, it always seems that Harry has ‘pushed the limit’ and couldn’t possibly be allowed to return, but then he’ll turn up back with his family for the summer holidays. It seems Harry and the Dursleys are ‘stuck with each other’ and accept this simple fact.

    And thank goodness… this of course ensures Harry’s safety until he’s of age (and the Dursleys are delightfully terrible to read about too).

  25. I always wondered how Hagrid could use a broken wand, since Ron and Harry couldn’t in subsequent books, however after reading book 7, I think Dumbledore ‘fixed’ Hagrids’ wand for him so it was no longer broken and it was concealed in the umbrella to hide that fact from other wizards.

  26. Regarding the price of Harry’s wand (seven Galleons) – I’ve always thought this was very cheap, especially when in HBP Harry says that the cost of the Advanced Potion-Making textbook cost nine Galleons. The textbook was for one year’s study – the wand was for life-long use supposedly.

  27. @Andrea I agree with you that Dumbledore could have fixed it, because we saw it was possible with the Elder wand in Book 7. However, I also read another theory that since wands are proportional to the user. Umbringe’s wand is small because she is small, Hagrid’s was large. Since Hargrid’s wand was so large the ministry might not have been able to break the magical core all the way. Harry’s wand is still connected by a thread.

    Also, when you said “Harry will only experience an event this dramatic once more in his lifetime” which specific even were you talking about. It seems to me there’s been more than one after this event.

  28. Let me apologize in advance for all of the spoilers that are about to be in this comment.
    So, it’s safe to say that the “you know what in vault seven hundred and thirteen”, as Hagrid calls it, is the Philosopher’s Stone. What I don’t understand is the seemingly low level of security that it is being kept under. Of course, there might be other safeguards against it being stolen that Griphook didn’t mention, but as we see in this chapter when Hagrid takes it out of the vault, all of the protection the stone is under (that we can tell) is the architecture of Gringott’s vault system itself, and the door that will suck anyone but a Gringott’s Goblin inside and lock them in.
    When these standards of security are compared to the protection of the Lestrange vault in DH, they seem fairly lax. Since the Philosopher’s Stone is a well-known and important artifact to the wizarding community, (unlike Voldemort’s teacup horcrux) couldn’t someone at least cough up a few more galleons to rent a guard dragon or something?

  29. I have been thinking about the whole flying thing and the only possible explaination for how Hagrid vanishes so quickly after seeing Harry off on the train back to the Dursleys is apparation. If so, than he most likely used it to come and get Harry as well. It is certainly possible that DD taught Hagrid this skill along with fixing his wand.

    How the Dursley’s got off the island and back home has always puzzled me a bit. Maybe Hagrid just used a charm to send the boat back to the rock? We know DD has been monitoring Harry, so maybe he sent the boat back to the island? It may be far-fetched, but cellular/mobile phones were available, though very expensive. Could the Dursley’s have just phoned for help?

    This is one of those things I wish Rowling would clear up for us.

    I have never envisioned Harry returning to the boat and rescuing the Dursely’s. Wouldn’t they be absolutely furious and want to lock him up again? What would have made them change their minds about allowing Harry to go to Hogwarts and take him to King’s Cross Station? It seems somewhat out of character for them.

  30. I think I read somewhere that Mr Dursley only took Harry to the station because Harry had said that the train left from Platform 9 and 3/4, and they, of course, thought that it would be a good joke on Harry to leave him there because they thought that the Platform didn’t exist. It would be just like them!! They were all laughing when they left him between Platforms 9 and 10. Little did they know that the joke was on them!

  31. TK – the conversion I’m using is one Rowling gave in a 2001 interview, which you can find here. As far as I know this is the only time she ever gave an exchange, but it’s possible she said it somewhere else that I’m not aware of.

    Phoebe – the “dramatic event” I’m referring to is the climax of the seventh book, which I would say changes Harry’s life as much as finding out he’s a wizard.

    Pam – Vernon would have been unbelievably angry for sure, but remember that Harry now has a magic wand and it’s made pretty clear that the Dursleys are terrified of him (think of the pig’s tail… they don’t know that he’s not capable of that yet). Terrified, that is, at least until they learn a year later that he’s not allowed to use magic at home. Plus there’s also the fact that Harry returning would have saved the Dursleys from a pretty sticky situation….

  32. Thanks. Though I still think spoiler sirius dieing is equal in dramatics to this.

  33. Just had a thought on Hagrid’s method of flying to the rocky isle. Could he have possibly used a flying carpet? We know from GF7 that they are proscribed, but not when the ban was put into effect. Even if they were banned at this point, I’m not so certain that this would bother Hagrid too much.Flying it at sea late at night there would be little chance of his being spotted. But leaving the next morning, Hagrid perhaps wouldn’t want to take the chance. Of course that leaves the question of what he did with it. I think now, perhaps Linden had the best idea, that Fawkes carried him.

  34. I really like TomScribble’s drawing of Harry meeting Malfoy in Madame Malkin’s. At first glance, I would have sworn it was a Charles Addams from the New Yorker.

  35. I have re-read this passage and I am thinking that the best explanation for Hagrid having flown, aside from just assuming that JKR just didn’t think this through (which is probably what really happened), is Fawkes. However, it still leaves open how he disappeared so quickly when he left Harry after they were done in Diagon Alley.

  36. well. honestly ive never given a thought as to how the dursleys got of the island. as far as i can tell its not important. yet again i read the book when i was 7 years old. thats what? 6 years ago now? yeah it is. and honestly all these little things have just now been brought to light in my young ADD ridden mind. oh well. its pretty kool

  37. I find it really interesting that Mr Ollivander says James Potter’s wand was ‘excellent for transfiguration’. I love rereading the books, you pay way more attention to details and hints JKR gave here and there.

  38. @Phoebe
    I wish I could take the credit, but it was actually ginger who had the idea that Dumbledore used the Elder Wand to fix Hagrid’s wand. A great theory I think!

    And I know that Josie said the other “dramatic event” she was referring to was the climax of the seventh book, but I agree with you that there are some other moments to rival it — most significantly the graveyard resurrection of Voldemort in the Goblet of Fire. I think for Harry it’s another “one-day turn into something that would have been unfathomable to him the day before” — Cedric being senselessly murdered, Harry’s own blood being used to help create Voldemort’s new body, discovery of the twin cores, Voldemort sharing the protection of Lily’s blood, Harry shifting from being considered the much loved “Boy Who Lived” to becoming trouble-making “Boy Who Lies”… a fairly significant turn of events in a short time.

  39. Andrea, you’re right about my dramatic point, and also that the graveyard resurrection would be pretty significant as well. But I still think that if I were ordering a list, the end of GF would be a distant third behind the significance of those other two moments. Cedric’s death and Voldemort’s return have a profound effect on Harry, but both of the other two events completely and totally alter the course of his life, in a way that I wouldn’t say the night in the graveyard did. He had already been fighting Voldemort for three years in many ways, and while seeing Cedric murdered certainly changed Harry, I think it’s in a different way.

    Of course now I’m thinking about what other moments I would choose if I *were* making a list (“Top ten moments that changed Harry’s life!”). Sirius’s death/learning the prophecy, Dumbledore’s death, the day Harry’s name came out of the Goblet, founding of the D.A…. he’s led quite a life, no? I’m not sure I’ve ever had a day that changed my life as significantly as *any* of those changed Harry’s.

  40. Josie, it’s interesting that the two events that “completely and totally alter the course” of Harry’s life are positive events! Discovering that he is a wizard, and then living to see the end of Voldemort, are incredibly happy moments compared to most of the other events that affected Harry’s life (involving a lot of stress, death and pain). It makes me think of Harry’s first attempts to conjure a patronus. He had such few happy memories to focus on, but the one that finally worked was the powerful moment in which he found out he was a wizard and would be leaving the Dursley’s. You’re right… it’s a completely life-changing event!

  41. I like the comment Harry makes about his parents keeping their money in the house. It implies something else about the Dursley’s to me. How much money must they keep in the house for other purposes in order for Harry to think this is normal? Most people think Harry’s just being stupid but what if he’s just speaking from his experience?

  42. Emma, I think you might be reading too much into that comment. Harry’s eleven years old, and probably just not thinking about it one way or another. It’s hard for me to imagine the Dursleys letting Harry find out where they keep their money.

  43. I know what you mean but I can just imagine Vernon taking out cash and sticking it in a jar somewhere high up so Petunia can use it for groceries and stuff. Plus in later books the comments about Dudley with cigarettes and alcohol, he’d totally steal money from the food jar just to get it.
    And Harry does have some awareness of money, Dudley taunts him with a smirk when he gets money of Aunt Marge in book 3, I could imagine him stealing money and taunting Harry about it.
    But also I didn’t so much mean my original comment how i put it. I mean he probabley only see’s them dealing with cash and has probably never been to the bank with them so just assumes they’ve hidden in the house.

  44. I think I would either say Fawkes took him or Dumbledore used side-along apparition to transport him. Given that there was a storm, and the sound of the sea hitting the rocks, I doubt Harry or anyone else would have thought anything of the loud CRACK noise that comes with such transportation.

  45. RE: Hagrid getting to the hut.

    As hagrid was emptying out his pockets, he had a number of things. One was the copper kettle. Any of those objects could have been a portkey. That is my asessment. As to how the boat got back to the island, I think I read that JKR said in a PC that fishermen picked the up.

  46. Prongs, there are lots of ways Hagrid could have gotten to the island, but most of the discussion (and my curiosity) comes from the fact that he specifically *tells* Harry that he flew. Hagrid doesn’t seem the type to me to say he flew if he took a Portkey, you know?

  47. I wonder if the pouches attached to the legs of the owls delivering the Daily Prophet have one of those Extendable Charms on it like Hermione’s bag from Deathly Hallows?

    On which subject the books on Harry’s booklist are for:

    A History of Magic, A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration, and Magical Drafts and Potions are obviously for History of Magic, Transfiguration, and Potions respectively. We learn later that One Thousand Magic Herbs and Fungi is for Potions and I think it is used for Herbology as well. The Dark Force: A Guide to Self-Protection is for Defence Against the Dark Arts. I think The Standard Book of Spells the Charms book. As far as Magical Theory and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I am not sure what subjects those two books would be good for.

  48. Hagrid’s wand is still in two pieces? Or did Dumbledore mend it with the Elder Wand and disguise it as a pink umbrella? (if it is the case then Dumbledore didn’t said Hagrid that the wand was repaired, Hagrid usually lets slip this kind of information)

  49. About the thestrals , maybe Hagrid used magic to make them bigger so he can use them, but using magic on animal is against the law. That is why Hagrid is affraid that somebody discover how he came on the island.

  50. Who says using magic on animals is against the law? I can think of many instances throught out the series that magic was used on animals/creatures. GOF probably has the most examples of that.

  51. Maybe the value of Harry’s wand had been greatly reduced considering the relationship it had to Voldemort’s wand.

  52. I also like to think of the fact that Dudley has just gotten a pig’s tail… and the Dursleys have recieved no explanation about that… So I don’t think it’s too much to assume they spend most of the day on the island trying to get it off… imagine Vernon tugging on Dudley’s tail violently while he squeals and whines and Petunia is hysterical. Altogether, not a great day for them.

  53. Just been reading through the comments and noticed another Amy who isn’t around in the later comments. That could get confusing. Anyway, I made this comment in the previous chapter but I think it’s more relevant here:

    About how Hagrid flew to the island. I think it’s safe to suggest Marry Poppins is a witch. She obviously cast an undetectable extension charm on her bag. Marry Poppins’ favourite mode of travel is her umbrella. I think we need to take a closer look at Hagrid’s pink brolly…

  54. *sigh* Diagon Alley… my most favorite imaginary place in the world! The shops and the stuff they sell there are amusing and entertaining to read about. It truly is a place which gives color to the wizarding world. Keith James’ portrait is a marvelous one!

    Just a sidenote: The ice creams, which Hagrid bought, ought to have come from Florean Fortescue’s.

    About Hagrid’s method of travelling though, I previously suggested that he might have taken thestrals or used a Portkey. However, I missed out on the fact that Hagrid was too heavy for any thestral to carry. As for the Portkey, well, it does give one a sensation similar to flying, no? All the same, it’s a huge enigma to me. Linden Swallow’s theory – using Fawkes – is starting to make sense now. Though, why not have Fawkes stay with Hagrid, so as to take both him and Harry back? Dumbledore must have needed his phoenix back immediately for some other reason unknown to us.

    Kim and Jeremy, Magical Theory and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them could have only been supplementary textbooks, don’t you think? There’s plenty of theory being used in Transfiguration and in Charms, and they do use body parts of creatures for Potion-making. I dunno… the whole thing strikes me as such, though.

    Ollivander’s memory astounds me. For an ancient and famous wand-maker such as himself, almost all (or more than half) of the wizarding world must have been buying their wands from him, yet “he remembers every wand he’s ever sold”. He does have a HUGE thing for wands, that’s for sure.

  55. I always assumed that as DD trusted Hagrid and knew he didn’t commit the crime he was thrown out for all along, that as well as fixing his wand he trained him up slightly, which is partly why he was offered the groundskeepers job, so DD could keep an eye on him and give him more of an education

  56. GYM –

    I totally agree about Dumbledore wanting to keep a close eye on Hagrid and “train him up” a bit. We all know how Dumbledore likes to monitor other peoples’ lives… And after his past experiences (SPOILER – What happened to Arianna), I have a feeling he’d be afraid to let an untrained wizard just go running free in the world.

    I also read another comment that talked about how wand sizes are proportional to the wizard… What if the umbrella IS Hagrid’s wand? Most people have always assumed he keeps the pieces stashed inside, but umbrella handles can be made out of wood, right? I can imagine Dumbledore fixing the wand, only to disguise it as something a bit quaint like a pink umbrella.

  57. On Hagrid “flying” the island:

    Describing a portkey might have been information overload for Harry, and Hagrid might have suspected this. So maybe he just simplified it. Also, since Sirius would have been in prison at this point, I don’t think he would have used the motorcycle. Even if there was someone to fly it off the island again.

    On Harry’s wand shooting Gryffindor colored sparks:

    I’ve wondered this myself. Do the other kids have the same experience? They must, right. So, if they do, are the sparks a foreshadow to the house they will be in?

  58. Lizzy –

    I think the red and gold sparks are indicative of the phoenix feather core more so than a foreshadowing of Harry going into Gryffindor.

  59. I’ve always wondered why Hagrid’s broken wand works so well for him. He made a mistake with the pig tail with Dudley, but other than that, the pieces work pretty well for him, albeit Hagrid only uses relatively simple spells. This is in contrast to how poorly Ron’s wand worked for him after it was only mostly broken in Chamber of Secrets. We know Dumbledore’s wand *could* have fixed Hagrid’s wand, as it fixed Harry’s in Deathly Hollows, so maybe Dumbledore fixed it, perhaps without ever telling Hagrid he did. About the “flew” to the island bit, I do think it’s just one of those details J. K. Rowling hadn’t worked out yet, but we can explain it with Fawkes, even if that’s now what Rowling was thinking at the time. Hagrid said it wasn’t an easy journey, so I don’t think a portkey would be the means of transport, since the stormy weather wouldn’t have made a difference if he had used a portkey.

  60. I’ve given it some thought and I agree that Fawkes flying Hagrid to the Hut is a very likely explanation rather than a Portkey for the same reasons BestSeriesEver mentioned above: ‘Hagrid said it wasn’t an easy journey, so I don’t think a portkey would be the means of transport, since the stormy weather wouldn’t have made a difference if he had used a portkey.’ Also Hagrid had been following the Dursley’s around as they fled the letters, continuing to bombard them with more of those pesky envelopes. (Hagrid says somewhere that he was allowed to use magic to get Harry his letters and to come and see him).

    However he may have used a Portkey when Harry saw him disappear at the train station. Dumbledore may have made him a Portkey to keep until he needed to return to Hogwarts. He may have leant Hagrid Fawkes as a means of travel to get TO Harry because he was following the Dursley’s around and obviously Dumbledore couldn’t predict where they were going next.. so a Portkey wouldn’t be possible to get TO Harry. Fawkes, however, would.

    Welcome to disagree with anything I said. It’s such an interesting thing to think about and discuss.

  61. We already know that Hagrid specifically told Harry that he “flew” on his way to the hut. We do not see his motorbike outside after he and Harry leave. Using a portkey or apparating to get there are not exactly means by which one “flies” (at least Hagrid would not consider them to be). Hagrid cannot use brooms or thestrals (because Hagrid’s weight makes it impossible for them to carry him), so it is likely that if he did fly there, he did it unaided. In the Pottermore article on Vernon and Petunia Dursley, J. K. Rowling writes about Petunia: “she had frequently seen Lily jump streams and run across stepping stones in their childhood, she ought not to have been surprised when Hagrid had no difficulty making his way over the stormy sea to the hut on the rock.” If Hagrid did indeed walk or jump across the water, that would be impressive magic in its own right.

    I believe that Hagrid could have indeed gotten to the hut by using Fawkes, since as a phoenix, Fawkes can carry immensely heavy loads. That is a good explanation, albeit it does not elucidate why does Harry hear “something creak outside,” or “that funny crunching noise,” (which Harry thought was the rock crumbling into the sea). Note that the explanation given prior to this one does not explicate this either. Yet both of these explanations could be valid just by adding the fact that Hagrid weighs so much, that he could have just caused something to crumble into the sea, or made a loud noise when he landed.

    However, there is also the possibility that Hagrid did use the motorbike. Dumbledore might have somehow helped Hagrid by charming or doing something to the motorbike that would cause it to come back on its own accord (or perhaps Hagrid did it on his own), thus explaining why we do not see his motorbike outside after he and Harry leave, and as well this expounds why Harry hears these noises (because this motorbike certainly uproars). Perchance Dumbledore came with him in the motorbike, and then took it back with him; nevertheless this would be highly implausible, since Hagrid certainly took pride in the fact that Dumbledore trusted him with something as important as this, and also Hagrid mentioned that it was not an easy journey (and if he had had Dumbledore beside him, I doubt he would have said that). To make this valid I will add that although Sirius Black was most likely to be imprisoned at this time, he might have left it on Hagrid’s hands, after all, Hagrid only says “I’ll be takin’ Sirius his bike back,” but we never see if he actually gives it back to him, or if Hagrid ever looses possession of it.

  62. I’ve always wondered why it is that Hagrid’s not allowed to use a wand or magic. I mean, I understand that he was expelled, and we’re told several times throughout the series that he’s not technically supposed to, but it doesn’t make much sense to me. For one thing, not all wizarding children actually attend school (some are taught by parents at home), so the actual completion of a Hogwarts education doesn’t seem to be a requirement. Also, not all students who do attend the school finish. Fred and George, for example, leave halfway through their seventh year. Harry, Ron, Draco, etc. never even START seventh year. But they’re all clearly allowed to use magic.

    Maybe it’s restricted as a sort of punishment?

  63. I too have always speculated how Hagrid could have gotten to the rock. However I’m going to have to disagree with the popular theory that Hagrid could have been brought by Fawkes. I believe it is at the end of GF when Dumbledore and Harry are talking about the twin cores when Dumbledore explains that he received a letter from Olivander about Harry’s wand having a core from the same phoenix as Voldemort’s. It was my understanding that only after hearing of this did Dumbledore get fawkes. Meaning that he would not have had him yet when Hagrid left to get Harry.

  64. I’m late to the party here, having just discovered this wonderful site! But here’s my theory: couldn’t Hagrid have flown on Buckbeak? That would explain the crunching noise as Buckbeak landed. Then Hagrid sent him back to Hogwarts. Anyone else think this is a possibility?

  65. Hagrid couldn’t use a thestral in book 7 – does that mean he couldn’t use one in book 1?
    ~ In book 7, there would be 2 passengers, not just one. Maybe the combined weight of Hagrid and Harry was too much.
    ~ Perhaps there was a larger thestral Hagrid used who later passed away or was too old?
    ~ Maybe Hagrid has gained a bit of weight over the years?

    Of course, with an umbrella wand, I can’t shake the image of Hagrid doing a Mary Poppins sort of move.

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