Harry Potter Quizzes

For a serious fan of Harry Potter, most “quizzes” on the internet aren’t of much interest. When I take them myself one of two things usually happens: either I ace it and get bored, or I get frustrated by the banality of the questions (why do I care what color Hermione’s yule ball dress was?)

But I’ve found some great ones on the quiz site Sporcle. They require you to type answers, so avoid the stupidity of multiple choice; and while there are plenty of bad ones there, too, there are some real gems. Here are my favorites, along with my personal scores – see which ones you can beat! :)

Harry Potter Top 200

Name the 200 most frequently mentioned characters across the seven books. (My score: 174/200)

Places Harry Potter Visits

I wrote this one a few years back, and I still can’t ace it now. It’s a fun way to relive the sequences of the stories. (My score: 49/52)

Harry Potter Chapter Titles

My personal specialty. I did write this website, after all. ;) (My score: 199/199)

Harry Potter 1st 200 Words

The beginning passages of the first book, word for word. This one was fun. (My score: 193/200)

Harry Potter Obscure Characters

The hardest quiz I’ve found. Well done. (My score: 19/30)

Spells Cast by Harry Potter

Another tough but fun one. Spelling the words is half the challenge. (My score: 31/39)

Characters in Harry Potter Chapter Art

For American readers, can you remember who’s in all the little images? (My score: 57/69)


If you find any other great ones, leave them in the comments so I can play them and add them to this list! :D

5 Responses to “Harry Potter Quizzes”

  1. Got 20/30 on obscure characters – I really liked that one!

  2. The places one was fun too – 43/52. That’s a really fun one!

  3. This Harry Potter logic puzzle, I found fun: http://www.sporcle.com/games/Qqoobbllss/harry-potter-logic-puzzle
    Took me 5:37 to finish it, partly because I couldn’t remember if it was Sybil or Cybil and I can never remember how to spell McGonagall.

  4. The obscure characters one is definitely the hardest I have ever taken; I got 10/30. Should have been 11, but I kept spelling Terence Higgs wrong.
    Also, thank you so much for this website, it is fantastic. I have been lurking around for about 2 years, dropping by now and then, and this is my first comment.

  5. This “Find Voldemort” puzzle on Sporkle is a personal favourite!


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